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How to Measure Your Wrist Size for a Bracelet

Ensure you can wear and adore your new bracelet from the moment it arrives by measuring your wrist size at home. Our guide to choosing the right bracelet size for you will make ordering jewellery online a breeze. So you'll be able to enjoy wearing your new piece the moment it arrives.

Why is finding the right bracelet size important?

Everyone has different sized wrists and so finding the size that's right for you is essential to ensure you can wear your bracelet exactly how you want. Bracelets sizes come in many forms, including: small, medium, and large, and petite, standard, and large. Some pieces may come in only one size as they are designed to be adjustable. We'll show you multiple options for measuring your wrist size, making the process of choosing a gold bracelet or a silver bracelet a little bit easier!

As Seen On You

Measuring your wrist size at home can be very easy. Finding the right size of bangle or cuff will help you to avoid your new favourite piece slipping off your wrist. So when you're ordering online it really is a must!

Discovering your bracelet size has never been easier than with our wrist size guide. All you need is a printer, paper, and a pair of scissors. Print the guide to 100% scaling Cut out the wrist sizer, also cutting the slit at the base Put this around your wrist, slotting the pointed end through the slit, finding a close fit You will find your wrist size by the slit opening, you can then compare this to our size chart to decide which bracelet is ideal for you!
For those who don't have access to a printer, you can find your bracelet size using a tape measure. This method for measuring your wrist size for a bracelet can be done in 3 simple steps: Take a tape measure and wrap it around your chosen wrist Round the measurement to the nearest centimeter Use our bracelet size guide to determine which size you need
Take a strip of paper or a string and wrap it around your wrist Mark where the paper or string overlaps Line this up against a ruler and note the measurement The measurement is your wrist size Use our bracelet size guide to choose which size you need

How to Choose the Right Bracelet Size for Someone Else

If you're planning on purchasing a bracelet as a surprise gift for someone else, you won't want to give it away by asking for their wrist size. If this is the case, choosing an adjustable option is an excellent choice. Our range of beautiful friendship bracelets are just this. Meaning your giftee will be able to wear their bracelet from the moment they open the box with no worry about size!

To make it a gift they'll truly remember, why not choose an engravable bracelet? You can create a personalised bracelet by etching the piece with a special anniversary date, a motivational quote, or even the coordinates of where you first met.

Should You Measure Every Piece of Jewellery?

When purchasing jewellery online it's particularly important to select the correct size. This is so you can wear it from the moment it arrives. We have a range of guides on how to choose the correct jewellery sizes for you. Including how to measure ring size at home. As well as how to choose a necklace length. They will take you through the measuring process and how to perfectly pick your size.

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