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Top 13 Stylish Necklace Chain Styles

With so many necklace chain styles to choose from you may be wondering which is right for you. From delicate chains, to chunky pieces that make you stand out from the crowd, the options are endless. Our guide brings together the very best in necklace chain styles, to help you decide which is the perfect piece for your collection.

What are Necklace Chains?

A necklace chain refers to chains specifically for the neck. The majority of necklaces will have a chain as their base, whether it's a choker or a locket necklace. Necklace chain styles are very versatile, so you can wear them in numerous ways, styling them perfectly to your taste.

what styles do necklace chains come in
different designs of necklace chains

The 13 Different Styles of Necklace Chains

Choosing a necklace chain style is easier once you know what the options are. Whether you're looking for a subtle piece you can wear everyday, or one that will make a bold statement - you're sure to find a necklace chain style you adore.

Box Chains

Our first necklace chain style is the box chain. This type of necklace is made from round links that are then flattened to form a square shape. The square form of the links is where the box chain gets its name from. The links in this necklace chain style can vary, from small chains creating a smooth piece, whilst larger links can create a bold piece.

box chain style of necklace
what is a box chain?

Link Chains

Whilst all necklace chain styles are composed of links, a link chain makes these the feature of the piece. The links could be oval, round, or even square, and can vary in size. For those looking for a striking look, opt for a large chain link necklace. With this necklace chain style, you can personalise it to your taste by adding your favourite pendants. Whether you choose a singular diamond, or a vibrant turquoise charm, you'll adore this statement piece.

chunky link chain style
style link chain necklaces your way

Beaded Chains

Adding texture to your look is effortless with a beaded necklace chain style. Necklaces with a beaded chain tend to be very fine pieces with metal balls periodically placed along the chain. Some of these necklace chain styles may even be entirely crafted of these small balls, with little chain showing between. This type of chain is also popular in anklets, providing the perfect matching pieces for your ensemble.

can chains be beaded?
explore texture with a beaded chain style

Rolo Chain

A minimalistic necklace chain style is the rolo chain. The rolo chain is made from symmetrical links, connected in an alternating sequence. The wire used to create this type is often rounded on the outside and flattened on the inside. This chain style makes the ideal layering necklace due to its classic simplicity. Style with different necklace lengths to create a stacked look that your friends will envy.

Lariat Chains

Lariat necklaces are crafted from a single chain that is closed on both ends. The clasp on these necklace chain styles sits on the front of the chest instead of behind the neck. Oven the two ends of this chain style are brought together with a decorative element, such as a diamond button.

Cable Chains

Cable chains are very similar to rolo chains, however the link is the same width and thickness the whole way round. They are commonly used to hang pendants and charms from, making them the ideal base for engraved necklaces. Pairing this necklace chain style alongside a pendant engraved with an anniversary date or motivational quote is sure to be a gift they cherish forever.

Rope Chain

A rope chain is one created from many round links, formed together to echo the shape of a rope. This necklace chain style is popular among men's jewellery due to its heavier appearance.

Herringbone Chains

Herringbone chains feature a series of links that lie slanted next to one another, creating a flat texture. The flat nature of this necklace chain type is reminiscent of torc necklaces. Dating back to ancient Egypt, this piece has timeless style, suiting formal attire perfectly. Reflect the silhouette of this necklace with your other accessories, opt for cuff bracelets, and ear cuffs to bring a modern edge.

Mariner Chains

Mariner chains are a unique necklace chain style, composed of oval links with a singular bar through the middle of each. Traditionally these are flat in appearance, however in recent years they have evolved to puffed mariner chains. As the name suggests, this type of necklace chain is heavily influenced by boating chains, primarily anchor chains. For those looking to create a cohesive look between this piece and the rest of their jewellery, opt for signet rings. The flat edge of the ring will echo the central bar in each of the links.

Snake Chains

Snake chains have a very different appearance to traditional link chains. Instead of being intertwined, the round links in this necklace chain style are closely packed against one another. This creates a smooth, often circular chain with a bold appearance. Snake chains are another piece that are fabulous for layering. For those new to this way of styling jewellery, learning how to layer necklaces is effortless.

Adjustable Chain Styles

Choosing the ideal necklace chain style is made simpler with adjustable chains. Many styles of chains come with adjustable clasps, this means you can change the length of your necklace making it easy to find the perfect fit.

Curb Chains

Curb chains originated as part of the bridles used on horses. Since then it has evolved to also become a necklace chain style. Curb chains are crafted from round links with a distinct groove. The groove allows the next link to sit comfortably within and this process is repeated through the whole piece. Like link chains, curb chains can use varying sized links, creating either bold or delicate silhouettes.

Figaro Chains

A necklace chain style with an entirely unique appearance is the figaro chain. Crafted from two or three circle links, followed by a long oval link. Like the rope style, figaro chains are more popular among men, however this doesn't mean that women can't also wear this contemporary piece.

Different Metal Necklace Chain Styles

The choices don't end with the design of your necklace, with a variety of high quality metals you can find a piece to suit every occasion.

Gold Vermeil

Gold jewellery is a timeless classic and looks stunning in every necklace chain style. The glittering nature of gold makes it ideal for special occasions. We create our gold chains from high quality gold vermeil. The process of creating gold vermeil pieces, includes coating sterling silver with a thick layer of gold. We use gold vermeil opposed to gold plated as it has a higher thickness and so create quality pieces that last.

Sterling Silver

For necklace chain styles you wish to wear everyday, sterling silver is a flawless choice. The understated tones of this metal bring a touch of sophistication to every outfit, from tailored suits, to little black dresses. Pair this chain necklace with matching pieces of silver jewellery, like chain bracelets adorned with delicate pendants. Our silver pieces are crafted from recycled silver.

Rose Gold Vermeil

A contemporary twist on gold, rose gold vermeil echoes the colours of summer. Choose a piece in this metal to bring an ounce of glamour to your favourite summer outfits, or to bring the sunshine to your winter attire.

Which Necklace Chain Style is Right For Me?

Depending on your outfit you may wish to opt for different necklace chain styles. For example, a high neckline may call for a choker necklace. Whereas a lower cut allows for a layered look, drawing eyes to the neck and decolletage. Whichever piece you choose, you'll look gorgeous expressing your personal style.

What Makes Monica Vinader Special?

We are a contemporary jewellery brand, founded in 2008. Our modern designs combine colourful gemstones with high quality metals. Our beautiful range of earrings, rings, and bracelets will look stunning paired with your favourite ensembles.

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