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Top Ways to Style a Chain Link Necklace

Chain link necklaces are truly versatile pieces of jewelry. From everyday wear, to your most elegant outfits, this is an accessory you don't want to be without. Learning how to style your chain link necklace will ensure you look flawless for every occasion

Defining a Chain Link Necklace

A chain link necklace is a type of necklace that is formed of links that are joined together. The majority of necklace chains fall under the link category. However, when specifying a chain link necklace, it usually refers to necklaces that feature larger, visible links.

styling chain link necklaces
how to wear chain link necklaces

3 Stylish Ways to Wear a Gold Chain Link Necklace

Gold jewelry is a timeless classic, and combined with chain link necklaces it radiates beauty. Gold chain link necklaces are ideal for adding glamour to your favorite ensembles. Pair these chain necklaces with your business attire to evoke confidence and wow your work colleagues. Or choose a more casual option, styling alongside a simple tank top in the summer, or a cosy jumper in the colder months. However, you opt to wear your gold chain link necklace, we know you'll look beautiful.

glittering gold chain link necklace
classic chain link necklaces in gold vermeil

Stylish Silver Chain Link Necklace

A more understated metal for your chain link necklace is sterling silver. The cool tones of this chain link necklace make it perfect for bringing subtle style to your day. Silver brings a modern edge to every outfit it touches, making it ideal for those looking for a contemporary take on the chain link necklace. You can transform a daytime white tee and leather jacket look to new heights for the evening by adorning a silver chain link necklace. In this instance, opt for a chunky type of chain to draw attention to this stunning piece.

silver chain link necklace
classic style with a sterling silver chain link necklace

Tiny vs Large Chain Link Necklaces

One aspect of choosing your chain link necklace is what size of link to go for. Depending on your personal style you'll be more drawn to different sizes. For those who like to keep things simple, a delicate chain link necklace will be perfect. Choose chains that have smaller links, creating a thin silhouette that brings elegance to every ensemble. To achieve a contemporary look, choose large links to make a bold statement. Whatever you taste, you'll be set up as a style icon with your chain link necklace.

go bold with a large link chain necklace
achieve elegance with a small chain link necklace

Layering Your Links

If you're struggling to decide on one type of chain link necklace, layering necklaces is the solution! Learning how to layer your necklaces opens a whole new world into styling chains. With a layered look you can mix both small and large chain link necklaces, creating an ensemble that's unique to you. Our top tip for nailing this look is to choose different necklace lengths so that each individual piece is visible.

Once you begin experimenting with layering your chain link necklaces, you can also mix metals. For a stand out look, you no longer have to choose between silver, gold, and rose gold jewelry. Instead you can have the best of all worlds, wearing stunning metals together in whatever way you wish to combine them.

become a style icon by layering chain link necklaces

Personalizing your Links

If you're looking for a chain link necklace for a loved one, you may wish to opt for an engraved necklace variation. With an engraved jewelry piece, you'll be able to tailor a link necklace to your special someone. Whether you choose an anniversary date, a motivational quote, or a doodle from your kids, they'll adore this gift.

The options for styling your chain link necklace don't stop at metal and size. Adding colour to your favourite necklace chain has never been easier than with pendants. Whether you adore vibrant green onyx charms, dazzling diamonds, or bold pink quartz, there's a pendant charm that is ideal to add to your chain link necklace. The links on the necklace make it easy to attach any charm you wish.

engrave a chain link necklace with something sentimental
personalise your chain link necklace effortlessly

Cohesive Style with a Matching Set

Take your link chain necklace style one step further by wearing it with a matching piece. Links aren't limited to just necklaces, rather you can also take advantage of this jewelry style in bracelets and earrings. Chain bracelets with large links can make a bold statement, and act as a flawless charm bracelet. Whereas, charm earrings can feature a number of links for a modern look.

go glamorous in chain link earrings

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