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Ten Valentine's Engraving Ideas

In an age of fleeting digital messages, we're longing for something more permanent, and wearable. The launch of #MVLoveLetters has got our hearts set on engraving. Here are some ideas on what to have etched on your Valentine's gifts.

  • Engraved Havana Friendship Bracelets


The names only you two have for each other. If you don't want to tell it to the world, keep it a secret, with an engraving on the inside of a Havana Friendship Bracelet


Etch the co-ordinates of the place you met, had your first kiss, or got married


Pair sets of initials for a lasting statement of love. Teaming two pendants makes a unique and personal necklace

Your Song

A song name or a lyric that instantly makes you think of each other. The long bar on the Fiji Friendship Bracelet is the perfect location

Your Handwriting

Make a personal statement by uploading your own handwriting to engrave on a pendant


Your first date, your anniversary or your children's birthdays


Whether it's those three little words or a few of your own, make them last with engraving


Engraved MV bracelets have been used for marriage proposals, but could also be a cute way to say "will you move in with me?"


Take a cue from the classics and choose a line of tried and tested romanticism


Words not your strong point? Draw a picture instead!

Personalise your jewellery now with our online engraving tool.

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