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MV Piercing Studios

Ear piercing experiences at Monica Vinader. You can get up to 3 piercings per appointment: lower lobe, upper lobe, higher lobe, helix, forward helix and tragus all in one ear or split between both, all in just 20 minutes!

Only $25 per piercing appointment, plus the cost of each earring you select.

Mix, match and style. Our ear piercing experts will help you curate your stack with beautiful gold and silver jewelry.

Seen something you love? From classic studs to statement hoops, call ahead and we'll do our best to reserve it for you.

Bring a friend and get a piercing together! Book back to back appointments to get matching ear stacks.

You must be at least 10 years old to get pierced. Under 18? You must bring a parent or guardian with you to the appointment.


our beautiful illustration displays the different ear piercing types

How to Prepare for Your Ear Piercing


Get plenty of rest the night before.

Eat a good meal and drink plenty of fluids within 6 hours of getting an ear piercing.

Don't consume alcohol, go easy on the coffee and don't take blood-thinning medications for 12 hours before getting pierced.

Take a look at our Aftercare advice. This guidance will help your piercing heal properly. We want you to understand exactly how to take care of your new piercing following your visit.


You'll be able to chat with the piercer or sales associate about jewelry, the look you're going for and how to style your piercings.

We only pierce using single use, disposable needles.

You'll be given aftercare information, plus sweets and water for you to keep your sugar levels high at the appointment.