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Find the Best Hoop Earring Sizes for Your Piercing

Choosing the right hoop earring sizes can unlock endless opportunities for everyday accessorising. Whether worn alone or as a curated ear stack to turn heads, it's important to know which hoop earring sizes were designed for each piercing. Luckily, we have a helpful guide to help you identify your next favourite pieces, as well as tips for getting the best out of this staple that never goes out of style.

How Many Different Hoop Earring Sizes Are There?

Silver and gold hoop earrings are favoured by many as they perfectly enhance any outfit. This variation of the modern earrings is so versatile because there are so many sizes to choose from. Mini huggie earrings add understated glamour to any look and work beautifully when combined with simple stud earrings or more dramatic drop earrings. For instant impact, large hoop earrings can shine all on their own or to complement stunning necklaces or timeless bracelets. In between these two extremes, you can opt for small, medium, or huggie hoop earring sizes to bring that finishing touch to your most loved ensembles.

Large Hoop Earrings

Despite being bigger and more eye-catching in nature, large hoop earrings can still be easily styled for everyday wear. Whether you choose a more minimal look by adorning them alone, or go all out with gorgeous stacking earrings, this look is easy to style. This size is a mainstay in every great jewellery box, thanks to its iconic circular silhouette that looks great with any ensemble. The exact size of this style measures in at 31mm and above. Large hoop earring sizes are designed to be worn in lower lobe piercings.

Medium Hoop Earrings

A medium hoop earring size is perfect for creating a focal point for your accessory ensemble, without the maximum impact of the larger hoop earring size. Also made for wear in the lower ear lobe, medium hoop earrings can be combined with minimalistic helix earrings for a modern look. Measuring in at anywhere between 21mm to 30mm, there's plenty of room to choose a medium hoop earring size that best suits your style.

This is a great hoop earring size to consider when treating yourself to some sparkling diamond earrings. Still big enough to draw the eye in, but small enough to be ideal for everyday wear, hoop earrings in this size adorned with the precious stone are sure to turn heads. Wear glamorous medium hoop earrings for any event to be the style inspiration in any room.

Small Hoop Earrings

Small hoop earrings are perfect for those looking for a more subtle, practical alternative to larger hoop earring sizes. These can range in size between 15mm and 20mm for a gorgeous everyday look. Still just large enough to come in plenty of beautiful styles, this option can be worn either in the lobe as the main event, or in the upper lobe to sit alongside a larger pair.

Hoop earrings in this size are perfect for adding texture and interest to an ear stack, such as with delicate cartilage earrings, but also work amazingly all on their own. In fact, many will take the step to get a cartilage piercing purely to shine in this style once the piercing has fully healed. You can showcase your individuality by adorning a chunky pair, or keep it minimal with a dainty set.

Huggie Earrings

On-trend huggie earrings and mini huggie earrings are the easiest hoop size to wear multiple of at one time. Their dainty nature makes them the most understated in this design, but they can still be arranged for a more striking, modern look when worn together. In particular, the huggie hoop earring size is perfect for customising with vibrant earring charms. This is an easy way to tie a small pop of colour into any outfit whilst still keeping subtle and delicate.

Because they're small, the huggie earring size is more versatile than others in that you can use them for other piercings as well as the lobe. Try styling them in the helix for an on-trend look, or in a tragus piercing for instant glamour. Matching the same type of huggie hoop earrings in multiple piercings at once creates a cohesive yet simple look, perfect from a day running errands to a night on the town.

Mini Huggie Earrings

This tiny hoop earring size is perfect for layering or adding colour to your outfit. Adorned with semi-precious stones like striking green onyx or vibrant aquamarine, mini huggies make gorgeous birthstone earrings. Create a cohesive earring look by stacking mini huggie earrings up the ear lobe, as well as adding to cartilage piercings.

Being the smallest hoop earring size also makes this amongst the most versatile when it comes to styling. This style is 9-10mm in diameter, and can as easily be adorned on the lower lobe as the tragus or helix. For those looking to adopt the cartilage hoop earring trend, we recommend starting with 14k solid gold stud earrings before going in with this hoop earring size.

How to Measure Piercings for Hoop Size

It's important to know how hoop earring sizes are designed to be worn when opting for this classic style. Large hoop earrings can have a diameter of between around 31mm or more, whilst mini huggies tend to be no bigger than 9mm. With this in mind, hoop earring sizes for the lower lobe can sit anywhere between this range. When shopping for cartilage piercings, opt for a hoop earring size of between 9mm-12mm.

Measuring your ear piercing to decide on the correct hoop earring size is essential, and easy to do. Simply use a ruler or measuring tape with milimetre marking for the most precise reading. Holding it up to your ear, make a note of the measurement from the location of the piercing to the edge of your ear. For a lower lobe piercing, you'll be measuring to the edge of the lobe. For a helix piercing, instead measure to the edge of your cartilage for the most accurate number.

It's important to remember that this measurement will line up with the inside-measurement of your chosen hoop earring size. You'll want to decide how much room you want between the edge of your ear and the hoop earring. For a more snug fit, huggie earrings are ideal. Whereas, a large hoop earring size will leave a much bigger gap between the jewellery and the outside of your ear.

How to Style Different Sized Hoop Earrings

All hoop earring sizes look beautiful styled alone or as part of an ensemble of your favourite silver and gold jewellery. Match hoop earrings with gorgeous single earrings for a modern, asymmetric look. Alternatively, pair with timeless rings for a simple style statement to elevate any outfit.

Larger hoop earring sizes tend to demand the most attention, and so make perfect accessories for a big night out. On the other hand, we recommend opting for small, huggie or mini huggie hoop sizes when completing those daily tasks to take your everyday look to the next level.

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