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Diamond Colors: The Ultimate Guide

Diamond color can greatly affect the appearance of this timeless gemstone. Not only does color impact the visual beauty of diamonds, it also contributes to the valuation of a gem. We delve into what each diamond color means, and which tone we use in our stunning range of modern jewelry.

The Different Meanings of Diamond Color

Diamond color most often refers to how colorless a precious gemstone is. The lack of color in a diamond ranges on a scale from D which is colorless, to Z which has a light yellow tint. However, diamond color can also refer to the exact hue, with diamond jewelry coming in a range of vibrant tones from blue, to champagne, to black.

go bold in brightly colored diamonds
what does each diamond color mean?

Depending on the use of the stone, whether it be for a promise ring or a pendant to attach to your favourite chains, you may be drawn to different diamond colors. For example, colorless stones will pair flawlessly with either gold jewelry or silver jewelry, whilst tinted gems complement yellow gold better.

The Colors of Traditional Diamonds

Traditional diamonds are graded based on how colorless they are, ranging from D the most colorless of all, to Z which is lightly colored yellow. The more colorless a diamond is, the higher in price it becomes.

D - F (Colorless)

On the diamond color chart, D is classified as completely colorless. Whilst, E and F colored diamonds will appear colorless to most, but expert gemologists will be able to tell the difference in shades. These crystal-clear gemstones are ideal for statement diamond rings and necklaces.

G - J (Near Colorless)

The next grouping of diamond colors is of near colorless stones, these range from G to J. When compared to colorless stones you may be able to see the slight color difference, however standing alone this slight tint is difficult to detect. This category of gem contains h colored diamonds, which are the variety that Monica Vinader uses in all our modern jewelry. Striking the perfect balance between beauty and affordability, h color diamonds look stunning set in our bracelets and earrings.

diamond colors are categorised by letters
Diamonds come in as many colors as you can imagine, perfect for adding glitz to your jewelry

K - M (Slightly Tinted)

K to M diamond colors have a slight yellow tint to them. This color is visible to the naked eye and so look beautiful paired alongside gold jewelry that compliments their hue. For the most part, M is the most colored diamond that retailers will sell.

N - Z (Lightly Colored)

N to Z diamond colors have a much stronger yellow, or even brown tint. For this reason, it is unlikely that these stones will be used in jewelry. These are also the least valuable type of diamond.

Dive into a World of Color with Diamonds

In addition to the traditional diamond colors, this spectacular stone comes in 12 base colors. These include blue diamonds, black diamonds, and even purple diamonds. Each of these brightly colored stones is natural, with many of the hues being rare and subsequently higher in value. Choosing a fun diamond color can be a great way to bring personality to your stacking necklaces and charm bracelets.

The 4Cs of Diamonds

When it comes to the timeless gemstone, there are 4 key characteristics defined as the 4Cs of diamonds. These are:

  • Color - this denotes the diamond color and hue.
  • Clarity - diamond clarity refers to how free the stone is of blemishes or inclusions.
  • Cut - a diamond's cut refers to the style used when polishing the gem. This differs from the shape of the diamond, and the cut can affect the brilliance of the gemstone.
  • Carat - diamond carat denotes the weight of a stone. The higher the carat the heavier the gem! This type of carat differs from that of metal, as 18kt gold refers to the percentage of pure gold in a piece rather than its weight.
what are the 4 c’s of diamonds?

Each of these, from the diamond color, to the diamond carat affects its aesthetics and beauty. Taking into account each whilst choosing your next diamond stud earrings will ensure they dazzle!

Say Something Sentimental with Diamonds

No matter the diamond color, these gems are classically associated with meanings of love and strength. Due to their unbreakable nature, they are the perfect choice for eternity rings, symbolizing eternal love. If you want to create an extra special gift for your loved one, combine a diamond charm with engraved necklaces or engraved bracelets, etched with an anniversary date or meaningful quote.

Monica Vinader's Ethical Gems

As well as choosing the perfect diamond color, it's important to opt for ethical diamonds. Ethical diamonds are those that are sourced in safe mining conditions, where the miners are treated well and fairly paid. We are committed to sustainability and ethics, which is why all the stones used in our jewelry are sourced ethically.

Monica Vinader's Contemporary Gemstone Jewelry

We are a contemporary jewelry brand that crafts stunning pieces from ethical gemstones and sustainable metals. Using recycled silver and gold vermeil, our stacking rings, helix earrings, and pearl jewelry will inspire confidence in every look you curate.

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