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Easily measure your ring size at home

Ensuring your new rings fit comfortably from first wear is essential. Which is why understanding how to measure your ring size at home can save you time. There are numerous ways you can find your ring size and with our easy guide, we will take you through the top three methods for finding both men's and women's ring sizing.

What are Ring Sizes?

Ring sizes have a wide scale from A-Z. A being the smallest size you can find, and Z being the largest available. Like many other things, gold rings come in a variety of forms, so understanding how to measure your ring size correctly can help avoid any mistakes. From one-size-fits-all, to small, medium and large, as well as the A to Z scale. With such a range of sizes you'll be able to find the perfect fit once you've measured your personal size!

3 Ways to Measure Ring Size at Home

We have three simple techniques for measuring women's or men's ring size at home!

Determining your ring size means you can start wearing your new piece as soon as possible. The perfect women's and men's ring size is easy to find using our three simple methods. Whether you're looking for a new ring to style with your gold jewellery favourites, or sterling silver to complement everyday wear.


Our first technique requires a ring you, or the person you're buying for has currently. If you're buying a promise ring or an eternity ring as a surprise gift, this will be your best option for getting the sizing right! Choose one of your rings that fits your chosen finger, or the finger you'd like your new ring to sit on. Next, print off our ring sizer guide, then place the ring on each of the lettered circles until you find the one that matches the inside edge of the ring. If you find you, or your giftee, are between sizes we recommend opting for the larger of the two sizes.
If you don't yet own a ring, or don't have one that fits, you can measure using a thin strip of paper. Wrap the strip at the base of your finger where you'd like the ring to sit. You then want to look at where the paper overlaps and make a mark. You can then measure this in millimetres with a ruler and use our ring size conversion chart to determine your size. Knowing how to measure your ring size at home can really be as simple as that!
If you are still determining the perfect ring to order and have time, why not make measuring your ring size at home even easier by ordering one of our free ring sizers. Simply fill out the form and one will be sent to you free of charge. To use our ring sizer to measure your ring size at home: Slot the end of the guide into the fastening and begin to gently pull through. Next slide the ring sizer over the finger you want to measure. Once in place gently begin to pull the end of the guide to tighten around your finger. Be careful not to pull too tightly. When you are happy with the comfort of the guide, you can read your size by looking at the letter which the arrow is pointing to.

When is the Best Time of Day to Measure Your Ring Size?

In the evening is the best time of day to measure your ring size. You may find that during the course of the day, your fingers may naturally swell, meaning they would typically be their largest in the evening. By measuring your ring size at this time could ensure a comfortable fit throughout your day. You will also want to avoid measuring your fingers when they are cold. Typically, when your fingers are cold they can be at least half a size too small. On this basis, we'd recommend sizing your fingers a few times to make sure you have measured your ring size as accurately as possible.

The Perfect Ring Size for Men

Rings aren't just for women to experiment with. Men's rings are a modern way for you to switch up your wardrobe. No matter the occasion, pairing your outfit with men's jewellery is sure to have you turning heads. Find your men's ring size at home to begin accessorising as soon as your piece arrives.

For a smart look, plain rings for men are the way forward, whilst a more casual ensemble can be dressed up by stacking rings. There is no right way to style men's jewellery, so switch it up with styles in solid yellow gold or sterling silver. Whilst styling depends on your preference, your men's ring size determines which bands you opt for. Whatever you choose, knowing your men's ring size is paramount to ensure your jewellery always looks its best.

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