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The Curated Ear: What Is It & How to Style

The curated ear is one of the latest fashion movements to grace the scene. Featuring multiple earrings across a variety of piercings, each ear curation is wonderful in its own way. This stunning form of self expression varies from person to person and part of its beauty lies in the uniqueness of each look. Discover some of the many different styles and be inspired to create your own personal curated ear.

What is the Curated Ear?

The curated ear is an ear which features multiple piercings with a variety of different earrings. The defining characteristic of a curated ear is that no two look identical. They appear different depending on which types of ear piercings are chosen, how many an individual has, and the style of earrings they wear. From bold and beautiful ear curations to sleek and minimalistic ones, there is so much potential with this trend.

Curated Ear Piercings

Getting your curated ear piercings is the first step in the process of ear curation. Even though our ears may seem small, there is so much variety in terms of piercing locations.

  • Lower lobe piercings - Often the first people have, lower lobe piercings are in the fleshiest part of the ear.
  • Higher lobe piercings - Sometimes referred to as seconds or thirds, higher lobe piercings are positioned higher up in the lobe but before the cartilage.
  • Helix piercings - Also known as cartilage piercings, a helix piercing is the name given to any piercing located in the upper cartilage area of the ear.
  • Tragus piercings - These piercings go through the thick cartilage that sits just in front of the ear canal.

Visit our luxury ear piercing studios and we can guide you through the process. We'll also help you pick out some gorgeous pieces to get your ear party started.

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Curated Ear Style Inspiration

Once your curated ear piercings have healed, the styling can begin. Whatever your personal look, it is possible to design an ear to match. From classic charm to striking and edgy, any aesthetic can be achieved. The key is to remember to make it personal and curate an ear that feels true to you. Here are some different styles for inspiration.

The Minimalist Curated Ear

Minimalist jewelry is about using simple pieces rather than statement items to create a sleek look. This look exudes a casual glamor without being too flashy. Create a minimalist curated ear by choosing subtler earrings such as our pebble studs or star earrings. To add an extra bit of sparkle, you could also include a diamond marquise stud. This will give your minimalist curated ear an effortlessly elegant feel. One of the wonderful things about the minimalist curated ear is how easily it can transition with you. From brunch with friends to date night with a special someone, this look is always flattering.

The Cluster Curated Ear

The cluster curated ear can be a great option if you are not sure about getting your cartilage pierced. As the name suggests, this style features a cluster of piercings close together in the lobe of the ear. This can look especially chic when all hoop earrings are worn. Take our pearl huggie earring stack for example, or our green onyx huggie stack. With the earring charms hanging so close together they create a truly eye catching impact. Or you could opt for a gradient instead. This is when the earrings get smaller as they go higher up the lobe. If you are just starting your piercing journey, a cluster in the lobe could be a good place to begin. You can always add more curated ear piercings later!

Hoop Love Ear Curation

A look for hoop lovers, this curated ear only features hoop earrings. However, this doesn't mean the style is limited. These versatile pieces can be used to create a minimal look or a bold statement. It all depends on the specific earrings you choose. Be daring with a triple wave huggie in a helix piercing. Add a vibrant splash of color with chunky gemstone hoops. Keep it sophisticated with coordinated diamond hoop earrings. You could even create a unique look by mixing metals. Since you're matching the style of earring, it's possible to combine sterling silver with solid gold without creating a clash.

The Statement Curated Ear

Make your curated ear the focal point of your whole outfit with a series of statement earrings. This bold look will attract eyes and make you shine. Try combining gemstone climber earrings with chunky hoops. Or embrace the rainbow with multicolored huggies. You could consider a chain stud to add another exciting dimension to the ensemble. When it comes to statement ear curation, there truly is no limit to creativity. The statement doesn't have to stop at your ears either. Tie the whole look together with a matching statement ring or striking pendant necklace.

Sustainable Jewelry by Monica Vinader

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