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The Significance & Meaning of Red Bracelets

The meaning of red bracelets are linked to good fortune, protection and can signify luck. Discover everything you need to know about these scarlet strings and how to style them to bring you strength and protection. The simple look they bring is a powerful tool you won't want to let go of.

Table of Contents:

  • Brief History of Red Bracelets
  • Sharing Good Fortune with Friendship
  • Bold Red Bracelets for Meaningful Emotions
  • Layer Your Bracelets for the Perfect Stack
  • Which Wrist Do I Wear a Red Bracelet on?
  • Wearing Your Red Bracelet to Mean Luck

Brief History of Red Bracelets

The sensational red bracelet's meaning dates back to the early 1900s. The daringly bold color of these bracelets all have a familiar sentiment as in each culture red bracelets mean luck, protection and good fortune. A popular belief from an ancient Chinese legend is that these cord bracelets signify the inevitable fate of marriage between two people destined to be together. True love or not, the meaning of red bracelets can uncover thought provoking wonder to the wearer. They can also reflect the feeling of not being alone, as crimson bracelets can signify strong friendship bonds. Empower the strength and beauty these bracelets hold, to truly understand what it means to wear a red bracelet.

the red bracelet history starts in the early 1900s and is seen until the present day
you can enjoy the meaning behind a red bracelet when worn on your left wrist

Sharing Good Fortune with Friendship

A sensational way to enhance your good fortune and luck is by sharing the meaning of red bracelets with close friends and loved ones. Friendship bracelets resemble the strong bond shared between the giver and receiver. Traditionally, you would keep one of these inspirational bracelets for yourself and give a matching one to someone you consider a special friend. It may not be the person you have known the longest, but the person who has been there for the significant memories.

Bold Red Bracelets for Meaningful Emotions

Effortless red bracelets may mean luck and fortune, but there are other colors to emit powerful emotions too. Sharing a special bond with a close friend can be further signified by friendship colors. It is not just red bracelets with meaning, there are a great deal of colors which host vital sentiments too. They include:

  • Blue = Courage
  • Black = Energy
  • Green = Truth
  • Grey = Success
  • Pink = Harmony

According to popular belief, to apply a meaningful bracelet in the color red, you must draw upon a friend or loved one to apply it for you. Sealing a red bracelet means you are to ward off negative energy, to allow for luck to return in its place. Tradition shows, once on your left wrist, you should not cut or take the scarlet string off. Instead you should wait for it to loosen and fall off on its own accord. Once your red bracelet has fallen you can always start the cycle again to provide an everlasting love for your friendship. It is sentiments such as matching friendship bracelets, which can remind you of all the happy memories you've shared throughout the years.

friendship bracelets can be a form of a red bracelet as they share meaning between two friends
red bracelets can be made of thin cord which makes for perfect stacking bracelets

Layer Your Bracelets for the Perfect Lucky Stack

Layering your lucky red bracelets means you can connect your soon to be good fortune with your favorite pieces already in your collection. As red bracelets can mean so much to different people, why stop at just the one? Usually found to be made out of fine red cord, red bangles can make the perfect stacking bracelets for any layered look. With their bold scarlet color, they can partner any sterling silver, rose gold, or gold jewelry perfectly. Finding the optimum pairing is also beneficial if you are giving the meaning of a red bracelet to a friend or loved one. They can cherish their new piece and think of you always when glancing at their wrist. What's more, as red bracelets are dainty and thin, they can stack well with statement cuff bracelets, as well as fine chain bracelets. The crimson cord is the ultimate all rounder piece to have in any collection. Its sentiment can radiate protection which can last a lifetime.

Which Wrist Do I Wear a Red Bracelet on?

The meaning of a red bracelet is signified when worn on the left wrist. It is believed that the left hand side of your body is the receiving side, as it is closest to your heart. It is this sentimental value which shows through the red bracelet meaning, as love is the overwhelming feeling often linked to this jewelry. In fact many celebrities have been known to cherish the red bracelet meaning because they feel a strong connection with the values it possesses. To truly make this type of jewelry your own, engraved bracelets can allow you to inscribe your favorite message or quote upon it. You could even engrave a lucky phrase which motivates you. This way whenever you glance at your wrist you can be reminded of your goals and journey you are taking.

Wearing Your Red Bracelet to Mean Luck

Effortless style comes once you have connected with your red bracelet meaning. Glance at our three steps to strengthen your bond and emotion when wearing a crimson string.

  1. Identify Your Why - Take a moment to question the why behind your new found bracelet. Are you wanting to enhance your luck or fortune? Or is it a symbolic reason such as remembering your love for another person? Either way there is no wrong answer. Your personal reason towards these bracelets are what makes them special.
  2. Choosing Your Meaningful Red Bracelet - Traditional red bracelets are often crafted from fine red string. This isn't to say you can not choose a more elaborate design. The color is the most important element to these types of bracelets, so choose a style which reflects your personality the most.
  3. Wear Your Red Bracelet with Meaning - The final step is to adorn your new red bracelet on your wrist. Some people believe that to secure your great fortune, you must rely on a loved one or someone you trust to tie the bracelet. This doesn't have to be the case. Your decision to tie it yourself or by someone else is entirely personal preference.

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