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Ready to elevate your ear party game? Whether its your first-time piercing or you've got late-comers to your ear stack, our professional piercers can provide expert style recommendations and up to 3 piercings per appointment; spread across your lobe, helix, conch and tragus.

Bring a valid photo ID. Under 18? Bring a parent or legal guardian with valid photo ID.

You must be at least 10 years old.

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Nordstrom South Coast Plaza




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Ear Piercing $25 | 20 min

Enjoy up to 3 piercings, all in one ear or split.

Ear Party for Two $50 | 40 min

Bring a friend and enjoy up to 3 piercings each.

First Piercing $25 | 30 min

Receive a goody-bag and photo keepsake.

Follow Up $25 | 20 min

Check your piercing, change your jewellery and get styling tips.

The cost of the appointment does not include the price of your chosen earring(s). Solid Gold piercings start from $135, and titanium piercings start from $50.


for your ear piercing

Get plenty of rest the night before, ensure you've eaten within 4 hours of your appointment, and please drink plenty of fluids.

Don't consume alcohol or an excess of coffee, and don't take blood-thinning medications for 12 hours before getting pierced.

Please take a look at our aftercare advice. This guidance will help your piercing heal properly and we want you to understand exactly how to take cre of your new piercing following your visit.

Aftercare Advice



They were very professional and discussed my piercing before the procedure. The treatment room was very clean and comfortable. I was given post care advice, a drink and sweets.

James is incredibly professional. Was incredibly nervous prior to my 1st piercing but he eased my fears. I cared for my ear as instructed and had no problem. I’ve just been back for another piercing and am already planning the next one!

I recently had my 2nd piercing done at Chelsea and the lady was superb. She was so calming and did everything so quickly; my original piercings are too high so she gave advice how best to navigate and place the new ones.