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H Colour Diamond

H colour diamonds are a stunning, near colourless gem that can accent any jewellery box. Every precious stone holds diverse elements which makes them effortlessly unique, which is why we love using them in our collections! For those keen to explore the differences between diamonds, our guide is on hand to explain all there is about this beautiful stone.

What Is an H Colour Diamond?

To the naked eye, the alluring H colour diamond is a near colourless precious gemstone. It is only when they are compared with a higher graded diamond, such as D colour, or under a magnifying glass, that they display the faintest yellow hue. Yet, they are generally considered the stepping stone between a colourless diamond and a slightly tinted diamond.

At Monica Vinader, we adore diamond jewellery. Not only do H coloured diamonds radiate a white glow once set in our pieces, but they exude luxury.

What's The Difference Between Diamond Cuts?

When considering everyday diamonds, one of the first things to notice is they are all unique. Each dazzling gem varies in size, shape, and colouration. This is where the 4Cs of diamonds becomes an important consideration. Especially if it's the first time you buy a diamond.

What are the 4Cs for ethical diamonds?

Cut: When we think about the cut of a diamond we often think of the shape. When in fact, the cut refers to how well light reflects off the facets. This element is by far the most technical of the four, but is essential in ensuring the beauty of the stone.

Clarity: The clarity of a diamond can vary which is what can make them so different. Each blemish or inclusion can be missed by the naked eye and trained grading experts are required to access the quality.

Colour: All precious gems are assessed using an international colour grading chart. The chart's grades range from D to Z. D being colourless and Z being lightly coloured. Determining the differences between diamond colour can be difficult to distinguish as some are very subtle. However, the tone of the diamond is quintessential, as it can determine quality and price.

Carat: Carat differences of a diamond refer to the weight of the stone. Typically, the higher the carat, the higher the price. This is due to larger diamonds being rare and more desirable. Nonetheless, the value does not depend solely on the carat weight, as all 4Cs need to be taken into consideration.

What's The Difference Between Diamond Colours?

Differences are often seen when a diamond is being examined for the colour grade. This grade is broken down into a letter classification from D to Z. H colour diamonds are what can be found in a number of our pieces, including our gold jewellery. This type is high within the chart, seeing them near colourless.

D/E/F = Colourless

G/H/I/J = Near colourless

K/L/M = Faint colouring

N/O/P/Q/R = Very light colouration

S/T/U/V/W/X/Y/Z = Light colouration

Within this criteria they are assessed based on the clarity they possess. Although all quality diamonds have a shade, some are more vibrant than others. Whether it is a rare pink stone, clear, or high quality colourless diamond. Each precious stone is asset the same using the universal guidelines crafted by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). This grading system essentially determines whether the stone displays any signs of colour.

how do you ethically source a diamond?
what do you need to look for when choosing an H colour diamond?

How We Source Our Ethical Diamonds

We are committed to providing our customers with elegant ethical diamonds. By being members of this institution, we take into account three elements to ensuring our gems meet high ethical standards.

All suppliers commit to the Kimberley Process, which is a certification to regulate the trade of rough diamonds.

We also see that our suppliers follow The World Diamond Council's System of Warranties. Indicating that each stone sold, like our H colour diamonds, complies with the minimum requirement of the Kimberly process.

Following commitments to both these organisations means our suppliers are all compliant with the United Nations resolutions. The Social Council is just one example of the top voices within the United Nations which gives opinions and expressions towards these decisions.

The ethics behind our diamonds ensure we are taking reasonable measures to help prevent the sale of conflict diamonds across the globe. Allowing us to know they are from reputable sources. By taking these extra steps ensures our customers are provided with high quality gems in their jewellery. Making it possible for everyone to enjoy the attractive attributes our quality gemstones have to offer.

About Monica Vinader

We are a British jewellery brand founded in 2008. Our wearable collections, such as our bracelets and earrings, combine both fashion and fine jewellery. We use sustainably sourced materials, like recycled silver, to create beautiful, contemporary pieces. They are truly a staple to any jewellery box.

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