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Valentine’s Day Necklaces Choose a Gift They’ll Love

A Valentine's Day necklace makes for flawless gifting this romantic season. Not only will your special someone adore opening a stunning new piece of jewellery, but it'll be all the more beautiful knowing it was lovingly picked out by you. There are boundless opportunities when it comes to choosing the perfect piece. Luckily, we're on hand to guide you through the styles to best let them know how important they are to you.

Why Give a Necklace This Valentine's Day?

Whilst treating them to new, stunning necklaces is a wonderful idea at any time of year, this piece of Valentine's jewellery is a highly romantic way to show you care. Recognising their sense of style, whilst picking something specific you think they'll love, will undoubtedly make them feel as special as they are.

Deciding how to choose a Valentine's Day gift becomes easy when presented with gorgeous jewellery options to spoil them with. Necklaces are a timeless piece which can be elevated further with Valentine's engraving ideas. Sitting beautifully around their neck, they'll be reminded of your unique bond each time they glance in the mirror.

Announce Your Love with a Diamond Necklace

Diamond jewellery is a traditional choice that is lusted after by jewellery lovers across the globe, regardless of current trends. Often used in jewellery to represent eternal love, diamonds are known for their unbreakable nature. Offering diamonds to a loved one can reflect on the strength and beauty of the relationship you share. Its characteristic twinkle lends itself equally to gold jewellery pieces or the cool hues of sterling silver. No matter what style you go for, diamond necklaces are an option certain to delight any lucky recipient.

For a Valentine's Day necklace to be cherished forever, our ethical diamonds offer a multifaceted sparkle to complement any style. Whether out on a romantic dinner date or exploring new places on a couple's city break, chain necklaces studded with this precious stone are evergreen in their appeal. They'll love pairing their new diamond necklace with all their favourite outfits, all the while reminded of your loving Valentine's Day gesture.

Show You Treasure Them with a Pearl Necklace

For a sophisticated Valentine's Day necklace, opt for elegant pearl jewellery. The lustre of freshwater pearls and baroque pearls provide a classic look that will be appreciated as part of a romantic gift. As well as being the birthstone of June, pearl necklaces are favoured for symbolising clarity. When referring to the clarity of your love for your partner, this Valentine's Day necklace choice is steeped in sentimental meaning.

To create a matching set they'll adore, opt for pearl huggie earrings or pearl beaded bracelets to exude understated glamour. They'll love showing off their new gift to their friends and being reminded of how much you love them long after Valentine's Day is over.

Birthstone Necklaces to Add Colour This Valentine's Day

Birthstone jewellery makes a more vibrant approach to choosing a Valentine's Day necklace. Whether you decide to find out what their birthstone is for inspiration, or simply choose a gem in their favourite colour, they'll adore the thought put into this stunning gift.

Birthstone necklaces exude meaning. Gemstones are often thought to provide good luck to those who wear them. If your loved one is journeying into a new chapter of their life around the season of romance, give them a Valentine's Day necklace studded with semi precious stones to be their new talisman.

Likewise, individual stones have been long attributed to special properties of their own. Vibrant green onyx is associated with strength, which could symbolise the enduring nature of your relationship. Gorgeous aquamarine necklaces are often adorned for protection. This can reflect your ongoing commitment to protect your other half, even whilst physically apart, through a stunning Valentine's Day necklace. Alternatively, create a bespoke set of layered necklaces featuring pieces with both of your birthstones.

Adorn Your Valentine's Day Necklace with Elegant Charms

Valentine's Day necklaces adorned with beautiful charms make a flawless gift. Simply pick an elegant chain and add a personal touch in the form of a sentimental pendant. Opt for a simple alphabet symbol featuring their initial, or a coin charm for them to adorn with all their outfits.

A timeless pendant necklace is a mainstay in any jewellery box and can become the centrepiece of any ensemble. Whether they choose to wear it everyday as a solo accessory or dress it up with chunky necklaces to make a statement, they'll always remember the moment of being presented with it as a touching Valentine's Day gift. Creating a Valentine's Day necklace studded with charms is a flawless approach when choosing personalised necklaces for a lifetime of wear.

Engraved Valentine's Day Necklaces for a Bespoke Touch

Our complimentary engraving service allows you to create totally bespoke Valentine's Day necklaces. Engraved jewellery can be made to accommodate for any major events in your relationship that deserve to be commemorated for Valentine's Day.

Engraved necklaces make for pieces that become lifelong favourites, especially when received as a thoughtful present. Having a meaningful locket etched with a memorable date, child's name, or quote that is special to you both, can instantly form the perfect Valentine's Day necklace. Keeping a piece of you close to their heart in the form of a necklace will make a gift they'll never forget and always treasure.

How to Style Valentine's Day Necklaces

Those lucky enough to be gifted a Valentine's Day necklace this season will relish any opportunity to show off their romantic gesture. Necklaces can be adorned for any occasion, from long dog walks to carefully planned date nights. Wear solo for a minimal effect or pair with contemporary bangles to tie any look together.

To attract eyes in any room, choosing diamond earrings to compliment your matching Valentine's Day necklace makes for flawless styling. When sophistication calls, statement cocktail rings can accompany your new necklace to make you shine brightly in any setting.

Sustainable Jewellery by Monica Vinader

Monica Vinader crafts sustainable jewellery using materials such as recycled silver and ethical diamonds. Our collection of stacking rings, chain bracelets and hoop earrings provide contemporary styling options for the modern jewellery lover.

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