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10 Contemporary Semi-Precious Gemstones

Semi-precious gemstones are a stylish addition to any jewelry. Their bold colors can captivate the eyes of onlookers and make each piece individual. Some semi-precious gemstones can be more discrete in appearance but hold just as much sentiment as precious stones. Whether you want to add a statement green necklace to your jewelry box or grace your hands with an elegant blue ring, we have a gemstone for you.

Precious vs Semi-Precious Gemstones

Precious and semi-precious gemstones started to be categorized in the 1800s. The idea behind this division was to be able to classify the rarity of the stone. If a gemstone was rare and had remarkable craftsmanship, it would typically be classed as precious. In today's society there are four precious gemstones which we simply adore:

Semi-precious gemstones are still valuable and can often be found more expensive than a precious gemstone. It is for this reason many jewelry valuers believe these terms have become commercialized. Although, having these widely accepted definitions in place, can help to indicate high-quality stones. At Monica Vinader we use a number of these sought after gems within our beautiful pieces.

10 Semi-Precious Gemstones

Whilst all semi-precious gemstones are beautiful, there may be different varieties that you haven't yet seen. Each one holds its own meaning and can become sentimental for the wearer. Discover our gemstones which will leave you wanting more in your jewelry boxes!

Bold Green Onyx

Green onyx can often be mistaken for the precious gemstone emerald. What sets these apart is their formation and structure. This semi-precious gemstone dazzles a deep green color which can primarily be found in South America, the USA and India. The green hue is a beautiful addition to gorgeous earrings, as they add a rich color to statement pieces. You can make those around you green with envy with these stones.

green onyx is a semi-precious gemstone
pearls are an elegant semi-precious gemstone

Beautiful Pearls

Pearls are an elegant semi-precious gemstone which elure sophistication and beauty. They can make for statement centerpieces or delicate additions to any jewelry, which is why they feature in many of our pieces. There are a number of pearl types to explore from, Freshwater, South Sea and Akoya to name a few. This semi-precious gemstone is a glamorous addition to any outfit.

Mysterious Moonstones

The enchanting moonstone is a semi-precious gemstone which radiates beauty. Capturing different lights, the appearance of this stone glows different colors. The effect of this is perfect for stacking rings as they compliment other pieces flawlessly. What captivates a wide audience towards the stone is the mystery and meaning behind it. Some even say it can bring tranquility to your life.

moonstone is a mysterious semi-precious gemstone
rose quartz is a delicate semi-precious gemstone

Elegant Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a popular semi-precious gemstone thanks to its beautiful powdered pink complexion. The addition of this stone in pieces such as stunning bracelets, make for excellent gifts all year round. As a common association to the stone is love and motherly feelings. Whether you want to treat yourself or a loved one, we have a selection of rose quartz jewelry for any occasion.

Calming Aquamarine

Vibrant aquamarine, the semi-precious gemstone, promotes enchanting colors of the sea to your jewelry. Depending on the light, the stone can radiate a pale blue or green hue, which is gorgeous alongside gold vermeil, sterling silver, and rose gold jewelry. If you are looking for a semi-precious gemstone to stand out from the crowd, this stone is perfect. It can be added to a number of pieces including cocktail rings and beautiful necklaces. With the addition of this stone, you could ooze elegance at any event.

aquamarine is a calming semi-precious gemstone
amethyst is a semi-precious gemstone

Classic Amethysts

Amethyst is the world's most valuable quartz semi-precious gemstone. It was once classed as a precious gem until a discovery in Brazil unlocked availability to the masses. From then on, the stunning purple to pastel tones have been very appealing to both customers and designers. Amethyst is also recognised as the official birthstone of February because of an old myth. Rumor has it the patron of love, St. Valentine wore meaningful rings containing amethyst, which had cupid carved into them.

Divine Turquoise

Saturated turquoise can only be found in a few specific areas around the globe. Turquoise semi-precious gemstones may not have the sparkle of a precious gemstone, but the deep blue shade is very desirable. In fact, you can add a stunning turquoise pendant to any layered necklace, which gives a stylish, modern feel to any piece.

turquoise is a bold semi-precious gemstone
amazonite is a semi-precious gemstone

Effortless Amazonite

Gorgeous amazonite was originally named 'Amazon Stone' after the famous river. This soon changed after no sightings of the semi-precious gemstone were found there. The blue and green tones within this stone are what captivates an audience. Each one is unique, you could have one which promotes more green over blue or vice versa. Which is why people favour this gemstone for stacking earrings, as you can add a pop of calming blue or green to your ear stack.

Chic Pink Opal

Pink opal is favoured by many for its near translucent pink shade. As a semi-precious gemstone, pink opal is often connected with the feelings of peace and tranquility. The calming appearance of the stone is what makes it a gorgeous pendant to any jewelry piece, including friendship bracelets.

pink opal is a beautiful semi-precious gemstone
kyanite is a deep blue semi-precious gemstone

Delicate Kyanite

Mystifying kyanite is a deep blue semi-precious gemstone. Although the color is not consistent. You may find within a number of pieces, light and dark areas or even streaks of white. Having this element is what makes the stone unique and highly sought after. We feature the gemstone Kyanite, in a number of our pieces. The blue tones compliment rose gold jewelry remarkably, as together they form a warm, wearable piece.

Sourcing Our Semi-Precious Gemstones

Our natural, semi-precious gemstones are ethically sourced from all over the globe. Each colored gemstone is hand selected and hand cut by a team of master artisans. At Monica Vinader we strongly believe in sustainability which is why we hold ourselves responsible for ensuring our suppliers work to stringent social, ethical and environmental standards.

About Monica Vinader

Founded in 2008, Monica Vinader is a brand which combines demi-fine jewelry and fashion together. We have recently been Positive Luxury Certified. Which means our high sustainability standards have been recognised. Our Butterfly Mark accreditation recognises that our commitment to sustainability leaves a positive impact on the world. We do this by only using 100% recycled silver and gold vermeil in our easily wearable pieces.

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