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How to Easily Measure Your Ring Size at Home

You can easily measure your ring size at home once you know how! Getting the right size is important so you can start wearing your ring as soon as it arrives!

What are Ring Sizes?

Like many other things, rings have sizes and these come in a variety of forms. From one-size-fits-all, to small, medium and large, as well as A to Z. With such a range of sizes you'll be able to find the perfect fit once you've measured your personal size!

how can I tell ring size?

What Ring Size am I?

We have three simple techniques for measuring ring size at home!

Measure a One of Your Rings at Home to Determine Size

Our first technique requires a ring you, or the person you're buying for has currently. If you're buying a promise ring or an eternity ring as a surprise gift this will be your best option for getting the sizing right! Choose one of your rings that fits your chosen how you'd like your new one too. Then print off our ring sizer guide, then place the ring on each of the lettered circles until you find the one that matches the inside edge of the ring. If you find you, or your giftee, is between sizes we recommend opting for the larger of the two sizes.

How to Measure Ring Size Using Paper

If you don't yet own a ring, or don't have one that fits, you can measure using a strip of paper. Wrap the strip at the base of your finger where you'd like the ring to sit, where the paper overlaps make a mark. You can then measure this in millimeters with a ruler and use our ring size conversion chart to determine your size.

Easily Measure with a Monica Vinader Ring Sizer

The simplest way to find the perfect size for your Monica Vinader ring is to order our complimentary ring sizer. All you'll need to do is enter your name and address on the form and wait for the sizer to arrive in the post! Once it arrives slide the end through the holder, slip onto the finger and tighten until you reach your perfect size. Then you'll know exactly what to order, so you can start enjoying your new ring or rings as soon as possible!

About Monica Vinader

We are a British jewellery brand founded in 2008. We combine sustainable materials, such as recycled silver and ethical gemstones, to create stunning, wearable pieces you can enjoy wearing everyday. From friendship bracelets to stay connected, to beautiful necklaces that will become a staple in your jewellery box, we have the pieces for you to create enviable elegant looks.

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