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14kt gold is a metal often used to make high quality pieces for modern jewellery lovers. Those on the lookout for a new addition to their collection may be wondering exactly what makes 14kt gold special, and why it is the perfect choice for new pieces. We are here to guide you through the meaning of gold karats, how 14kt gold measures against other types and choosing your ultimate new everyday accessory.

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What are Gold Carats?

Karats are concerned with the purity of the gold in question, with a higher number indicating higher purity. 14kt gold jewellery is a popular choice and can take the form of plenty of your favourite accessories. Despite that, it is often overlooked what this type of gold actually means. This metal type is made up of 24 parts, with 24 karats indicating pure gold. 14kt gold is comprised of 58.3% pure gold, with the rest being alloys such as silver, nickel and copper.

What can 14 Karat Gold be Used For?

From gold bracelets to gold rings and many pieces in between, 14kt gold is an excellent choice for crafting jewellery. This type of gold makes jewellery to last a lifetime, and is commonly opted for wedding jewellery and eternity rings. Often, jewellery with the purest level of gold will be more susceptible to wear and tear, as gold is a softer metal. With the addition of alloys, 14kt gold jewellery is made durable whilst still being of a high quality.

14 Karat Gold vs 18 Karat Gold vs 24 Karat Gold

Different karats of gold have their own benefits and features. 14kt gold is a highly popular choice for its damage resistance, whilst also having the shine and lustre you'd expect from gold jewellery. There are a few key distinctions between this metal type, and that of 18kt and 24kt gold jewellery.


18kt gold has a high level of purity, with 75% of parts being pure gold and the remaining 25% being alloys. This is a great choice for jewellery for those with more sensitive skin, due to the lower nickel content. Our range of 18kt gold vermeil jewellery is crafted using a thicker layer of gold than that of gold plated jewellery. This layer also covers sterling silver, rather than the copper that is commonly used within gold-plated pieces.


Despite being the purest option, 24kt gold is actually not used in jewellery. This is because of its extremely soft texture, which comes from the lack of alloys mixed in with the pure gold to strengthen it for daily wear. 14kt gold is much better suited as a base to all your favourite gold earrings and gorgeous necklaces

How Valuable is 14kt Gold?

The value of 14kt gold fluctuates with the value of gold overall. Since 14kt gold is made of 58.5% pure gold, this is the percentage of its value for the spot price - or live price - for gold. Thanks to its undeniable beauty and durability, our solid 14kt gold jewellery can retain emotional value to last forever.

Sparkle in 14kt Gold Jewellery

A minimalist approach makes a classic everyday choice with our 14kt gold labret earrings. Styling beautiful chain necklaces in this stunning metal is another sure way to turn heads in any setting. For something to give you extra sparkle, our ethical diamond jewellery combine with 14kt gold for a match made in heaven. Adorn them on your fingers as part of a stacking ring ensemble, or alone to create an eye-catching twinkle.

Different Shades of Gold

It's easy to associate gold jewellery only with its traditional, sunny hue. Whilst this is an evergreen choice, there are several colours of gold. 14kt gold pieces have a bright yellow undertone that, whilst less saturated than its 24kt counterpart, is much more vibrant than pieces of a lower karat count. Pure gold combined with an alloy of copper creates the rosy hues associated with stylish rose gold. Another popular option is white gold, which is similarly formed by mixing pure gold with other white metals.

Sustainable Solid Gold

The right jewellery can bring any outfit to life and let your confidence flourish. We believe that the feeling of slipping on a much loved gold bangle or sentimental birthstone ring shouldn't come at a cost to our planet. That's why creating sustainable jewellery is at the forefront of our brand. Our 14kt gold jewellery sources only ethical, sustainable gold to ensure your accessorising isn't harming the environment. Our product passport feature also allows customers to trace the journey of our bestselling pieces, from the source to your jewellery box.