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17 Types of Bracelet

Dive into the array types of bracelets, to discover new ways to express your style. This classic jewellery piece has a rich history dating back 7,000 years. Over the course of time, the types of bracelets have evolved and expanded. Discovering the many styles for yourself will open up a whole new world of fashion inspiration.

How Many Types of Bracelet are There?

With many metals, designs, gemstones, and clasp types, there are an infinite number of bracelet types. From gold bracelets, to diamond bracelets, finding the right type of bracelet is vital for pulling off flawless style.

Contemporary Bracelet Types for Modern Chic

As part of the fashion world, jewellery evolves over time. The many types of bracelet available have changed over the years, leaving us with contemporary options perfect for the modern day.

Chic Cuff Bracelets

Cuff bracelets are a modern take on the classic bangle. The cuff type of bracelet fits close to the wrist and has an opening, giving it its distinct style. The opening can be worn on either the upper or lower side of the wrist, depending on the look you are trying to achieve.

how many types of bracelet are there?

Stunning Stacking Bracelets

A modern way to style bracelets is through stacking. With stacking bracelets you can wear as many pieces as you want, mixing different styles for that modern touch. Whether you opt for a variety of gold jewellery and silver jewellery, or stack designs that match, you'll look gorgeous wearing this look.

what types of bracelet can be engraved?

Colourful Cord Bracelets

Unlike many bracelets, cord bracelets are not made from metal but from a piece of material cord. As they are made from material, cord types of bracelets can come in a wide variety of colours as they are not limited to silver, gold, or rose gold jewellery. Cord bracelets make a fabulous everyday bracelet.

On-Trend Link Bracelets

Link bracelets are those that feature a chain of 'links.' These can range from large links for bold style, to very small links that create fine chains. However you choose to style this bracelet type, you'll attract attention wherever you wear it.

Brilliant Beaded Bracelets

Beaded bracelets are a beautiful on-trend piece that will elevate your outfit to the next level. Our collection of this type of bracelet boasts a wide range of colourful gemstones, from the deep tones of kyanite jewellery, to the vibrant hues of green onyx gems.

Ankle Bracelets

For those looking to coordinate their whole jewellery box, an ankle bracelet is the ideal choice. This modern type of bracelet sits elegantly on your ankle, rather than your wrist. Ensuring you look put together head to toe.

Stylish Slider Bracelets

A slider bracelet refers to the type of clasp the bracelet holds. A slider bracelet is often synonymous with the cord bracelet. Slider bracelets tend to have a circular clasp that both ends of the cord are weaved through. The unique clasp allows you to easily tighten and loosen the bracelet. If you're buying a gift for someone whose bracelet size you do not know, this type of bracelet is ideal. However, with our guide to measuring bracelet size at home you can easily find the perfect fit!

how many styles of bracelet are there?

Classic Bracelet Types That Never Go Out of Style

Bracelets date back to at least the times of Ancient Egypt. With such a long history, there are some bracelet types that never go out of style. These bracelets will exude class with every outfit you pair them with.

Bountiful Bangles

A closed bangle is usually a rigid circular shape. We know from archaeological discoveries that bangles date back at least 4,500 years! Bangles were made popular again in the 1970s and remain a staple in many women's wardrobes. The classic design of this bracelet type never goes out of style and can effortlessly be worn.

Dainty Bracelets

One of the most elegant accessories is dainty bracelets. This type of bracelet tends to be very fine and sits lightly on the wrist. The understated nature of the design is perfect for wearing everyday.

Delicate Chain Bracelets

A chain bracelet is the simplest form of this jewellery type. As the name suggests these are bracelets made of a simple chain. There is diversity within this bracelet type however, depending on the size of the chain type you can achieve a completely different look. From large links that are ideal for adding pendants, to fine chains that add a delicate touch of glamour to an outfit.

Glamorous Tennis Bracelets

Despite first appearing in the 1920s, tennis bracelets didn't take on their current name until the 1970s. This bracelet type is characterised by its single symmetrical line of diamonds or other gems. They gained their current name when tennis player Chris Evert began sporting them alongside her tennis attire, in her ascent to highest ranked women's player in the world.

6 Types of Sentimental Bracelet

Whilst all types of bracelets are beautiful, there are a few varieties that hold a little more meaning. These are bracelets that you'll hold close through the years and remind you of special times.

Engraved Bracelets They Can Keep Close

Engravable jewellery can make a truly meaningful gift. Many of our bracelet types are engravable, allowing you to create a present that's entirely one of a kind. Whether you opt for an engraved bracelet that has an anniversary date, or one with a lucky number, that special person will never want to take this gift off. You could make this gift a little bit more unique by pairing with a type of necklace that is also engravable to match.

Charm Bracelets to Last a Lifetime

A standout type of bracelet when it comes to gifts is the charm bracelet. Charm bracelets are often given at a young age such as a 16th birthday, allowing the recipient to build up a collection of charms that hold individual memories over time. Charm bracelets are easy to personalise, simply choose the base and add your most loved pendants. Pendants can also be adorned on many types of earrings, allowing you to switch your look up easily.

Dazzling Diamond Bracelets

Diamond jewellery has long been associated with everlasting love, making them ideal for romantic types of bracelets. Sparkling diamond bracelets are a present that will truly wow. We only use ethical diamonds in our pieces, so you can wear them happy knowing your new piece is entirely ethical.

Brilliant Birthstone Bracelets

Each month has its own unique birthstone that celebrates those born in that month. If you're looking for a present that your loved one will cherish for a lifetime, a birthstone bracelet is a gorgeous choice. For this type of bracelet, choose from a type of bracelet covered in the gem, or opt for a single stone piece.

Personalised Bracelets

Every type of bracelet can become personalised. Personalised bracelets can range from those that are engraved, to those that can be made your own by adding individual pendants.

Friendship Bracelets for a Bond That Lasts

A type of bracelet that holds extra sentimental value is the friendship bracelet. The different types of friendship bracelets are given between friends to symbolise their bond with one another. Friendship bracelets make a beautiful gift when you want to give a loved one something full of thought that they'll be able to cherish forever.

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