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What is a Tennis Bracelet?

Tennis bracelets are a classic design that consists of a symmetrical row of diamonds, or other gemstones, in a single line. Most commonly they are set in gold or platinum. We dive into the history of tennis bracelets and show you how to style them with ease.

Table of Contents:

  • Why is it Called a Tennis Bracelet?
  • Tennis Bracelet Design
  • Diamond & Gold Bracelets
  • Elegant Tennis Jewellery from Monica Vinader
  • How to Style Your Tennis Bracelet
  • Measure Your Wrist for a Perfect Fit
  • FAQs About Tennis Bracelets

Why is it Called a Tennis Bracelet?

Tennis bracelets got their name in 1987 after an incident at the US Open that year. Player Chris Evert lost her diamond bracelet mid-play, with it flying off her wrist. Officials stopped the match whilst Evert hunted for her lost bracelet, with spectators in the arena and at home watching eagerly.

The Design of a Tennis Bracelet

What a tennis bracelet is falls down to its unique design. Tennis bracelets are formed of a single line of diamonds, or other gemstones, all identical in colour, size, cute, and clarity. Each stone is held together by a metal, which could be gold, silver, or platinum. These traditional bracelets have been popular for decades due to their glamorous appearance.

Evert was well known for wearing this specific style of bracelet, and with this highly publicised event, they soon came to be known as tennis bracelets. The reason Evert's diamond jewellery flew from her wrist was due to the clasp breaking, this encouraged jewellers to work on creating more secure clasps for their designs.

Diamond & Gold Tennis Bracelets: The Perfect Match

The most common combination of what a tennis bracelet is crafted from is gold and diamonds. The warm hues of gold jewellery pair perfectly with the captivating sparkle of diamonds. The ethical diamonds used in a single tennis bracelet have key things in common:

  • Diamond shape - The diamond shape refers to the geometric shape it appears to be. These are split into 2 categories: round and fancy. They can include: Round Brilliant, Princess, True and many more.
  • Diamond colour - Diamonds come in a scale of colours ranging from colourless to lightly coloured. In tennis jewellery, all the diamonds included will be the same colour.
  • Diamond clarity - Diamond clarity refers to whether the precious gemstone has any inclusions or blemishes.
  • Diamond size - The size of a diamond refers to how big it looks when viewed from above. In a tennis bracelet, every diamond in that line must be the same size.

Elegant Tennis Jewellery at Monica Vinader

Diamond tennis jewellery is an elegant accessory that can complete any look in an instant. We craft our tennis bracelets from gold vermeil and H-coloured diamonds. We layer 18ct gold onto a base metal of recycled sterling silver to create a luminous and durable home for our diamonds. The bracelet itself is formed of sleek bezel cups that surround each brilliant diamond solitaire, to create an essential design for you to wear every day.

We've designed our tennis bracelet with two secure locking mechanisms - so you won't have a repeat of the 1987 US Open! The first lock works with a dainty lever that locks the bracelet in place. The second lock is a 'tongue' insured into the lock box, which will only be unlocked with the button.

For those who cannot get enough of their tennis bracelet, we have a range of tennis jewellery for you to wear alongside. Our sparkling tennis necklaces and glamorous diamond rings, are the perfect companion to your bracelet - ensuring you sparkle in every room.

Top Tips for Styling Tennis Jewellery

Once you've understood what a tennis bracelet is and have fallen in love with its stunning design, the next step is to learn how to style it for maximum impact. Here are our top styling tips:

  • Stack for a personalised aesthetic - Stacking bracelets can be an excellent way to show off your personal style. We adore pairing our tennis bracelets with understated designs such as gold bangles and fine chain bracelets.
  • Wear solo - If you want your diamond tennis bracelet to be the star of the show, wear it alone. Tailor your outfit around the bracelet and make sure your wrists will be on show.
  • Pair with a classic watch - To add to your elegant aesthetic even more, wearing tennis jewellery alongside a refined watch can be an excellent choice.

Measure Your Wrist at Home for the Best Fit

You want to enjoy your new tennis bracelet from the moment it arrives at your door. With our guide to measuring wrist size for bracelets at home, you'll be able to choose your perfect size with ease. Now all you have to do is wait for your stunning jewellery to arrive to flaunt with all your favourite ensembles!

Frequently Asked Questions About Tennis Bracelets

You may still have some questions even after knowing what a tennis bracelet is, and we're here to answer them for you!

What wrist should a tennis bracelet be worn?

There are no rules for which wrist a tennis bracelet should be worn on, however many people choose to wear them on the left - especially if they're right-hand dominant. This is because this wrist is used less and so less susceptible to wear and tear. Whilst our pieces are designed to last, we offer a jewellery repair service if you do find your bracelet becomes damaged over time.

Do you wear a tennis bracelet everyday?

How often you choose to wear your tennis bracelet is completely up to you. With its classic design, it can be worn to a vast array of events and locations, from a big board meeting to a glamorous evening with friends.

How to open a tennis bracelet?

Whilst our tennis bracelets feature a secure clasp to ensure they don't fall off, they are also simple to open when you wish to take your jewellery off. Simply manoeuvre the lever on the side of the clasp with your finger or thumb, and press the button on the lockbox.

Sustainable Jewellery with Monica Vinader

We create modern jewellery from sustainable materials. Our collection of solid gold jewellery, link bracelets, and diamond earrings will ensure you can create a look to wow at every event.

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