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The Best Earrings for Gifts, Everyday, & Each Piercing

Once you find the best earrings for your personal style you'll never want to take them off. Whether shopping for yourself or someone special, there's a perfect pair, or solo piece, for everyone. From dainty studs, to chunky hoops, to colourful gemstone drops, treat yourself to your next favourite earrings with our ultimate guide.

4 Tips to Choose the Best Earrings for You or a Loved One


People tend to have a favourite metal. If gifting to a friend, take a note of what metal they tend to wear for modern jewellery. Selecting a pair of matching gold earrings or silver earrings will show them that you really pay attention to their likes.


The best earrings come in a varied range of sizes, from tiny stud earrings, to large long earrings that really stand out from the rest of your ensemble. Follow our hoops and huggies size guide to find your perfect match.


The piercing you or your loved one has may also play into which set you choose. For those with lobe piercings designs that dangle below look stunning, whilst cartilage piercings look fantastic with style that wrap around the ear

Stack or Solo

Earrings can be worn both as a single set, or as a curated ear with lots of different pieces creating a look that's unique to you. Knowing how you plan to style your new additions will help guide you to which are the best earrings for you.

4 Best Earrings to Level Up Your Everyday Stack

Best Hoops and Huggies for Chic Style

If you're looking for the best earrings, you can never go wrong with a pair that hang elegantly from the lobes. Hoop earrings are perfect for the days when you want to make more of a statement. Treat yourself to a wide array of designs, from classic tubes, to textured chunky pieces. For a more understated look opt for small huggie earrings that circle around the lobes.

Stand Out in Bold Stacking Style

For those who can't get enough of wearing their best earrings, lean towards layering. Stacking earrings can vary from dainty pieces that sit in the lobes, to intricate styles like climber earrings that work their way up the ear.

Best Earrings for Sensitive Earrings

Struggle with sensitive skin on your ears? Opting for a pair of hypoallergenic earrings can reduce the chance your ears become irritated. Pure metals, like sterling silver or 14k and above solid gold tend to be the best for earrings for sensitive skin. With a lower percentage of alloys, these will give you the best chance of enjoying your new set.

Dainty Earrings Perfect for Daily Wear

If you're looking for a reliable accessory that you can reach for everyday, a set of classic pearl earrings will be your best friend. The luxurious pearl expresses luminosity everytime the light catches it, drawing attention to your flawless sense of style.

3 Best Sentimental Earrings to Give as a Gift

Best Earrings for Each Piercing

When it comes to choosing the best earrings, thinking about which piercing you're looking to place them in would be the first. If you're booking your next piercing, consider one of these designs to style it.

The Monica Vinader Piercing Studios


The Best Earrings to Style in the Lobe

The lobe piercing is traditionally the first that people get, but it can be in different placements on this fleshy part of the ear. For the lower lobe, opt for designs like drop earrings that can dangle, elongating the neck. Whilst the upper lobe can take more minimalist styles like studs.

Best for Newly Pierced Ears

If you've recently had your ears pierced you'll be needing to take extra special care of them. The best earrings for when you have a fresh piercing are those that can be worn for a prolonged period of time without being taken out, as this allows your ear time to heal. Comfy sleeper earrings are the ideal choice as the flat backs and traditional stud design are made to provide the ultimate comfort.