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10 Trendy Types of Ear Piercing

Types of ear piercings can help you to express and curate your own individual style, but it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start. From choosing the piercing, deciding on the jewellery and knowing how to care for it. It can be a big step getting a piercing and our guide shows you through the types of ear piercings and aftercare you need to know. Whether this is your very first piercing or your tenth, our guide is your first step to help make your decision easier.

Ear Piercing Glossary

Earrings are more than jewellery. They can be a statement of our personality, which is why it can seem overwhelming as to which type of ear piercing to get. Our ear piercing glossary breaks down the 10 modern ear piercing types so you can have beautiful earrings handing in your ear.

Lobe Ear Piercings

The lobe is the most popular piercing you can get. It is an iconic staple to most people's ears as it is generally the starting point to ear piercings. The reason people start at the ear lobe is because it is the fleshiest part of the ear. The beauty of a lobe piercing is once healed, you can wear simple stud earrings or extravagant statement pieces.

Upper Lobe Piercing

The upper lobe is a bit of a twist on the classic lobe piercing. Still positioned in the fleshy part of the ear lobe, it is an easy type of ear piercing to perform as it does not require piercing through cartilage. Accent your ear with beautiful climber earrings to make this piercing your own!

there are numerous types of ear piercing positions
ear piercings can create beautiful stacked styles

Helix Piercing

The helix is a popular type of ear piercing situated on the upper section of the ear. As it is a cartilage section, there isn't a lot of soft tissue to pierce through. Once healed, small hoops work really well for these types of piercings. They are both stylish and sophisticated, the perfect balance for a new piercing!

Forward Helix Piercing

The main difference between a forward helix and a regular helix piercing is the positioning. The forward helix is typically positioned in the crus of the helix area of the ear. This piercing type is typically lower down the ear in comparison to a helix and can often be pierced with studs. Mix up your new look with a range of our gold jewellery.

Snug Ear Piercing Type

The snug is a unique type of ear piercing and is positioned near the ear's antitragus. What makes this type of piercing different is that you have to pierce through a lot of cartilage rather than fatty tissue, but that shouldn't stop you. Partner this type of ear piercing with a selection of our ear cuffs to accent your unique style.

Conch Piercing

A conch ear piercing gained its name due to the fact the concha resembled a seashell. This type of ear piercing comes in two forms: the inner conch and the outer conch. Both gorgeous styles, it is solely up to personal preference when deciding which one to get first! Our selection of single earrings can finish your look off perfectly, giving your ear a unique look.

explore coloured earrings in your new piercing types
some ear piercing types can have effortlessly beautiful earrings

Tragus Ear Piercing

A tragus type of ear piercing looks effortless with any type of jewellery style. The positioning of the piercing is located in the tragus of the ear, which often sees a lot of thick cartilage. This shouldn't stop you from having it though, the piercing itself is versatile and looks great with a range of silver jewellery.

Anti-Tragus Ear Piercing

Despite its name, the anti-tragus type of ear piercing has fairly similar characteristics to a tragus piercing. The anti-tragus is located just above the lobe, nearly opposite to a tragus, and often has a lot of cartilage. When the ear piercing type has fully healed, mix and match your metal earrings to include rose gold jewellery. Rose gold is a great harmony to either silver or gold jewellery.

Daith Ear Piercing Type

Our final type of ear piercing is the daith. This versatile piercing surprisingly suits a lot of individuals as it is located in the inside of our ear, often just beside the tragus. What is often believed about this type of piercing is that it can help to ease anxiety-related headaches and migraines! Match up your new piercing with one of our beautiful necklaces. Having a full jewellery set never felt so good.

once your piercing is healed, experiment with delicate gemstone jewellery

Afterparty: How to Care for Your New Piercing

Once you have fallen in love with your type of ear piercing, the next step is knowing the correct after care. Cleaning your new piercing twice a day is so important to help reduce the chance of any infections arising. To clean your piercing you will need an Antibacterial Cleansing Saline Solution. You will want to use this twice a day (morning and evening) for the duration of your healing process. Each type of ear piercing has its own healing time, but contact your piercer or GP if you notice any changes. Examples of changes could be excessive swelling, bleeding, changes in colour or persistent soreness. These changes could be small but it's always best to get it checked.

Monica Vinader Ear Piercing Studio

After years of providing beautiful gemstone jewellery, from the 27th May 2021, Monica Vinader will be offering ear piercings in our Duke of York Boutique, London. Using hygienic, single use needles, our professional piercers can pierce either your upper lobe, lower lobe, higher lobe or helix. In a 20 minute appointment you get up to three piercings, or why not book back to back slots with your friends?

You can book an appointment for your new piercing now.

About Monica Vinader

Being founded in 2008, Monica Vinader is a jewellery brand which produces beautiful pieces for any occasion. Whether you are after a pair of friendship bracelets, an extravagant layered necklace or gorgeous stacking rings, we will have something for you to fall in love with. We have even been recognised for our commitment to sustainability and have been Positive Luxury Certified.

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