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How to Layer Necklaces: A Complete Guide

Look effortlessly flawless at all times by learning how to layer necklaces. The layered necklaces trend is here to stay, and it's no wonder when they add an elegant touch to every outfit. For those who are new to this particular style of jewellery, you may be wondering just how to begin layering your necklaces. We have all the tips you'll need to stack your chains perfectly.

simple way to layer necklaces
tips on how to layer necklaces

What are Layered Necklaces?

Layered necklaces are multiple chains that are worn together. Often these gold necklaces come joined together by a single clasp. However, they can come as individual necklaces, and even in a set. Layering your necklaces is a beautiful way to achieve laid-back glamour.

How to Choose the Perfect Necklaces to Layer

When deciding how to layer necklaces, choosing the right pieces is the first step. There are a few things to think about when picking silver necklaces that pair perfectly together. The most important of which is choosing the right necklace lengths.

The beauty in layered necklaces comes from the versatility they bring. Due to this, you will want to select chains of different lengths. This allows each piece to shine individually without crowding each other creating a tasteful collective.

the trick to how to layer necklaces is in different lengths
layering necklaces made simple

How Many Necklaces Should I Layer?

When it comes to knowing how many necklaces to layer, it ultimately comes down to personal taste. You can keep it streamlined and opt for two chains, or go all out and make a statement with lots. However, for those just starting on their layering journey, three is an ideal number to begin with. This will allow you to really experiment with different necklaces lengths and create a multitude of gorgeous looks.

4 Styling Tips to Consider When Layering Necklaces

Whilst you're deciding how to layer your necklaces, there are a few key points you will want to consider. These will help you execute your new style effortlessly.

  • Consider mixing metals - for a contemporary take on layered necklaces, try wearing different metals simultaneously. This means you can wear your favourite silver and gold jewellery together!
  • Choose one statement piece - choosing one statement necklace, for example a pearl jewellery piece can create a centerpiece for your look. Allow this necklace to do the talking whilst the others support it.
  • Have a variety in necklace weights - choosing a mixture of chunky necklaces and skinny chains, as well as different textured necklaces, can add a touch of intrigue to a layered necklace look. Use a mixture of rolo chains, curb chains, and rope chains.
  • Switch up your necklaces with pendants - if you like to change your look frequently, having the same base chains but adding different pendants dependent on occasion is a great way to add versatility.

Although there are lots of aspects you may want to think about when choosing how to layer necklaces, the job can be kept simple by opting for pre-designed jewellery sets. This way the styling is done for you and all you have to do is adorn your beautiful new pieces.

add class to your layering with pearls
mix up your layering necklaces with different chain weights

How to Add Your Own Touch to Layered Necklaces

When deciding upon your personal style you want to make it as unique to you as possible. Experimenting with how you layer necklaces is one way to make a look your own. If you'd like to go one step further and create a layered look that is completely personal to you, why not try adding in an engraved necklace?

By choosing an personalised necklace, you can incorporate a special memory, like a significant anniversary date, or even your child's doodle into your contemporary outfit

How to Detangle Layering Necklaces

An important aspect of knowing how to layer necklaces, is how to keep them from tangling. This knowledge will help you to keep your pieces looking flawless throughout the day. Necklaces that are different in length are less likely to tangle than those that are similar, so opting for a range in sizes is the best option. Ensuring each chain is free of tangles and knots before wearing is also essential.

If your necklaces do become tangled however, we suggest laying them on a flat surface and using a straight item, such as a needle to help undo the knots gently. You can also use this technique to untangle stacking bracelets too.

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