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Create Sentimental Meaningful Necklaces for Your Loved Ones

Meaningful necklaces make the perfect sentimental gift for a loved one. With a wealth of beautiful options to choose from, Monica Vinader can help you create a special and unique necklace. From dainty chains to engraved pendants, each necklace has its own charm. Discover ways to make meaningful necklaces send a magical message.

Ways to Show You Care with Meaningful Necklaces

Finding the perfect gift to show someone that you care about them is made simple with meaningful necklaces. With complimentary engraving, personalised pendants, and radiant gemstones, your gift can say exactly what you want it to. Monica Vinader create special pieces of magic perfect to gift a special someone or to mark a momentous occasion. Whether you choose a necklace for someone who loves gold jewellery or if you write a sentimental note or mark an anniversary on a pendant, you can create a wonderful gift with meaningful necklaces. Using a size guide to help you choose a necklace length and envision how a necklace will sit.

The Different Types of Meaningful Necklaces

Whatever the type of necklace, they all have the potential to be special and sentimental. A necklace's meaning, no matter what that may be, is likely to live long in our memory. Pick the ideal type of necklace to send your special message. With a wealth of options, there is a meaningful necklace for anyone, no matter their style. Jewellery is a timeless symbol of affection. A gift for a loved one, a gift to ourselves, or a token of celebration perhaps; meaningful necklaces are the perfect pieces to remind us of happiness. Here are a few types to help you create the perfect meaningful necklace:

The wide range of meaningful necklaces on offer means a piece of meaningful jewellery can send the romantic or sentimental message you want it to. Whether you're treating yourself or someone else, meaningful necklaces are perfect for remembering an event or occasion, and marking them with love.

Customisable & Personalised Pendant Necklaces

Pendants add meaning to a necklace and make it personalised. You can cater the pendant to say exactly what you want it to, or to make it personalised to the person you're shopping for. Include your friend's favourite colour for their meaningful necklace with a gemstone pendant or represent their birthday with a birthstone pendant. Either way, you can choose colours and stone meanings to add sentiment and make the gift even more meaningful. Alphabet pendants make a simple chain personal. Why not pick your first initial, or the initial of a loved one to mark a special occasion? Whatever the occasion, show someone you love them with a personal pendant that makes their meaningful necklace elegantly customised. Take a look at our jewellery builder to help you create meaningful necklaces completely tailored to showcase your sentiment.

Engraved Necklaces: The Ultimate Meaningful Necklace

Jewellery gifts don't get more meaningful than engraved necklaces. Choose a personalised message, whether a shared special date, favourite quote, or sweet note. Meaningful necklaces come in a variety of chain types and metal pendants ready for engraving. Choose from 18ct gold or rose gold vermeil, or sterling silver. If you need help choosing the personal message to have on your engraved jewellery, you can read our helpful personalised jewellery guide. With our complimentary engraving service, you can choose from our range of fonts and motifs or have your own doodles and handwriting engraved on a meaningful necklace. There's nothing more special than giving a gift personalised with a handwritten message. Engraved necklaces add a meaningful statement to any gift and mean you or a loved one can always carry a sentimental message around.

Sentimental, Meaningful Lockets

Dating back to as early as the 16th century, lockets have always been used to represent sentimental meaning. Lockets are pendants which are historically worn containing good luck charms or perfume. Now, lockets make beautiful additions to meaningful necklaces. This striking locket necklace set is available in gold vermeil, sterling silver, or rose gold so you can even tailor the metal to who you're shopping for. This beautiful locket is sure to make a statement when unwrapped. The locket itself is engravable to showcase a special date or a shared phrase. The chain also adjusts to your desired size so it can fit your loved one perfectly. It's a lovely way to send a meaningful message to that special someone.

Chains as The Base for Your Meaningful Necklace

Chain necklaces are the base for creating unique and sentimental necklaces. With silver, gold, and rose gold chains to choose from, you can create the perfect base for your special gift. With multiple types of chain to choose from including fine chains, snake chains, and link chains, every necklace can be unique. Each has an individual charm and means you can really cater meaningful necklaces to your special friend. If your loved one likes a more statement piece of jewellery, choose a chunkier chain. If they're a fan of subtle beauty then choose a finer, more delicate chain. If you want to treat your friend with a whole set, you can even pair their necklace with a chain bracelet. No matter what kind of meaningful necklaces you want to find, it all starts with the chain.

Layered Necklaces for When You Can't Decide

Getting a gift for someone that means more to you than just one meaningful necklace? Then layered necklaces are for you! You can choose two, three or even more chains at once for your special gift. Depending on the types of necklaces you choose to layer, you can make sure to combine meaningful necklaces. You could layer an engraved necklace with a personalised pendant necklace for an even more meaningful effect. Choosing different lengths is essential for pulling off this contemporary look, use our how to layer necklaces guide for inspiration. This will allow each meaningful necklace to shine on its own, whilst also creating a cohesive, meaningful message for your special someone.

Special Elegant Choker Necklaces

Made popular in the 90s, choker necklaces are typically between 14 and 16 inches long and sit close against the neck. In recent years this type of necklace has seen a revival and is as popular as ever. Your sentimental gift could have an added element of nostalgia with a meaningful necklace in the style of an elegant choker. Chokers also pair beautifully with an engraved pendant or a statement chain to make a meaningful layered look. Choose from vintage styles, diamond, beaded chokers and more meaningful necklaces to create your sentimental gift.

Contemporary Adjustable Meaningful Necklaces

Adjustable meaningful necklaces make choosing the right sentimental gift even easier. These necklace types allow you to effortlessly change the length of the chain and therefore personalise your gift to your special someone. Adjustable necklaces are a jewellery box essential and they make ideal gifts! Perfect for layering or to wear on their own, an adjustable meaningful necklace will make your jewellery gift even more heartfelt. Tailor the size to your loved one and let them know how much they mean to you. This adjustable fine chain necklace makes choosing a sentimental gift even easier, and makes the gift itself much more special.

Glamorous Beaded Necklaces

Beaded necklaces tend to be a fine line of metal, with small beads spaced along the length. This style is delicate and feminine, gorgeous worn on its own or alongside a meaningful pendant. This triple beaded necklace set showcases the different types of beaded meaningful necklaces. Here, this beaded necklace is a choker featuring patterns of three small beads along it, creating a timeless effect. You can make a meaningful selection by choosing the beaded necklace type that's right for you or the person you're shopping for. If your special friend prefers more dainty jewellery, you can create a sentimental gift with a beaded meaningful necklace just for them.

Meaningful Necklaces & Chains Make Perfect Gifts

Gifts are rarely more personal than with engraved jewellery, customisable pendants, and special meaningful gemstones. You can customise a meaningful necklace gift for your special someone or a loved one to mark a momentous occasion or show them how much they mean to you. Choose from sterling silver, gold or rose gold vermeil and truly personalise your meaningful necklace. With our complimentary engraving, Monica Vinader can help you create a special message or remember a special date. Meaningful necklaces are the perfect gift, no matter the occasion.

Meaningful Monica Vinader Jewellery

More than just meaningful necklaces: Monica Vinader designs demi fine jewellery that empowers, uplifts and endures. Using only recycled gold vermeil, recycled silver and sustainably sourced natural gemstones, diamonds and pearls, we have something meaningful for everyone. If you're looking for meaningful bracelets, rings, earrings and more, find the perfect gift with Monica Vinader.

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