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Permanent Bracelets vs Clasp Bracelets

Permanent bracelets have become increasingly popular as a delicate accessory for everyday wear. For a perfect fit, these pieces are welded for you in a jewellery store. However, having a design you can't take off isn't for everyone, and traditional clasp bracelets remain a beautiful choice.

Table of Contents:

  • What are Permanent Bracelets?
  • What are Clasp Bracelets?
  • How to Choose Between a Permanent Bracelet & a Clasp Bracelet
  • Versatile Bracelet Designs at Monica Vinader
  • Commonly Asked Questions About Permanent Bracelets

What are Permanent Bracelets?

Permanent bracelets are fine chain bracelets that are fitted perfectly to your wrist. The design is often referred to as a welded bracelet as it is free of a clasp and fitted to you in a jewellery shop. The gold bracelet is chosen by the wearer before they can add any additional charms. The two ends of the chain are then welded together, around your wrist, right there in the store.

Most commonly permanent bracelets are crafted from 14k solid gold, due to its lustrous shine and durability. However, some jewellery shops do offer sterling silver and rose gold as options too.

Why Do People Get Permanent Bracelets?

There are many reasons someone may choose to get a permanent bracelet, but there are a few key ones:

  • To celebrate a special occasion - Modern jewellery is the perfect way to celebrate special occasions, from big birthdays to special anniversaries. A permanent bracelet can act as a constant reminder of a day you hold close in your heart.
  • To symbolise a close bond - A friendship bracelet that is permanent goes above and beyond to show your close tie to a loved one. You could even get matching welded bracelets with your partner to keep each other close even when you're apart.
  • To achieve an elegant aesthetic - For some, a permanent bracelet isn't a sentimental piece but rather a way to show off their personal style. These dainty gold bracelets can make a beautiful accessory for every occasion.
  • To make styling jewellery effortless - Those rushed for time in the morning may appreciate their jewellery already being chosen and styled for them!

What are Clasp Bracelets?

Clasp bracelets refer to the traditional type of bracelet most of us are used to. These are held together around your wrist by a subtle clasp that can be easily done and undone as and when you like. Clasps come in a wealth of designs, with something to suit everyone's aesthetic:

  • Classic clasp - These are small clasps that feature a small loop on one end and a lever function on the other. Together these form to create a fully enclosed circle that fits snugly around the wrist.
  • Oversized clasp - An oversized clasp is much the same but forms a statement part of the design of many large link bracelets.
  • Toggle - A toggle is mostly seen on colourful cord bracelets. Here you'll see the two ends of the cord fit through a button that can be secured and tightened, whilst leaving the ends loose.
  • Hinge - Bracelet styles that are more rigid, such as modern bangles, tend to use a hinge clasp. This is where the bracelet is formed of two halves joined together by a hinge that can be easily fitted and snapped into place around your wrist.
  • Box and button - Our tennis bracelets use this method of clasp to create a seamless design. One end has a 'tongue' that slips securely into a 'box' on the other, which is then securely attached into place with a small lever.

Find the Perfect Fit for Your Clasp Bangle at Home

One of the appeals of permanent bracelets is how perfectly they fit you - but clasp bracelets can fit just as well. Our guide to measuring your wrist at home to find the best bracelet size, will ensure you can wear your new piece with confidence from the moment it arrives.

4 Benefits of Traditional Clasp Bracelets

We adore clasp bracelets as they come with so many stunning design details and styling opportunities. Here are just a few reasons to opt for a classic clasp bracelet:

  • Extremely versatile - Classic bracelets boast a wide array of different styles and can be extremely versatile. From wearing as stylish stacking bracelets, to even choosing to wear them as modern ankle bracelets - the options are endless!
  • Can be taken on & off with ease - For those who like to take their jewellery off before they shower, do chores, or go to bed, clasp bracelets are the ideal choice. Simply unclasp and pop safely into your leather jewellery box until you next want to wear it.
  • A vast array of designs for every aesthetic - Whilst permanent bracelets are limited in design to fine chains, clasp bracelets come in all shapes and sizes. From brightly coloured beaded bracelets to more classic diamond bracelets - you'll find a piece that reflects your personality.
  • Easily personalisable - The gold chains on clasp bracelets are often more durable than permanent bracelets, making them easy to transform into personalised bracelets. Simply add a sentimental charm or engraved pendant to create a piece that's all your own.

How to Choose Between a Permanent Bracelet & a Clasp Bracelet

Choosing between a permanent bracelet and a traditional clasp design comes down to a number of factors. Whilst both can be meaningful types of bracelets, there are a few things to consider. Here are the top things to think about when choosing between the two:

  • How easy it is to personalise - A clasp design can easily be turned into a charm bracelet to be personalised at any time you wish. Whereas permanent bracelets offer few options for adding your own twist, especially after it's been welded.
  • Ability to take the bracelet off - For those who are perhaps a little more claustrophobic, or just enjoy the feeling of taking jewellery off in the evening you may wish to opt for a clasp bracelet over a permanent one.
  • The metal of the bracelet - As most permanent jewellery is crafted from solid gold, you may wish to consider if you'd rather wear the icy tones of silver or a different colour of gold entirely.
  • Ability to change aesthetics frequently - Those who adore experimenting with their style will find the versatility of a clasp bracelet appealing - this way you can change up your accessories from one day to the next.

Versatile Bracelet Designs at Monica Vinader

We pride ourselves on the vast array of designs we offer within our contemporary bracelet collection. You'll find a range of stunning silhouettes, all featuring different types of clasps, that will take your ensemble to the next level. From delicate chains that can be slipped on and off at the end of each day. To bolder designs, such as meaningful birthstone bracelets that showcase your personality.

If you're after a non-permanent bracelet that is free of a clasp then our gold modern bangles will be the perfect fit. Our take on the classic bangle design is an on-trend way to style bracelets - they are also the ideal piece for stacking. We also offer trendy cuff bracelets, which are rigid bracelets with a small gap that adds an edge to your accessory set.

Commonly Asked Questions About Permanent Bracelets

You may still have some questions about permanent bracelets. We've put together the most commonly asked questions when it comes to bracelet welding to help you uncover everything you need to know.

Will My Welded Bracelet Tarnish?

Crafted from solid gold permanent bracelets are less prone to tarnishing than gold plated jewellery. However, as they are attached to your wrist and cannot come off, it can make cleaning this jewellery more difficult. Due to this, you could potentially see your jewellery tarnish and the shine dull over time.

How is Permanent Jewellery Fitted?

Permanent jewellery is fitted by a welding tool sealing the two ends of a bracelet, necklace, or ring together. This is done around your wrist, where material is placed between your skin and the permanent bracelet to ensure you remain safe and pain-free.

How Long Does a Welded Bracelet Last?

A welded bracelet is one you cannot take off - so in theory these are permanent. However, as they are on your wrist they will be exposed to everyday wear and tear, and if they get snagged on something could come off.

Will My Jewellery Set Off Airport Security?

Whether your permanent bracelet sets off airport security depends on the metal it is made from. We suggest checking with the jewellery shop you purchased from to see what metal type yours is crafted from and whether it's likely to set off security.

How to Take Off Permanent Jewellery

Welded bracelets are often a very fine chain and so can be taken apart with a pair of sharp scissors.

Monica Vinader Sustainable Jewellery

We create modern jewellery crafted from sustainable materials, including recycled silver and ethical diamonds. Our collection of gold necklaces, signet rings, and diamond earrings are sure to take your personal style to the next level.

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