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Meet Yen Reis, founder of global beauty brand Skin Laundry. Discover Yen's favourite spots in Hong Kong, her path to success and how she balances a thriving career with motherhood.

What led you to founding Skin Laundry?

While living in Singapore, I began experiencing hormonal acne after having my third son and I found a solution in Laser & Light therapy. It was fast, effective and allowed me to maintain healthy skin. When I moved to Los Angeles, I saw a void in the market - there were no accessible, time efficient, and affordable professional laser treatments that produced results without any downtime. It was then I decided to open Skin Laundry and developed a signature Laser & Light Facial at an affordable price point so everyone can enjoy the benefits of lasers.

What has been the highlight in your Skin Laundry story to date?

Having the ability to build a beauty brand and service that is innovative and unique in a very saturated beauty space. Also having the ability to help improve the quality of skin of customers and giving them the confidence to wear no makeup!

How do you think Skin Laundry stands out in the crowded beauty and skincare industry today?

We stand out because we are focused and consistent. We try to offer the best experience in both service and products at an affordable price so that our customers can afford to maintain beautiful skin.

What do you enjoy the most about being an entrepreneur of a thriving and global business?

I love being able to see a vision come to life. I also love the learning process that you have to go through to get to where you are today and look forward to learning much more in the future as well. It's a big challenge and it feels good that all the hard work drives it forward.

You have launched Skin Laundry in the US, Hong Kong, and soon more stores in London. What is your vision for the future of the brand in the years ahead?

I always created Skin Laundry with the vision that we will be the Starbucks of laser facials. Dotted around the world everywhere you go and with every visit, you know what to expect and as it's consistent anywhere around the globe. I actually have customers that use Skin Laundry in New York, Hong Kong, London and LA!

When you decided to expand the business to Asia, why was Hong Kong your first stop?

I lived in Singapore for many years and spent quite a bit of time in Hong Kong. I knew it would be my bridge to Asia as it will allow me to start building brand equity in Asia. So many people look to Hong Kong for new and exciting brands and experiences, plus the cosmopolitan mix of expats and locals makes it the perfect market for both my service and products.

What is the best piece of advice you would share to someone wanting to start a business of their own?

There are always risks involved in starting your own business and you have to have the stomach for it. You have to do your homework and believe that your product works and build your business based on a culture of integrity.

As a mother of three beautiful children, how would you say motherhood has changed you and do you have any tips for balancing motherhood with a thriving career?

I keep a balanced life by trying to prioritise my to-do list. I always put my family first and I work from home a lot so I can be present. I travel a lot for work, so when I am with them I do not waste any time being away from them.

What has surprised you the most about living in Hong Kong?

How social everyone is. There is so much going on, events, parties, charities, talks, walks… there is always something to do! I love that about Hong Kong.

In Hong Kong, where would you often go for a spot of shopping or something fun on the weekend?

I think the ifc Mall has everything; we are usually there on weekends, eating and shopping. I do my Skin Laundry facial at Lane Crawford. My boys love the City Supermarket and we enjoy going to the movies as a family. I take my husband to Monica Vinader…

How did living in Hong Kong influence your concept of beauty? How is the concept of beauty in Hong Kong different from that in America?

In Hong Kong it's very much about the base, meaning skincare is very important. Having healthy, clear, flawless skin is a skincare goal for most. In the US, the focus is on colours and lots of makeup so what's beneath is not as important. That being said, there is a shift where I have noticed that people in the US are becoming more focused on skin and in Asia there is a rise in popularity of colour cosmetics.

Who are your favourite Hong Kong designers or go-to brands in the city?

Honestly, I am a Gap sort of girl. I live in jeans, white t-shirts or shirts and if I have to look professional I throw on a blazer. That being said, I love to browse Lane Crawford and I can always find something I want there.

What is the best styling advice you've have ever received?

Stick to black or white and you always look classic and chic.

How do you use jewellery in your everyday look?

I love pieces that I do not have to take off and I am a gold girl. I keep it pretty simple and classic.

Do you have a sentimental piece of jewellery or a piece with a fabulous story behind it?

My husband buys all my jewellery and I always wear most of them and usually never take them off. He brought me a necklace in 2007 when we were in Paris together, and I think I have worn it almost every day since. Anyone who knows me has never seen it off.

If you could engrave a message or doodle on a MV bracelet what would it be?

I love my boys.

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