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How To Repel The Evil Eye With Evil Eye Jewellery

The evil eye is believed to be a curse that can cause varying levels of harm, from small annoyances through to actual bodily damage. You can receive the evil eye not only from a malevolent glare but also through undue compliments or excessive praise, whether ill-intentioned or not.

For these reasons, many cultures go to great efforts to protect themselves against this unwanted misfortune. In this guide, we will be looking at how to repel the evil eye with our evil eye jewellery collection.

The Use of The Evil Eye for Protection

Nowadays, most cultures have ditched spiritual rituals and opted to use the evil eye symbol as a sign of protection instead. From draping the symbol across furniture to embedding it into jewellery, it didn't take long for the evil eye to become a fashion statement.

Colours Used in Evil Eye Jewellery

The traditional colour of evil eye protection is blue; a colour noted for representing positive energy and good karma. Blue is also known to symbolise truth and is a key factor in protecting against the evil eye.

You can find evil eye jewellery all over the world, from antique pieces through to modern amulets. Here at Monica Vinader, we've taken an alternative approach to ensure that evil eye jewellery keeps up with modern-day trends. Take our evil eye bracelet for example, which displays a beautiful gemstone set with a subtle plated 'eye'.

The Use of The Evil Eye in Fashion

Lately, wearing evil eye jewellery has become a hallmark for empowerment and an active stand against unwanted attention. It represents not only the antique vestiges of protection but also a rebellion against the unsolicited glances of modern life. Wearing a talisman signifies a physical boundary between you and those who may wish you harm, be it intended or not.

Packaged up with a new style, our Atlantis jewellery collection will allow you to harness the symbolic power of the evil eye, bringing protection and luck.

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