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A Guide to Higher Lobe Piercings

Higher lobe piercings are a popular choice. Located on the higher part of the ear lobe, these are ideal for experimenting with your ear look. The Monica Vinader guide to high lobe piercings will tell you all you need to know for this style, what you can expect at your piercing appointment, how to care for and pick the perfect for you.

What is a Higher Lobe Piercing?

A higher lobe piercing is one that goes through the upper part of your ear lobe. This is the fleshy area of your ear just before it begins to be cartilage. The placement of this type of ear piercing allows for the effortless curation of earring ensembles unique to you without having to commit to cartilage piercings.

Different Types of Piercings to Inspire You

Once your higher lobe piercing has healed, you may be inspired to get more! Luckily there are lots of places to get new ear piercings for trendy earrings. These are some of our favourite locations on the ear:

  • Helix Piercings - Helix earrings make a contemporary and stylish addition to any ear stack. Located near the top of your cartilage, helix piercings are a modern essential for creating a look you love.
  • Cartilage Piercings - Cartilage piercings are any that go through cartilage filled areas of the body. These include both the ear and the nose. In the ear the cartilage is the firmer parts, and often referred to helix piercings.
  • Lower Lobe Piercings - Lower lobe piercings, also referred to as standard piercings, are located at the bottom of your ear lobe.
  • Upper Lobe Piercings - Upper lobe piercings are located directly above the lower lobe piercing.

Book a High Lobe Piercing with Monica Vinader

Our boutiques offer ear piercing services for up to 3 piercings, including higher lobe piercings, in a 20 minute appointment. You can book your appointment online, choosing the boutique that is most convenient for you. Our knowledgeable piercers and sales associates will help you choose out the gold jewellery or sterling silver jewellery perfect for your new higher lobe piercing.

7 Trendy Earrings for the Higher Lobe

There is a stunning array of different earring types for higher lobe piercings due to their placement. Our favourite dazzling pieces for the higher lobe include:

  • Higher Lobe Earrings - High lobe earrings are designed with this particular piercing in mind so are sure to suit beautifully.
  • Studs - Stud earrings are a classic style that looks gorgeous situated in a higher lobe piercing. Whilst waiting for your new piercing to heal these are the ideal choice as they won't catch like other styles may.
  • Climber Earrings - Creating the illusion of multiple piercings up the outer edge of your love is effortless with climber earrings. They attach through your higher lobe piercing and edging their way up the ear with vibrant gemstones.
  • Drop Earrings - Drop earrings are a glamorous addition to higher lobe piercings. Characterised by their elegant statement pendant that 'drops' from the lobe.
  • Hoops - Defined by their large circular silhouette, hoop earrings are a statement piece for higher lobe piercings. You can transform these pieces to an evening accessory by bejewelling with glamorous earring charms.
  • Huggies - Draw attention to your higher lobe piercing with huggie earrings. These small hoops hug the outer lobe, showing off your trending piercing.
  • Cocktail Earrings - If you're looking to elevate your outfit to the next level, cocktail earrings are the ideal partner. Adorned with luxurious pearls, you'll be the centre of attention in the high lobe pieces.

Do High Lobe Ear Piercings Hurt?

Higher lobe piercings should be low on the pain scale with only slight discomfort. For those who have previously had a standard lobe piercing, it should feel about the same as it is in a similar location. Everyone's pain tolerance is different however so you may experience more or less discomfort than your friends.

Piercing Healing Times

Any piercing in the lobe region, including higher lobe piercings, will take between 8 to 12 weeks to heal. You should not try and change the earrings in your new piercing during this time to allow it proper time to heal.

Aftercare & Cleaning Piercings

Caring for your piercing is essential for keeping it healthy and encouraging it to heal quickly. Use only an antibacterial cleansing saline solution on your high lobe piercing. We recommend using this twice a day, in the morning and at night, for the full time your lobes are healing. Avoid using beauty products or soap on the area of your piercing as this can be abrasive and slow the healing process down.

Experiencing secreting fluid from the higher lobe piercing is normal - so do not worry if this happens! Simply use a sterile cotton bud dipped in saline solution to clean the area. You should also avoid touching your love in the healing time to reduce unwanted bacteria.

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