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Meaningful Bracelets to Symbolise Your Love

Meaningful bracelets can hold more value than meets the eye. Known as a beautiful fashion statement, bracelets can hold many meanings in different cultures and societies. Our guide unleashes the sentiment behind meaningful bracelets, to gain a deeper understanding. From beautiful friendship bracelets to sentimental cord bracelets, you will identify their beauty in no time. Giving a meaningful bracelet will become so simple once you realise the thoughtful purpose behind them. You can match with a loved one or have unique styles of your own. Either way you will love the impact meaningful bracelets can have.

What are Meaningful Bracelets?

Meaningful bracelets can be found globally and they share an array of styles. To some, bracelets may just be a fashion statement to accent a fabulous outfit for the evening. To others, they hold more than sentimental value. Depending on your culture and society, meaningful bracelets can be seen through history as various symbols. These symbols reflect heritage which is still ingrained into our modern living. The different types of bracelets can vary between a hoop, chain or ornament. They can sit upon either the right or left wrist to look beautiful on any occasion.

Meaningful bracelets are not exclusive to one gender. Instead, the symbolic reasoning behind them outweighs the need to categorise them for either men or women. Allowing everyone to enjoy their beauty.

5 Meaningful Bracelets to Show Your Love

Many people might not realise meaningful bracelets hold so much sentiment. Once you discover their beauty, meaningful bracelets can signify your love to a friend, relation, or significant other.

add a pendant to your meaningful bracelet to show your personality
choose your next meaningful bracelet in a gold, silver or rose gold finish

Symbolize a Friendship with a Bracelet

One of the most meaningful bracelets can be a friendship bracelet. A friendship bracelet's purpose is to symbolize the relationship between the giver and receiver. It holds value to the wearer because the meaningful bracelet can represent the infinite cycle of the relationship. Traditionally, types of friendship bracelets are seen to signify a friendship bond further. The idea is to share this meaningful bracelet with someone you consider of value or a special friend. This could be someone you have known since birth or simply a few months. However you decide to share this meaningful bracelet, you know it has a beautiful sentiment behind it.

Engrave Your Love into a Meaningful Bracelet

Meaningful bracelets don't have to be the five we have listed. You can create your own meaningful bracelets by engraving your jewellery. Engraved bracelets can make for sentimental gifts between loved ones. It is a piece they can truly cherish for a lifetime. Our complimentary engraving service makes creating a unique piece easy. Simply decide on your message then revel in its beauty. You can choose a significant date or a loved one's initials. The decision is yours.

Charm Bracelets with Meaning

Charm bracelets are a fun and meaningful piece to accent any outfit. What makes this jewelry unique to the wearer, is the pendants. The person can embellish the meaningful bracelet with numerous pendants to make it unique. Many pendants can be seen to represent family, friendships and the individual's personality. Many suggest if you wear an anchor as a charm, it represents being grounded, loyal and faithful. Some people decide to color coordinate their meaningful bracelets. By doing this you can have a deeper connection with the ones you love. The meaning still remains the same, as it is completely unique to the wearer.

Gemstone Bracelets

Precious gemstones and semi-precious gemstones can be seen to accent numerous types of jewelry. In a meaningful bracelet they can traditionally be known to represent a person's birthstone. Birthstones can hold a lot of sentiment to people as they are said to reflect an individual's personality. Some myths describe these beautiful gems as presenting luck, love and joy. Popular gemstones people choose include pearls, green onyx and diamonds.

In our selection of diamond jewellery, we use a H colored diamond. Each precious gemstone is handpicked and shaped to provide an elegant, high-quality stone for our pieces. We are also proud to share that we only use ethical diamonds. It is important to us that we use ethical gemstones as part of our sustainability promise. This includes sourcing our gemstones and looking after our people.

stack your meaningful bracelets to combine your favourite pieces
you can engrave your meaningful bracelet to make it unique to the wearer

Seal a Wish with a Cord Bracelet

Cord bracelets are very similar to meaningful bracelets made of string. The two designs are simple and elegant, which allows the wearer to style them with other stacking bracelets easily. Legend has it that when you first apply a cord bracelet to your wrist, you are meant to make a wish. As you tighten the bracelet, the wish becomes locked in. It is only when the meaningful bracelet becomes worn and begins to loosen, the wish has been fulfilled.

Colorful Beaded Bracelets

Beaded bracelets complete our list. These pieces are perfect for those who may want a change from traditional sterling silver, rose gold, or gold jewellery. The meaning of these bracelets are commonly found depending on the color of the beads. Each bead color can symbolise an emotion or a way to reduce certain feelings. Friendship color bracelets are a way to present these deeply meaningful emotions. For example, purple beads on a meaningful bracelet are said to enhance the wearer's creativity. At the same time, it is also known to be able to reduce stress levels in the mind, as it is a calming color.

Beaded meaningful bracelets are stylish to wear both in a stack or on their own. Pearls can often be the favourite bead of choice as there are many types of pearls to be found. At Monica Vinader we use sustainably farmed pearls in our gorgeous pieces. To have the sustainably farmed classification, pearl farms have to abide by a set of rules to protect the environment in which they work. Having this approval ensures that we can provide ethical pearls to our customers.

About Monica Vinader

Monica Vinader is a contemporary jewellery brand which combines luxury designs with affordable prices. From statement earrings and rings, to delicate fine necklaces. We are sure you'll find something to love. We have recently been awarded the Butterfly Mark Accreditation by Positive Luxury Certified due to all of our sustainability work. Find your next sustainable meaningful bracelet with Monica Vinader today.

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