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13 Contemporary Types of Rings to Wear Today

Dating back as far as 300 BCE, it's no wonder that to this day there are many types of rings. With different bands holding different meanings, celebrating a variety of occasions, and holding an array of designs, you may be intrigued to explore each type before deciding which is right for you.

The Perfect Types of Rings for Everyday

Rings can be the perfect jewellery piece to wear everyday. With contemporary designs that can be worn morning through to night, they are an essential piece to every jewellery box. With a wealth of ring types to choose from, there is something to reflect everyone's unique style.

Contemporary Stacking Rings

For those who cannot get enough of their bands, stacking rings make a stunning choice. From simple bands, to gemstone encrusted pieces, any type of ring can become a stacking ring! Wearing your gold rings in this way makes it effortless to create looks unique to you, simply place your chosen bands on to create flawless style. We love mixing our silver rings and gold jewellery with these particular ring types!

what types of rings can you stack
stacking rings are the ultimate versatile ring type

Effortless Ring Sets

If you feel overwhelmed by pairing rings together, ring sets are a simple solution. We have created a range of ring sets that have been designed to fit effortlessly together, taking all the hard work away from you! You can choose to wear these pieces together on one finger, or space them out across your hand. The possibilities are endless! If you're choosing different rings for each finger, you'll need to know how to easily measure ring size at home.

Beautiful Band Rings

A band ring is exactly what it sounds like, these are plain rings not embellished with any stones. Despite this, there are still a variety of styles within this ring type. From skinny to wide rings, to ones that have textured metals, you're sure to find a piece to reflect your personality.

band rings are an effortless ring type
band ring types come in a variety of sizes

Attention Grabbing Ring Types

Jewellery makes the perfect centerpiece to lots of outfits, so when deciding on which ring type you would like to adorn you may be looking for something that will catch the eye! Luckily, there are many types of rings that are ideal for this job!

Gorgeous Diamond Rings

Diamond jewellery is the ultimate luxury, and is bound to draw the adoring attention of those around you. A diamond ring is any ring type that features the precious stone. They have been popular since 1477 when the first diamond engagement ring was commissioned by Archduke Maximillian of Austria. However, these glamorous pieces can be worn for any occasion and are incredible if you're looking for a little piece of luxury to indulge upon yourself.

the different types of diamond rings
diamonds make the perfect luxury ring type

Glamorous Gemstone rings

This type of ring consists of any band that holds a gemstone, whether this be moonstone, rose quartz, turquoise, or so any others. With gemstones holding such a vast array of colours, there are options to have these pieces set in silver, gold, and rose gold!

From clusters of complimentary gemstones, to a single standalone star, this type of ring is extraordinarily versatile. Gemstone rings can transition flawlessly from everyday wear, to evening essential.

what types of rings feature gemstones
how many different types of rings are there?

Impressive Cocktail rings

Cocktail rings are a type designed specifically for occasion wear. Created to be extravagant and glamorous, featuring large stones and intricate designs. These impressive types of rings are ideal for anyone wishing to make an impression at a special event.

extravagant ring types
types of rings to make you stand out

The Different Types of Engraved Rings

Today, many types of rings can be engraved, allowing you to create a piece truly personal to you. There are some traditional ring types that feature particular kinds of engravings, from family crests, to graduation dates.

Keep Your Family Close with a Signet Ring

Signet rings are a piece of engraved jewellery that originally was used to sign and seal documents. This type of rings houses an engraving relating to the wearer, very often this is a family crest or the person's initials. The signet ring's purpose has developed over time, but it still remains a favourite personalised ring among many. Featuring a flat surface on the upper side of the ring, there is plenty of space to create an engraving unique and meaningful to you.

are there different types of signet rings?
the different types of engraved rings

Commemorative Class Rings

Another ring type that is normally engraved, is the class ring. Class rings are exactly what they sound like, a ring to celebrate your graduating class. These are particularly popular in America, where students wear them to commemorate their graduation from high school or college. This ring type is usually centred around an impressive gemstone, with engraving around depicaticing the school, the year, and even the graduate themselves.

The Different Types of Rings for Each Stage of Your Relationship

When it comes to ring types, there are none more notable than those given throughout a relationship. With particular pieces for each significant milestone, these are keepsake pieces to last a lifetime.

Sentimental Eternity Rings

The meaning of eternity rings is versatile and can embody whatever a couple wants it to. However, these are often given at the 10 year anniversary mark, or upon the birth of the first baby. Like engagement rings, this ring type often features diamonds, but other gemstones may also be used. Eternity rings traditionally come in two types: full eternity rings, and half eternity rings. The full type features gemstones along the whole band, whilst the half type only has half the band filled.

Promise Rings to Commit To

Often the first symbolic piece of jewellery given in a relationship, the meaning behind the promise ring reflects a commitment a couple makes to one another. This type of ring is often given between young lovers who deem themselves not yet of an age to get engaged. However, they can be given to embody any promise you wish to make to your partner. Coming in a range of styles, there's a promise ring type to suit every couple.

the best types of promise ring
what type of promise ring to get

Everlasting Engagement Rings

The second type of ring given in a relationship is commonly an engagement ring. This is a physical symbol displaying that a couple is soon to be married. There are many engagement ring types, from princess cut, to pear, to solitaire the choices are endless. The majority of these rings feature a diamond. Traditionally, once given, this type of ring is worn continuously for the rest of a person's life.

Wedding Rings to Last a Lifetime

A wedding ring is a type that the majority of people, both men and women, will wear at some point in their lives. It symbolises the lifelong commitment a pair have made to one another. Commonly this ring type is a simple band in gold or silver, and is often engraved inside with a phrase meaningful to the wedded couple. Most couples will opt for similar bands that reflect their link to one another.

different types of eternity rings
what type of eternity ring is best?

Men's Rings

Rings aren't limited to women, and they feature prominently in men's jewellery too. This type of ring usually sees more masculine design, with hammered metals and simple lines.

the different types of men's rings
what ring types do men wear?

Which Type of Ring is Right for Me?

Choosing the type of ring ideal for you comes down to personal preference. Depending on where you plan on wearing your rings to, and how you intend on styling them will help inform which type you choose. If you are attending a special occasion you may wish to choose a type with a more extravagant design, whereas if your rings are for everyday wear you may wish for something more simple that can pair with any outfit. Whichever ring type you choose, we know you'll look beautiful wearing it!

What Makes Monica Vinader Special?

We are a British jewellery brand, focused on bringing luxury design and affordable prices together. Our contemporary, wearable pieces are created using recycled silver and gold vermeil. Women around the world adore our bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, making them an ideal gift for your loved one or yourself.

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