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Style Tips:


Whoever said you can't mix metals was very wrong... build a style that's classic and unique by choosing metals and gemstones for an eclectic jewellery experience.

Can You Mix Silver & Gold Jewellery?

Mixing silver and gold jewellery has always been a timeless accessories option. Accessories are made to be paired together, and that includes precious metals like gold and silver. You can make the most of your collection by choosing gold jewellery pieces and combining them with your beloved sterling silver items. The pink hues of rose gold pairs magically alongside either or both of these metals, so you can design your looks your way.

We think mixing metals is a great way to experiment with your style and find your new favourite combinations. Mixing silver and gold jewellery is a way to show off your unique style. Have fun with colours, through gemstones, as well as trying out new styles when mixing silver and gold jewellery. The choice is yours, no matter your personal taste.

Stacking Silver & Gold Rings

Create your very own ring towers by combining your gold and silver bands. Lending themselves to stacking, these bands pair effortlessly alongside each other. Stacking rings don't have to be all one tone, you can try mixing silver and gold jewellery to create an eclectic effect.

Match statement cocktail rings with minimal plain bands for a balanced look. If gold is your go-to metal, or you prefer sterling silver jewellery, you can make a stunning blend by mixing silver and gold jewellery.


Layered Silver & Gold Necklaces

Partner your silver and gold necklaces together and create a layered necklaces look. The sunny hues of gold combined with the gentle shimmer of silver work together to create a striking ensemble. Mixing your metals as well as the length of your chains is the best way to perfect this look.

Pairing engraved necklaces with shorter chokers creates a balanced look sure to draw all eyes to you. Design your own silver and gold necklace moment by choosing pendants to personalise your necklaces and match your unique style. Finding your new go-to accessories is easier than ever when you try mixing silver and gold jewellery.



Mixed Metal Earrings

Perfect for dressing up or down, earrings can help you create moments that last forever in your memory. Match silver studs with gold hoops and create endless stacking earring combinations. With ear cuffs and climber earrings you can give the effect of multiple piercings while only needing one lobe piercing.

To create even more ways to mix your silver and gold jewellery, you can book your next piercing with Monica Vinader. The opportunities are unnumbered when it comes to mixing gold and silver jewellery together.

Combining Silver & Gold Bracelets

Be bold with your silver and gold jewellery by adorning your wrists with bracelets in every metal you choose. No matter the occasion, you can wear stacking bracelets in mixed metals to create a balanced and eclectic jewellery accessory. Silver bangles and gold charm bracelets match together elegantly, whether you're dressing up for date night or want to look good for a day shopping.

The most exciting thing about mixing silver and gold jewellery together is that it refreshes your accessory looks and keeps them feeling new. Coordinate with a friend by wearing your friendship bracelets in your bracelet stack for a sentimental reminder of your bond.

Discover Endless Jewellery Combinations

With Monica Vinader, you can synchronise your silver and gold jewellery for a glamorous moment no matter the occasion. Make sure to accompany your favourite items with the sparkling glamour of diamonds or the classic shine of pearls for an elegant finish. Treasure your collection by keeping it in a personalised jewellery box. That way, mixing gold and silver jewellery is only a moment away, and you can find all of your pieces instantly.

Be confident mixing your silver and gold jewellery together, and discover countless options for your favourite items. Wear more statement pieces when you're off to dinner or on the dance floor, and pair together your more minimal pieces when you're going to a wedding or family event. Silver and gold jewellery are each other's perfect match even if you usually opt for one or the other.

Experiment with Rose Gold

The beautiful pink hues of rose gold jewellery makes for striking accessories to be combined with white gold, or yellow gold. If you're mixing silver and gold jewellery, be sure to include rose gold in your selections. The romantic tones of solid rose gold make it the perfect accessory to wear for a date night or choose as an anniversary gift. Mixing rose gold and other metals is an excellent way to experiment with your jewellery.

Why Choose Monica Vinader?

At Monica Vinader, we combine contemporary jewellery with sustainability through recycled metals and ethical gemstones. From engraved jewellery to birthstone jewellery you can find countless style possibilities.