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Necklace Length 101

Different necklace lengths can bring your look together in different ways. From long chains that work perfectly for a bohemian ensemble, to short necklaces that give a modern touch to any outfit. With our ultimate guide choosing the right length for you and your style has never been easier.

How To Choose The Perfect Necklace Length?

Necklace length refers to how long the chain of the necklace is and where it will sit on the figure.

The length is the measurement of the chain when it is unclasped and sat straight. It is measured in either inches or centimeters, and there are standard lengths that the jewellery industry tends to stick to, these range from 16" to 32". Certain lengths also have names that they are known by, including choker necklaces which are 16 inches in length, and matinee necklaces which are 24 inches in length.

How to Measure Necklace Length at Home

To ensure you can adorn your new necklace as soon as possible, you'll want it to be the correct size as soon as it arrives. Measuring a necklace length is very easy. We suggest finding a necklace you already own that is the size you wish your new piece to be.

Step 1: Unclasp this necklace
Step 2: Lay it out flat next to a ruler or measuring tape
Step 3: Note it's measurement in inches or centimeters.
Step 4: This will give you the length that you should be looking for when buying a new chain.

What Necklace Length Should I Choose?

There are many factors that play into what necklace length you should choose. From personal taste, to the neckline of your clothes, you'll want to consider them all.

  1. Height: A necklace that is longer will appear to sit lower on those with shorter torsos, and slightly higher on those with longer. If you do not have a necklace you can use for reference already, you may wish to measure a piece of string to the size you want and use this as a guide.
  2. Neckline: For instance, you can create an elegant look by pairing a turtleneck with a longer chain, whereas a shorter necklace makes a gorgeous addition to a strapless number. The red carpet is a fabulous place to look for inspiration on how to style your jewellery.
  3. Layered Looks: This modern look can be pulled off in numerous ways, from opting for three shorter lengths that sit close to the neck and collar bone, to choosing two longer lengths that allow pendants to hit you chest lower down.

Enjoy Versatility with Adjustable Necklace Lengths

For those who enjoy switching up their look depending on their look, but still want one necklace they can pair everything with, a necklace with an adjustable length is the answer. Many of our necklace chains feature a sliding bead that allows you to change the length easily. This is also great for those who struggle to find the right length amongst standard sizes as it allows you to find the perfect length. If you want to switch up more than your length, we recommend opting for pendants that can be swapped out. If it's a gift for someone else, make it even more personal by adding a sentimental touch to the piece by choosing an engraved necklace or pendant.

The Perfect Men's Necklace Length

Whilst there's no ideal men's necklaces length or men's chain length, you can decide how long you want your piece. Depending on what you're wearing your jewellery for will determine the correct placement on your chest. Men's jewellery can be the finishing touch to any outfit, no matter the length or occasion. The men's necklace length you opt for is an effortless to take your look to the next level.

For a more casual outfit, a longer men's chain may be more suited, but for a smarter occasion, a short chain will look the part. Select your men's chain in solid yellow gold, or sterling silver to find endless styling combinations. You can measure the perfect men's chain length using our at-home sizing method, to ensure your piece fits exactly how you want it. There aren't any rules for men's necklace lengths; it's all about personal preference.

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