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8 Types of Gold to Style in 2021

The most beautiful and sought-after items in the world are often made from different types of gold. It makes gorgeous jewellery and accessories ideal for any outfit. Having jewellery in the different types of gold can help you decide which items to choose to style each day. From gold vermeil to rose gold, we're looking into the different types of gold, and how they make stunning jewellery.

Table of Contents:

  • What is Gold?
  • What Are the Different Types of Gold?
    • Gold Vermeil
    • Solid Gold
    • Gold Filled
      • Gold Plated
    • Carats of Gold
  • Colours of Gold
    • Yellow Gold
    • Rose Gold
    • White Gold
  • Recycled Gold Jewellery from Monica Vinader

What is Gold?

Gold is a precious metal. It is known as a transition metal in chemical terms, and is very sought after because it doesn't tend to react with other chemicals. This means your beautiful types of gold jewellery will be unlikely to tarnish. It has a beautiful colour and brightness, making it the ideal choice for items like rings, watches, or even decorations.

Gold on its own is so soft that it has to be combined with other metals in order to be strong enough for use in precious items. This final combination is called an alloy. These different types of gold are more suited to certain jewellery items or precious objects. Artefacts made from different types of gold have been discovered which date back all the way to the Ancient Egyptians, showing that our love for this beautiful metal is one that has stood the test of time.

What Are the Different Types of Gold?

Gold is such a statement metal and there are more types of gold than you may have known. All types of gold are used in a variety of ways, and no type is preferable over another. It depends on your personal style. The types of gold available, and their features, can help you decide which type of gold jewellery you may want. Whether you're gifting a friend or treating yourself, there are types of gold for everyone.

Gold Vermeil

Gold vermeil, whilst similar to gold plating, has some key differences that make it distinctive. The technique known as vermeil orginated in the 19th century, where gold was applied to sterling silver. Gold vermeil is also made through the gold plating technique but requires a thicker layer of gold. In this case, the gold layer must be above 2.5 microns. This means the quantity of gold in these types of gold accessories is higher than a standard gold plated item. This way, your jewellery box is filled with something a little more special. Taking proper care of your favourite accessories, like gold necklaces and gold bracelets, will ensure your pieces stand the test of time. There are numerous ways to care for your jewellery, from keeping it clean, to keeping it away from liquids, and even storing it in its own pouch rather than thrown in with other pieces.

Solid Gold

Solid gold refers to metal that is made solely of gold alloy. Solid gold jewellery is jewellery made without the use of other metals. The final product is simply solid gold all the way through. No coating, no base metal, just gold! Solid gold is ideal for creating stunning jewellery pieces for any occasion. Solid gold is the most valuable type of gold jewellery you can find. This is because the precious metal is the star of its own show. This type of gold also has the benefit of being a hypoallergenic option for those who may have allergic reactions to alloy metals used in vermeil and plated types of gold jewellery. At Monica Vinader, we use 14ct solid gold to make gorgeous gold stud earrings for a subtle hint of elegance, as well as gold hoop earrings to let your ears shine. Wear your hair up to allow the full effect of your stunning ear party to make its mark.

Gold Filled

Gold filled is a type of gold which is used to make items such as jewellery. Gold filled is similar to gold plated and vermeil in that it is a type of gold with a different metal base underneath. This type of gold is made by chemically bonding the gold outer layer to a base of sterling silver or other base metal. The layer of gold in gold filled items is usually thicker than in gold plating. The difference between gold vermeil and gold filled is that vermeil uses electroplating and filled uses heat bonding to affix the gold to the base. Essentially, gold vermeil is a coating of gold, whereas gold filled is a base with gold "melted" on top.

Gold Plated

Gold plated refers to jewellery that consists of a thin layer of gold that is applied over the top of another affordable metal, such as copper. Gold plating is made by putting the economical metal in a chemical solution that contains gold and then applying an electric current to the piece. The electric current attracts the gold to the base metal, where it reacts leaving a thin gold covering or plating. This type of gold jewellery does consist of real gold, so you are still getting a genuine precious item. For a piece to be labelled 'gold plated' the layer of gold must be equal to or greater than 0.5 micron. The difference between gold vermeil and gold plated is that due to its thicker layer, vermeil is a more durable option for all types of gold jewellery pieces.This allows jewellers to create affordable accessories because the base metal is less expensive than having solid gold. Whilst the final product still achieves the bold beauty of gold that we love.

Carats of Gold

The carat of a gold item refers to the weight of gold in the alloy that has been combined to make a metal strong enough for use in jewellery or decorations. There are a few different weights or carats you may be familiar with. The highest weight of gold you can find is 24ct, and it is common to think this is the "best" type of gold. Although it may be the most valuable of the types of gold, because it contains the most gold, this type of gold can be easily bent or scratched because of how naturally soft it is. The most common carat classes used for different types of gold jewellery are 14ct, 18ct, and 22ct. For jewellery, 14ct and 18ct are more beneficial because they are less soft and therefore, more durable. Monica Vinader uses 18ct gold in our gold vermeil jewellery pieces, and 14ct for our solid gold collection.

Colours of Gold

While you now know the different types of gold which can be used in making jewellery and other decorative items, you may not know that gold can come in multiple shades and colours. Due to its colourful versatility, this makes it the perfect choice for your jewellery. You can align your types of gold pieces with your personal style for unique accessories that bring out your inner sparkle.

Rose Gold

Rose Gold is a type of gold with a gorgeous pink hue. This is because of the other metals used to make the gold alloy. In rose gold, there is a higher copper content, which gives the final metal its beautiful rose-like shade. You can mix and match your gold with rose gold jewellery for an eclectic look guaranteed to wow. Experiment by combining rose gold with gorgeous gemstones to add even more colour. Monica Vinader uses 18ct rose gold vermeil over sterling silver to make fabulous jewellery perfect for any occasion. For even more magical pieces, solid rose gold jewellery combines the beautiful hue of pink with 14ct solid gold excellence. Made to inspire, rose gold is ideal to show your loved one how special they are. Gorgeous friendship bracelets are the ideal way to seal a lifelong bond, whilst rose gold promise rings demonstrate your commitment in the most romantic way.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is the most common type of gold you may be familiar with. Known for its gorgeous sunshine hues, yellow gold brings glamour and brilliance to any outfit. Accessorising with a yellow type of gold is a must have option for your jewellery box. Yellow gold occurs naturally, and is a very soft precious metal. For hundreds of years, this type of gold has been used to make beautiful decorations and of course gold jewellery. We love the glowing hue of gold, which looks great on its own, as well as combined with other metals. Whether you're using it to complement a diamond jewellery look, or to make meaningful gold engraved necklaces, this type of gold looks great with any outfit for any occasion. Yellow gold is a type of gold that really is a failsafe accessory.

White Gold

White gold is a paler, white version of gold. It is an alloy made using white or silver metals mixed with solid gold. Often mistaken for silver, solid white gold jewellery has a paler, silvery glow. White gold is made up of pure yellow gold, mixed with alloy metals that have a silvery-white colour, such as palladium and silver. This also helps to add strength and durability to pure gold, which is naturally a soft metal. White gold, because it is an alloy, is naturally stronger than silver. Even though it contains alloy metals, white gold is made from real, pure gold. Whatever type of gold you choose, white gold is a great option for gold earrings, and other jewellery you want to treasure.

Recycled Gold Jewellery from Monica Vinader

Gold jewellery is a beautiful accessory which can be adapted for any occasion. At Monica Vinader, we use recycled gold to align our beautiful jewellery with our ethos of sustainability. Choosing to wear a statement type of gold jewellery to stand out is a great way to celebrate your pieces. Alternatively, pairing your pieces together like stacking rings or layering necklaces adds an eclectic edge to your look. At Monica Vinader we use 18ct gold, the highest percentage of gold alloy that can be used to make types of gold jewellery. We adore gold vermeil and the pieces that can be created from it, from gold pendants to engraved jewellery, so much that we use it in both our gold and rose gold jewellery collections. No matter whether your pieces are solid gold or gold vermeil, it's useful to know how to clean gold jewellery, so you can keep your different types of gold accessories looking great.

What Makes Monica Vinader Special?

At Monica Vinader we are certified members of the Responsible Jewellery Council, helping us to work with a responsible and sustainable jewellery supply chain. Whether you're looking for ethical diamonds or recycled metals, you find beautiful types of gold jewellery. From delicate pearl jewellery to stunning green onyx jewellery, you can find the perfect type of gold jewellery for you.

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