Become a part of the MV Team

If you think that you are the exceptional candidate Team MV are looking for and you want to join our exciting, dynamic team, read on to find the stages of our application process.
As a business, we are fast-paced and, although the process is rigorous to ensure that our team is exceptional, it can take as little as a week from your initial application to receiving a job offer.

Stage 1
First, complete the online application process, following the link from our website.

Stage 2
If your application is successful, you will be invited for a telephone interview.
This is your chance to speak to a member of Team MV and demonstrate how perfectly you fit the role and demonstrate our core values.
You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have about the role or the company.

Stage 3
At this point, we will invite you to our London Head Office for an Assessment Centre.
During this process, you will have the opportunity to really understand the MV brand and values as you will get to meet various members of our team.
You will be asked to participate in small group exercises and will get the chance to demonstrate your team working abilities and show case your personality.

Stage 4
After success at the Assessment Centre, you will be asked to complete a written task.
This task will vary depending on the role but could relate to customer relations, stakeholder management or data analysis.
You can nominate the exact time that you would like to recieve your written task and it will be sent to you by email to complete within the set time limit.

Stage 5
The final stages of the application process is a face-to-face interview.
You will be invited to Head Office to meet with members of Team MV, including your future managers.
Now is your time to really demonstrate your passion for our business, how you meet the MV values and what you will bring to Team MV.
We want to see your personality so relax and take your time to answer questions thoroughly.

Top Tips for Interview
* Arrive on time for your interview - we will send you details about our location to ensure you plan your route carefully.
* We are interested in your experiences so try to answer questions in STAR format to clearly demonstrate your abilities (Situation, Task, Action, Result).
* We really want to get to know you so prepare fully so that you don't forget to tell us something important.
* Make sure you take pride in your appearance as first impressions are important.