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Types of Statement Earrings You Can’t Be Without

Leveling up your favourite looks is effortless with statement earrings. A statement pair of earrings will help you stand out at the office, and ensure you have a show stopping look for a special event. You can never go wrong with a pair of these luxurious earrings. Our guide to statement earrings will give you the confidence to style these exquisite pieces for any occasion.

Why You Should Be Wearing Statement Earrings

There are no rules about where to wear statement earrings. Rather, they are a piece that you can make entirely your own. From inserting luxury into a simple jeans and tee ensemble, to matching the extravagance of your most special dress. Statement earrings are crafted to be the centrepiece of every outfit they are paired with, and to ensure that you shine at every event.

Different Types of Statement Earring to Ensure You Make an Impact

Statement earrings come in all shapes, sizes, colours, and finishes, so you're bound to find a set that reflects your style flawlessly. Delve into the world of statement earrings to find the right ones for you with our curated list. Here are our favourite types of earrings to make a statement:

  • Drop Earrings - drop earrings are stunning pieces that dangle from the earlobe. They come in an inordinate number of styles, from glittering gemstones, to chain style pieces.
  • Hoop Earrings - a classic earring style, hoop earrings feature a large circle that connects through your ear piercing. A set of hoops is perfect for an everyday statement.
  • Cocktail Earrings - cocktail earrings are designed to stand out from the crowd, ideal for partnering with evening dresses, you'll adore these elegant adornments.
  • Climber Earrings - a contemporary twist on the statement earrings is climbers. Climber earrings are beautiful pieces that climb up the ear lobe from your piercing, often with gemstones.
  • Huggie Earrings - For a slightly more subtle statement earring, choose huggies. These earrings are smaller versions of hoops and can be made into a statement piece with beautiful pendants.
  • Stud Earrings - Studs are commonly worn as everyday earrings, however larger studs can make a striking addition to your ensemble.

With such a variety of statement earrings you'll never be stuck for choice. Within each of these styles you'll also find a wealth of different pendants and metals that will help you transform your ear piercing look.

Go Bold with Gold

Gold jewellery is a popular choice when looking for pieces that really wow, and it's no different when it comes to statement earrings. For beautiful simplicity wear a single pair of show stopping earrings. Or nail bold style by curating your own stacking earrings ensemble. With a mixture of smaller pieces, and large pieces such as hoops, you're sure to make a statement.

Make a Statement in Silver

There's nothing subtle about silver, and in a pair of statement silver earrings you're bound to draw envious glances for all. To truly make this look one of a kind, we adore pairing our statement earrings with matching sterling silver jewellery. Creating a cohesive style has never been so easy. Our top choice for making a statement in silver is chunky huggies that will effortlessly take you from the office to the cocktail bar with friends.

Romantic Rose Gold Statement Earrings

Sometimes your statement earrings are purely to impress yourself and the one you love, for these times rose gold jewellery is the ideal candidate. The soft tones of this metal make it perfect for candlelit dinners and drinks under the stars. Choosing a pair of statement earrings that features a contrasting gemstone, like kyanite, is sure to make you feel a million dollars.

Perfect Pearl Statement Earrings

Pearl jewellery has long been used to make a statement, traditionally with pearl chains. However, pearl earrings are just as special. The way to ensure these are statement earrings is to select your type of pearl carefully. Baroque pearls are each unique in form, making them perfect for statement earrings. Or, if you prefer a touch of mystery in your ensemble, opt for grey pearls - their darker, luminous tones are sure to attract the attention of many.

Make a Forever Statement in Diamonds

We turn to diamonds for special occasions and for sentimental pieces such as eternity rings and promise rings. In addition to theme meaningful pieces, we can also use this precious gemstone to create stunning statement earrings. Whether you opt for diamond studs, or large encrusted hoops, these earrings will be the finishing touch to all of your outfits.

Make a Colourful Statement with Gemstones

Gemstone jewellery will always be bold, with vibrant colours it's the perfect way to bring life to your ensembles. The trick to using gemstones for statement earrings is to opt for the brightest colours. Green onyx, pink quartz, aquamarine, and lapis will do just this for you. Match the gemstone as the main colour of your clothes, or choose a contrasting option to really make a striking statement.

Sustainable Earrings with a Statement

We believe that jewellery should instil confidence in you everyday, and that's exactly what statement earrings do. With our extraordinary range of earrings crafted from recycled gold vermeil and recycled sterling silver, you'll feel on top of the world everytime you wear your pair.

What Makes Monica Vinader Special?

We craft beautiful jewellery from sustainable metals and ethical diamonds and gemstones. Our stunning range of bracelets, rings, and necklaces has a wearable design for everyone. We can't wait to see how you style your new favourite jewellery!

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