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20 Different Types of Chains To Style Today

There is so much to be inspired by, so many types of chains available, there is a wealth of style options to be inspired by. This essential jewelry piece includes classic links to modern chunky styles. Discover the right chain type for you and create your own unique look.

What Defines A Chain?

Chains are a classic piece of jewelry categorized by a series of links joined together to form a long line. Depending on the style, these links may look different. Chains are comprized of smaller parts strung in a line. Whether beads, daisies, or emails!

Chains types are commonly designed in sterling silver or gold, and can be styled in many different ways. Chains provide a popular base to necklaces. They are versatile items of jewelry, often chosen because they can be worn alone, or paired with other pieces to add to an eclectic look. Making a chain unique is a perfect way to add a special touch to an outfit.

discover the different types of chains

21 Stylish Types of Chains

There are many different types of chains, designs, and it can be difficult to uncover the one that matches your style flawlessly. Trends change, come and go, but finding the right type of chain can inspire endless ways to pair jewelry with your ensemble.

1. Link Chain

Whilst most types of chains are composed of links, link chains will make these the focus of the piece. You'll be familiar with this style, as many types of necklaces are designed to showcase this feature. The link in this type of chain can be of any shape: circular, oval, or even square. Take advantage of the larger links and personalize these chains with charms for more ways to express yourself. For those with classic taste, opt to dazzle in diamonds, or shimmer in baroque pearls.

there are many types of link chains
chain types can add intrigue to your ensemble

2. Lariat Chain

Lariat necklaces are created from a singular chain that is closed on both ends. The two ends of this type of chain are usually brought together with a decorative element, such as a large loop, or even a gemstone button. For those wishing to wow their friends, this type of chain is the ultimate finishing touch.

3. Curb Chain
Curb chains are inspired by the bridles used on horses. Each link on this type of chain is round with a distinct groove. This groove is where the next link will sit. Curb chain types can vary in link size, from large circles to create bold stacking bracelets, to small links creating a beautiful textured necklace.

different types of curb chains
classic types of chain

4. Rolo Chain

The rolo type of chain is crafted from symmetrical links that are joined together in an alternating sequence. These pieces are beautiful to look at, and are ideal as layering necklaces. Often, the wire used to create each of the links in this type of chain is flattened on the inside, whilst rounded on the outside. This unique shape is what gives this chain type its individual appearance.

link form together to make different types of chains
what are the names of the different types of chain

5. Box Chain

Box chains are types of chains crafted from round links that have been flattened to create a square shape. This contemporary necklace chain style has an extremely unique silhouette. Smaller links join together to create an almost smooth type of chain. We adore using this type of chain as the starting point for engraved jewelry - simply add a sentimental engraved pendant and the piece becomes one of a kind!

look beautiful in a variety of chain types
chain types can add glamour to your look

6. Beaded Chains

Beaded chains are a simple way to bring texture into your jewelry box. A beaded chain type is the ideal choice for anklets, as well as many types of bracelet. The length of this chain is either entirely made up of small beads joined together, or features a smooth line with beads spread along. Styling this type of chain is effortless and creates a stunning effect no matter how they are adorned.

what types of chain can be beaded?
are anklets a type of chain?

7. Adjustable Chains

The necklace length you want may differ depending on the outfit you have chosen to wear that day. Luckily, adjustable types of chains exist! With an adjustable chain you are able to slide the fastening along the length of the piece, altering the size. For those who like to invest in just a few pieces of high quality jewelry this is the ultimate option. Whether you're wearing a high neck, or a low cut dress, you will always be able to find the perfect type of chain for your neckline.

choose the right necklace length and type of chain for you
what chain types give the best fit?

8. Rope Chains

Rope chains are crafted from lots of round links, joined together to mimic the dense shape of a rope. The rope chain type is popular in men's jewelry, but is also ideal for women's pieces. We adore the silhouette this type of chain brings to bracelets. If you are looking for special pieces to coordinate together, combine with rings that are also in this rope style.

rope chain types mimic the silhouette of rope
types of chain can also be used to craft rings

9. Cable Chains

Cable chains feature completely symmetrical links in width and thickness. Each link is joined together to form the chain. It is popular to hang pendants from this type of chain. We adore this choice for engraved necklaces. The timeless style of this chain type, paired with the sentimental etching, ensures this is a piece you or a loved one wears for the rest of your life.

which chain types can be engraved?
can I engrave a necklace chain?

10. Snake Chains

A different type of chain is the snake chain. Unlike other types of chain where the links are intertwined, the snake chain features round links that lie next to one another. This creates a long, smooth, circular surface akin to the body of a snake. These chain types are a brilliant choice for stacking, and learning how to layer necklaces will ensure this is a look you wear repeatedly.

11. Chokers

Though not a type of chain themselves, chokers offer a wealth of options when it comes to curating a unique look. Made popular in the 90s, chokers are typically between 14 and 16 inches long. In recent years this type of necklace has seen a revival and is as popular as ever. Designed to sit snug against the skin, chokers can even enhance a look with a high neckline. Link chokers, leather chokers, and pendant chokers make for a fashionable addition to any outfit.

12. Figaro Chains

A type of chain that stands out from the rest is the figaro. Figaro chains are made from 2 or 3 round links, followed by one long oval link. Like the rope type of chain, this is more popular with men, but makes a fabulous addition to any contemporary jewelry collection. Figaro chain types make for textured necklaces which are a breathtaking way to add glamor to an ensemble.

Which Metal to Choose for Chains

After choosing which type of chain style you adore most, you need to select the metal it is crafted from. With three main choices, there is a perfect material for everyone.

the different types of chain bracelet
which type of chain is right for me?

13. Different Types of Gold Chains

Just as there are many types of chain, there are also different types of gold. You may be wondering whether you should opt for gold vermeil or gold plated chains. We believe quality jewelry should be accessible, so our different chain types are made from gold vermeil. Our gold vermeil chains are made from recycled silver, with a thick layer of gold on top - ensuring you enjoy the best quality. You'll adore pairing your new chain pieces with your current gold jewelry for timeless, cohesive style.

chain types made of gold vermeil
chain types made of gold vermeil

14. Silver Chains

Sterling silver is another timeless classic when it comes to chains. Ideal for adding the glitz to all your favorite ensembles, a silver chain is perfect for every occasion. From brunch with the girls, to romantic meals by the ocean, silver chain types are sure to catch your eye.

look fabulous in silver chain types
rock understated style with silver chain types

15. Rose Gold Chains

Rose gold jewelry is a modern essential, and it makes for beautiful chain types. The warm hues of this metal make it ideal for pairing with summer dresses, and casual spring outfits. The romantic pink hues also make it the ideal date night companion. Mixing gold and silver jewelry together makes for an eclectic, modern look that ensures you're always on-trend.

warm toned chain types
beautiful types of rose gold chain

16. Fine Chains

One of the main factors that goes into selecting a type of chain is its width. For many, fine chains are the perfect pieces to accessorize daily outfits with. Whether they're for work meetings, or evenings spent in your local bar, you can't go wrong with a fine chain.

17. Dainty Chains

Dainty chains are very similar chain types to fine chains. Focusing on feminine style, you can't go wrong with adding dainty chains to your favorite flowy skirts and dress outfits. These types of chains have a subtle effect - so you feel glamorous without drawing attention away from you.

18. Chunky Chains

If you're looking to make an impact with your jewelry, chunky chain types are the way to go. These necklaces and bracelets are designed to make you stand out from the crowd, and are phenomenal for adding a bold statement to eveningwear. Combining chunky pieces with delicate items is the ultimate way to enhance your style.

19. Herringbone Chains

A bold type of chain is the herringbone. It is formed from slanted links positioned next to one another. The resulting flat shape of this chain type is reminiscent of cuff bracelets and ear cuffs. Therefore, it's a contemporary choice for every jewelry lover.

20. Mariner Chains

As the name suggests, mariner chains are inspired by those used at sea. Its oval links and bar across the center makes it a chain type commonly adorned by men. With its added intrigue and surface, this is a piece that requires intricate jewelry cleaning.

21. Men's Types of Chains

Men's types of chains are the statement piece of jewelry perfect for men to experiment with. Our men's jewelry has options for every item in your closet. Pair a single men's type of chain with a casual outfit, or use a chain to add a special touch to a suited look. No matter if you have your men's chain on show or not, you can feel elevated for the day with this simple addition. Men's necklaces complete a look, while a men's type of chain as a bracelet can add some magic to your wrist. However you choose to style your men's types of chains, opt for solid yellow gold or a men's silver chain to complement your skin tone and your chosen outfit.

Choosing the Right Type of Chain for You

After delving into the different types of chain it's time to decide which are right for you! With an infinite number of ways to wear chains, there's no need to simply choose just one. In fact, you could even choose multiple metals to achieve a contemporary look to be envied. Use our necklace size guide to envision what your new piece will look like against your preferred necklines and styling options. Whichever types of chains you choose, we know you'll look elegant in your new favorite pieces!

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