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Inside The Designer’s Studio: Naida Inspiration

The geometric Naida collection has just landed, taking our diamond jewellery in a striking new architectural direction. Take a glance behind the scenes at the inspiration for these iconic shapes.

Every new collection begins life as a moodboard in our Norfolk studio. Led by Monica, the design team carefully curates a set of images that reflect the colour, shape and feel of the designs to come. This fascinating selection of images shows us how Naida's distinctive silhouettes took form.

Architectural Edge

Naida's symmetrical shapes framed by deep linear walls are inspired by mid-century Italian design icon, Carlos Scarpa. His architectural style was informed by Venetian and Japanese culture, featuring geometric details that add an intricate yet minimalist edge to the landscape. Open shapes create a feeling of depth and space. Shadows fall in intriguing formations, making playful use of natural light and darkness.

Trick Of The Light

The contemporary architecture and interior design of Charles Zana is also a driving force creatively. Zana's work is influenced by that of Scarpa and shows a similar fascination with symmetry and light. The interior design below features suspended three-dimensional shapes and cut-outs within the wall, adding visual interest and creating an optical illusion. Zana's interlocking shapes inspired our Kiss bracelet and earrings, which feature mirror images and asymmetry. One earring points upwards and the other downwards, adding a subtle, unique quirk to the collection's minimal style and inviting you to take a second look.

  • Naida Collection Moodboard
  • Quote from Monica
  • Naida Kiss Cocktail Earrings

    Naida Kiss Cocktail Earrings in 18ct Rose Gold Vermeil. Carlos Scarpa’s three dimensional sculptures inspired the deep frames of the Naida pieces. The bar on these the earrings is the same 3mm depth as the ’Kiss’ shape, so that the piece lies level when worn.

The Naida Shapes

Perfect circles, sleek rectangles and a lotus shape form the basis for our Naida designs. Repeated, interconnecting silhouettes are stunning in their simplicity, and effortless to wear. The open diamond loops in our rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces can be layered and stacked together for an understated yet striking look.

The new Naida collection launches on 16th March.

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