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Diamond Carats: What Do They Mean?

Diamond carat is one of the 4 C's of diamonds which has an impact on the aesthetics of the timeless gemstone. Not only does the carat impact the visual beauty of the stone, it also contributes to the valuation of a gem. We delve into the different diamond carats, and which weights are suited to a varying range of modern jewellery.

Table of Contents:

  • What Does Carat Mean in Diamonds?
  • Different Diamond Carats
  • Diamond Jewellery for Every Occasion
  • Ethical Diamonds & Responsible Sourcing
  • The 4 C's of Diamonds

What Does Carat Mean in Diamonds??

In diamond jewellery terms, carats are an international standard unit of measurement for the weight of the stones. One carat is equal to 200 milligrams, so a 5 carat diamond will weigh one gram. The diamond carat refers to the weight, rather than the size of the stone, as is often thought. For jewellery featuring more than one stone, the carats are often counted as a combined carat weight. To determine the diamond carats of a diamond necklace with more than one stone would require adding the carats of each stone together.

Diamonds usually become more expensive as their carat increases because larger diamonds are more rare and more desirable. However, a stone may have a higher carat weight without appearing larger and two diamonds of the same carat weight can vary in size if one is has a deeper diamond cut than the other. On its own, diamond carat is not the only element which determines the value of a stone, the 4 C's of diamonds all play a role in how valuable the stone is.

Different Diamond Carats

The most objective of the 4 C's of diamonds is the diamond carat. A precise measuring scale is needed to determine the weight of the stone, these are usually highly accurate, and calibrated digital scales. Different diamond carats are better suited to certain jewellery items, and you can choose pieces which cater to your personal style depending on what you prefer from a stone.

diamonds are categorised by carat weigh
stand out with heavier diamond carats

0.10 - 0.40 Carat Diamonds

The smaller of diamond carats, stones ranging in this side are more affordable, and smaller in weight. Stones in this range may be smaller than 5mm across, but they can have great brilliance and clarity, meaning they will be incredibly sparkly. Choosing a promise ring made with delicate, lighter diamond carats can still provide an incredibly brilliant item to be treasured. Bands made with stones of this size and weight make excellent stacking rings. Thanks to their more minimalist style, they lend themselves to be elegantly layered together for a striking look. Small diamond carats can be a great minimalist look, and if you're searching for beautiful diamond earrings, a smaller diamond carat may be the perfect choice.

0.50 - 0.90 Carat Diamonds

Stones at this diamond carat weight are popular choices for engagement rings, because they are usually large enough to be eye-catching, but not too big to have too large a price tag. Stones at 1 diamond carat tend to jump up in value because of their popularity. A stone surrounded by a circle of smaller stones, known as a halo setting, is a popular choice with these diamond carats to create the effect of a larger stone, and increase its dazzling factor. You may be on the hunt for striking diamond rings, whether for an engagement or special occasion, and diamond carats are an important factor to consider.

1.0 - 1.5 Carat Diamonds

For diamonds at these diamond carats, value begins to climb. A larger, more visible stone is a popular choice for jewellery designed to make a statement. Choosing a lower diamond colour grade or a lower diamond clarity can bring down the price tag but still provide a stunning appearing stone. You may save more choosing a different shaped stone too, because round diamonds are more desirable and therefore can be greater in price than other diamond shapes.

2.0 - 5.0 Carat Diamonds

Diamond carats of this size are bound to make a statement. These weights are more rare, and all the more impressive. A truly large diamond carat like this will carry a lot of value, and gather attention wherever they are worn. A stone of this size will be difficult to find with a high level of clarity and pure colour, so they are rare and expensive.

what does diamond carats mean
diamonds come in many different carats which affects their size & weight

Diamond Jewellery for Every Occasion

Diamonds are timeless stones that can turn any outfit into a classic look that's sure to make you the source of style inspiration to those around you. Step out in style with this dazzling stone on a pendant to boast from a chain or charm bracelet. More minimalist pieces made from smaller diamond carats, like stud earrings, are ideal for pairing alongside a daytime look.

For more statement outfits, select diamond cocktail rings or impressive bracelets featuring the stone. Heavier diamond carats add a touch of glamour to anyone who adorns them. Give the magical gift of diamonds with diamond gift sets made to make anyone's heart race. Diamonds are a girl's best friend after all. For a sentimental moment to be treasured forever, this precious stone makes a special moment even more magical. Present your gift in a monogrammed jewellery box to make your friend or loved one's prize diamond carat even more precious.

Ethical Diamonds & Responsible Sourcing

At Monica Vinader, we are passionate about improving the jewellery industry where we can, and that includes our diamonds. This ensures we can create beautiful jewellery using ethical diamonds, which are stones that have been extracted using safe mining conditions and by miners who are treated well. To align our silver and gold jewellery with ethical standards we apply three important elements:

  1. All suppliers commit to the Kimberley Process, which is a certification to regulate the trade of rough diamonds.
  2. We also see that our suppliers follow The World Diamond Council's System of Warranties. Indicating that each stone sold, like our H colour diamonds, complies with the minimum requirement of the Kimberly process.
  3. Following commitments to both these organisations means our suppliers are all compliant with the United Nations resolutions. The Social Council is just one example of the top voices within the United Nations which gives opinions and expressions towards these decisions.

Sourcing our diamonds from reputable sources means our customers are provided with high quality gems, including information about the 4 C's of diamonds - diamond carat, colour, clarity, and cut - in their jewellery. Making it possible for everyone to enjoy the beauty of our quality gemstones.

what are the 4 c’s of diamonds?

The 4 C's of Diamonds

When it comes to the timeless gemstone, there are 4 key characteristics defined as the 4 C's of diamonds. These are:

Colour - diamond colour denotes the diamond colour and hue.
Clarity - diamond clarity refers to how free the stone is of blemishes or inclusions.
Cut - a diamond's cut refers to the style used when polishing the gem. This differs from the shape of the diamond, and the cut can affect the brilliance of the gemstone.
Carat - diamond carat denotes the weight of a stone. The higher the diamond carat the heavier the gem! This type of carat differs from that of metal, as 18kt gold refers to the percentage of pure gold in a piece.

Armed with the knowledge of the 4 C's of diamonds, and diamond carats, you can choose your next stone knowing how each affects its aesthetics and beauty. Confidently wear your gold and silver jewellery, from stacking earrings to huggie earrings, and make a statement with this classic stone.

Why Choose Monica Vinader?

Monica Vinader is a contemporary jewellery brand specialising in sustainability. Using recycled metals and ethical stones, we make accessories perfect for every occasion, from hoop earrings to engraved necklaces.

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