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Finding the Right Friendship Bracelet: What Do The Colours of Friendship Bracelets Mean?

Friendship bracelets add a beautifully unique touch to any outfit while also conveying a deeper significance between you and your closest friends.

Delicate yet striking, there are numerous styles, colours and designs to choose from when finding the perfect friendship bracelets for those closest to you. And, here at Monica Vinader, you'll find that our range of friendship bracelets symbolise meanings that can add an even greater touch of significance.

Within this guide, we will be taking you through the colours and meanings associated with friendship.


Friendship bracelets are popular for many reasons, with the main one being that everyone has their own bonds, feelings and memories associated with them. From being reminded of a significant time in your life to gifting them as a sign of respect; friendship bracelets will never fail to bring such happiness and positivity.

What once started out as a few threads secured by a knot has grown into something so much bigger. Nowadays, our high-quality friendship bracelets are handcrafted and hand-woven to ensure they'll last a lifetime; the bond between you and your friend never has to fade. And, with so many personalisation options available to add even deeper meaning, now is the best time to add a friendship bracelet to your collection!


Friendship bracelets are given from one friend to another as a symbol of lasting companionship, respect and happiness. The colours, however, have greater meanings which will be discussed later on in this guide.

So, where did this craze begin? Though many may not realise it, the famous 'knot style' found in older friendship bracelets can actually be traced all the way back to China in 481 to 221 B.C. Many people were attracted to the idea that a wish would come true once the bracelet wears away. Modern bracelets, however, are typically secured by a clasp in order to maintain durability.

Although many years have passed since these conspiracies came to light, the legend stays the same. Friendship bracelets both celebrate and strengthen a special bond. But with so many designs available, how do you find the right friendship bracelet?


Each friendship is unique and so it's no surprise that when it comes to friendship bracelets, there are numerous meanings associated. The friendship colours you choose for these bracelets reflect the traits of you and your relationship.

But with so many colours and styles, how do you know which colour to pick that best represents your bond? Read on to discover the variety of coloured cords available at Monica Vinader, along with their meanings.


A rose gold friendship bracelet is the perfect choice for those looking to express harmony and kindness. Rose gold is delightfully feminine and charming, and in recent years, has risen in popularity across all types of jewellery. This means that, not only will you be symbolising harmony, but you'll be looking fashionable while doing so!


Red and coral cords in our friendship bracelet collection signify luck. If you want to give your best friend a good luck charm that they can wear each day to bring them good fortune, these bracelets provide the perfect answer. The striking coral colour really stands out, so you and your friend will always be reminded of each other whenever it catches your eye.


Black is a bold, strong colour that represents the positive energy which radiates throughout your friendship. If you want to choose a bracelet that perfectly showcases your energy towards keeping each other happy, the black cord is perfect. It's also worth noting that black friendship bracelets are a popular favourite amongst men who wish for a more masculine piece of jewellery.


Blue is the colour of courage - perhaps you want to remind your friend how bold they are each and every day, or maybe you want to instil more courage into your friendship and remind each other to take more risks. Whatever your reasons for symbolising courage, a blue cord on a friendship bracelet will solidify your bond, proving to others that you've got each other's backs.


Truth is an important factor in any strong bond - without it, a friendship can crumble in an instant. For the friendships which pride themselves on having a solid foundation of trust, a green cord will help to symbolise this. From light mint to dark green cords, absolutely anyone can symbolise truth in their friendship in the best way suited to them.


For a strong and successful friendship that will stand the test of time, silver friendship bracelets provide the perfect tone. Silver is a classic colour that signifies success and durability, making it great for showcasing your ability to work through anything together. Not only this, but silver metallica is a neutral tone which will compliment any outfit, meaning you'll never have to take the bracelet off.


Another colour which symbolises a successful friendship is mink. Mink cords present a beautifully subtle pink colour mixed with brown and grey tones. Whether you want the bracelet to bring you success or you're already celebrating success, a mink cord is enough to carry you through.


Whether you're there for each other no matter what or have a certain memory which brought you both together; there's no better way to celebrate such a special bond than with a friendship bracelet. And, now that you know the meanings behind different coloured cords, you'll be able to represent your bond both accurately and passionately.

Friendship bracelets were our original jewellery piece; they're something we hold very close to our hearts. With so many coloured cords available in our friendship bracelet collection, you'll never struggle to find the perfect fit for those close to you.

Friendships are worth celebrating - shop today and give those close to you a reason to smile. They'll love you for it.


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