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Jewellery for Her & Him:

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Discover the perfect present for your partner in our Valentine's Day Gift Guide. From heart jewellery that showcases your love, to engraved tokens that they'll cherish forever. We'll guide you through our top choices for both him and her this Valentine's Day.

3 Expert Tips for Choosing a Valentine's Day Gift

When it comes to choosing a Valentine's Day gift, we have 3 easy tips to ensure you choose a piece that shows you notice the little details about your partner. We've these in mind, you're sure to choose a gift that makes their heart skip a beat:

  • Metal - Take a moment to consider the metal your significant other tends to wear their jewellery in. Whether they're drawn to the warm hues of gold jewellery, the cool tones of sterling silver, or the romantic hues of rose gold, a Valentine's Day gift in their favourite metal will seamlessly complement their current style.
  • Style - Everyone's style is unique and it's important to show that you understand your partner's. Whether they're a lover of gold hoop earrings, or prefer dainty silver rings, choose something similar in aesthetic to her current favourites to show you care.
  • Gemstones - Every gemstone has its own unique meaning that can make a Valentine's Day gift even more special. From the strength of diamonds to the clarity of moonstone. If you're looking for a piece with a pop of colour, take into consideration what the stone means for an added touch.

Give Them Your Heart

The heart is a timeless symbol of romance, so why not give it in jewellery form? Our collection of heart shaped jewellery boasts modern designs perfect for Valentine's Day gifts. From heart padlock pendants that show they've got the key to your heart. to delicate heart rings that they can wear everyday as a reminder of your bond.

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Say it With an Engraving

If you're looking for a Valentine's Day gift that is completely one of a kind, then engraved jewellery is the perfect choice. From pendants, to gold necklaces, to silver earrings - there's so much you can engrave to create a truly sentimental gift your loved one will adore. From your anniversary date, to an inside joke, there are lots of options for what to engrave on a Valentine's gift. Once you've chosen your piece, you can select an engraving to be etched complimentary.

Gifts to Personalise

Cherish Your Most Precious Memories with Lockets

We're sure you and your loved one have lots of special memories you share together, and what better Valentine's Day gift than to commemorate these forever. A sentimental locket is not only a beautiful piece of jewellery, but an opportunity to place a photo from your time together inside. They'll be reminded of your happy times everytime they glance at their thoughtful present.

Engravable Lockets


Birthstone Valentine’s Day Gifts

Another way to give a personalised Valentine's Day gift is through birthstone jewellery. Whether you choose a dainty birthstone necklace that just boasts their own stone, or opt for a more intricate design that can feature both of your gems. Birthstones represent the month in which you were born and each have their own hidden meanings. Pairing your two stones together in a gift will represent the unique bond the two of you share.

Birthstone Necklaces

Diamonds that Sparkle as Bright as Your Partner

Diamond jewellery has long been a go to for Valentine's Day and anniversaries between couples. The stone represents eternal love due to its everlasting qualities, making it a perfect gift between partners. From elegant diamond rings that catch the light flawlessly, to understated lab grown diamond jewellery that puts a modern spin on the timeless stone.

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The Valentine’s Day Gift That Keeps on Giving

For couples who have been together a long time, you may be on the hunt for a Valentine's Day gift that can be added to over time. A sentimental charm bracelet is a stunning choice that offers the option for personalisation. This Valentine's Day gift the bracelet and a matching charm. You can then continue to add meaningful pendants as your partner reaches milestones and achievements in their life.

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Everyday Style Staple Valentine’s Gifts

A great Valentine's Day gift is one they can wear every single day - for this reach for style staples. A classic gold chain that can be personalised with their favourite pendants or worn alone for statement style is a perfect choice. You could also go for an understated silver bangle that can be worn effortlessly each day. This present is sure to go down well, reminding them of you each time they wear it.


Valentine’s Gifts for Him

Jewellery Valentine's Day gifts aren't just reserved for women, our men's jewellery collection has many thoughtful pieces your partner will love. From simple cord bracelets that they can add to their stack, and can be made unique with a heartfelt engraving. To chunky rings that complement his modern and on-trend style. Find something for the man in your life in our gifts for men curation.

Gifts for Him

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