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12 Wedding Earrings to Consider for the Big Day

Wedding earrings are a detail of your day that should not be overlooked by bride or guests. Framing your face, finding the right earrings for your wedding day can help you look and feel radiant. Understated studs can draw subtle elegance to your wedding ensemble, or eye-catching drop earrings are sure to be a detail your guests remember for years to come. We guide you through 12 wedding earrings for both the bride and guests to help instil confidence on the day.

Table of Contents:

  • For the Bride
  • For the Guests
  • Styling Wedding Jewellery
find the wedding earrings for your big day

Wedding Earrings for the Bride

As the bride you want to feel your most beautiful on your wedding day, and adorning yourself in the right wedding jewellery plays an important role in that. Earrings are an especially important detail if you've decided to wear your hair up on the day as your lobes will be on display. Whilst if you're styling your hair tumbling over your ears and shoulders you may wish to wear a pair of wedding earrings that peek out every now and again for a subtle but glamorous choice.

Be Luminous in Pearls

Every bride is beautifully unique and your wedding earrings should reflect your one-of-a-kind personality that your partner fell in love with. For this reason we adore pearl jewellery for brides-to-be. Exclusively using freshwater pearls our wedding earrings come in a stunning range of designs with a pair to suit every single bride. Go bold with your jewellery, wearing large Keshi pearls that burst with luminosity - perfect moonlit weddings. Paired with gold jewellery fastenings these wedding earrings will reflect your natural beauty on the most romantic day of your life. If you prefer dainty jewellery, a pair of delicate pearls set in sterling silver adorning your lobes is a gorgeous choice.

Shine Bright in Diamonds

Diamonds have long been associated with everlasting love, and what better gemstone to wear on the day you make your eternal vows. Curating a cohesive ensemble is effortless with diamond wedding earrings. The most popular precious gemstone for engagement rings are diamonds, so your new earrings for the day will match your sentimental band. You can go classic with a single ethical diamond in each lower lobe piercing or choose a pair of wedding earrings that are truly striking and fully encrusted with diamonds.

be luminous in baroque pearl wedding earrings
celebrate eternal love with diamond wedding earrings

Sublime Studs

On your wedding day you're likely to want your dress or bridal suit to be the star of the show. In which case you should accessorise in delicate wedding earrings that don't detract from the main attraction. For this we adore stud earrings - small, classic, and beautiful, you cannot go wrong with this staple. Well known and loved, wearing a stud design as your wedding earrings will see you through from the ceremony to the reception - and will hold its ground even through outfit changes during the big day.

Ethereal Helix Earrings

Brides who have multiple piercings will want to retain their usual day to day style with their wedding earrings. Helix earrings are a vital part of any ear stack and will bring intrigue and uniqueness to your look on your wedding day.

keep it classic with stud earrings on your wedding day
curate the perfect wedding ear stack with helix earrings

Dramatic Drop Earrings

If your dress features delicate straps or an off the shoulder design, drop earrings will be the perfect pairing. The earrings will complement the neckline of your dress, elongating your neck and drawing attention to your decolletage and face. A versatile design, drop style wedding earrings can boast blushing pink gems like rose quartz, or be a beautiful placeholder for a sentimental pendant. Add a personal touch to your wedding earrings by adorning them with an engraved pendant. Our collection of engraved jewellery holds many pieces that are just waiting to be inscribed. Etch your wedding date, the day you met, or even yours and your partner's initials for a subtle and meaningful note.

Something Blue Wedding Earrings

The traditional bride will be on the hunt for her 'something blue' and wedding earrings are a dainty way to incorporate the lucky colour into your day. Semi-precious gemstones boast a kaleidoscope range of blues that you can adorn yourself in. From the royal blues of lapis jewellery, to the eye-catching brightness of turquoise, to the soft tones of aquamarine, and the deep hues of kyanite, wedding earrings make the perfect something blue.

draw attention on your big day with drop earrings
make your wedding earrings your something blue

Make Your Wedding Earrings Something New

If you're still on the hunt for your something new then look no further than wedding earrings. Treat yourself to a pair you really love that embodies your bond with your partner.

Best Dressed Guest Wedding Earrings

Deciding what to wear to a union between friends or family can be stressful, but our selection of wedding earrings for guests makes accessorising a breeze!

Heart Warming Huggies

Huggie earrings, also known as mini hoops, are a sweet style that can be worn for every occasion. We adore them as wedding earrings for bridesmaids and guests as they can be styled with any outfit and bring a modern touch to wedding attire.

Contemporary Ear Cuffs

Experiment with your style and create a beautiful stack with ear cuffs. The design of ear cuffs means they aren't attached through a piercing. Allowing you to try get the stacking earrings look without the piercing.

whether guest or bride, huggie earrings are ideal
experiment with your wedding ensemble with ear cuffs

Charming Climbers

Climber earrings are a dramatic design that are attached through a single ear piercing and cascade their way up the ear lobe. Often featuring bold gemstones, such as green onyx, these wedding earrings are made for catching the light on the dancefloor.

Statement Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are a fun and flirty style that are a gorgeous choice for wedding guests. To truly stand out, opt for large hoop wedding earrings encrusted in diamonds to celebrate the love of your dear ones.

be a style icon among wedding guests in climber earrings
hoop earrings are a bold choice for wedding attire

Classy Cocktail Earrings

If you're attending a formal wedding at a country estate, or simply want to embody elegance, opt for cocktail earrings. Bold but with a timeless design, these wedding earrings will become your staple for attending ceremonies.

Solo Earrings

Whilst weddings are for celebrating the union of two people, it doesn't mean you can't enjoy being solo. Single earrings are a subtle nod to your independent nature, whilst ensuring you look the part to enjoy your loved ones' happy day.

exude timeless glamour at every wedding in cocktail earrings
embrace being solo in single earrings

Styling Your Wedding Jewellery

Your bridal accessories don't have to be limited to wedding earrings whilst you're tying the knot. To create a cohesive and timeless look that you'll look back on with fondness you should incorporate matching wedding bracelets and wedding necklaces into your ensemble. An effortless way to do this is to match the metal between your ear pieces, bracelets, and necklaces to tie all elements of your outfit together.

Monica Vinader's Sustainable Jewellery

We craft modern jewellery from ethical gemstones, recycled silver, and gold vermeil. Whether you're the lucky bride-to-be, the groom, a bridesmaid, or a guest, our collection of layered necklaces, bangles, and personalised gifts will ensure you have a beautiful day to never be forgotten.

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