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A Guide to Lower Lobe Piercings

Lower lobe piercings are most commonly the first type of ear piercing people get. The classic positioning of the lower lobe piercing allows for a beautiful array of earrings. Monica Vinader's guide to this piercing will tell you everything you need to know, from what to expect at your appointment, how to care for your new piercing, and how to pick the right jewellery for you.

What is a Lower Lobe Piercing?

A lower lobe piercing, also known as a standard lobe piercing, goes through the lobe of your ear. The lobe is the fleshy part at the bottom of your ear. The lower lobe earrings tend to sit towards the bottom of this section and is the classic location for earrings. If you already have piercings this was most likely the first type of piercing you got.

Different Types of Piercings to Inspire You

Once your lower lobe piercing has healed you may wish to get more - and with how versatile your jewellery game can be with piercings - we don't blame you! If you're looking for inspiration for the location of your next trendy earrings, these are some of our favourite positions:

  • Helix Piercings - Helix earrings are a gorgeous modern addition to an ear stack. Located on the outer ear, helix piercings go through the cartilage.
  • Cartilage Piercings - Cartilage piercings refer to any that go through cartilage filled areas of the body. These include both the ear and the nose. In the ear the cartilage is the more firm parts, and often referred to helix piercings.
  • Higher Lobe Piercings - A higher lobe piercing is edged further up the ear than the lower lobe. Gold earrings worn from here are situated on the fleshy lobe, just before it becomes cartilage.
  • Upper Lobe Piercings - Upper lobe piercings are situated higher up the lobe, but further towards where your ear attaches to your face, rather than towards the cartilage.

Book a Lower Lobe Piercing with Monica Vinader

Our boutiques offer ear piercing experiences where you can have up to 3 piercings, including lower lobe piercings, in your 20 minute appointment. Book your ear piercing online, choosing the boutique that's best for you. Our knowledgeable piercers and sales associates will help you pick out gold jewellery or silver jewellery you'll adore for your new piercing.

7 Stylish Earrings for the Lower Lobe

Adorning your ear with stunning earrings is exactly what lower lobe earrings are for. Due to their location on the ear, these piercings lend themselves to a vast number of designs. Our favourite types of earrings to wear in lower lobe piercings are:

  • Lower Lobe Earrings - Lower lobe earrings are those that are styled to suit this piercing type effortlessly.
  • Studs - Stud earrings are the classic choice to wear whilst your new piercings are healing, due to them being less easy to catch than other styles. The delicate design is perfect for everyday wear and adds a finishing touch to every ensemble.
  • Climber Earrings - If you have only a lower lobe piercing but want to give the illusion of more, then climber earrings are for you. These attach through your lobe and their gemstones cascade up the outer edge of the ear.
  • Drop Earrings - Drop earrings are an elegant adornment for your lower lower lobe piercing. These are defined by the silhouette featuring a pendant that 'drops' below the lobe.
  • Hoops - A popular style, hoop earrings feature a large circular shape. Attaching through the lower lobe piercing, hoops are perfect for accessorising for an evening out especially when bejewelled with earring charms.
  • Huggies - Huggie earrings are a mini version of hoops. These small circles hug the ear whilst worn through the lower lobe piercing.
  • Cocktail Earrings - Cocktail earrings are designed to be bold, luxurious additions to your favourite outfits. With gorgeous lustrous pearls, and chains, they'll become the centre of attention at every event you attend.

Do Lower Lobe Ear Piercings Hurt?

The lower lobe piercing is considered to be low on the pain scale. During your piercing you should feel a small amount of pressure, similar to that of a pinch, as the needle goes through the lobe. However, everyone's pain tolerance is different so you may experience more or less discomfort than your friends.

Lobe Piercing Healing Times

Different piercing locations take different times to heal. For lower lobe piercings you can expect the healing time to be between 8 to 12 weeks. During this time it is recommended that you do not attempt to change your lower lobe earring as it could impact the healing process.

Aftercare & Cleaning

Caring for your piercing properly is essential to keep it healthy and to help it heal quickly. You should only use antibacterial cleansing saline solution on your lower lobe piercing. We recommend using this twice a day, in the morning and at night, for the full time your lobes are healing. Avoid using soap or beauty products on the area of your piercing as this can slow down the healing process and be abrasive on the ear.

You may experience some fluid secreting from your lower lobe piercing, but don't worry - this is normal! You can just use a sterline cotton bud dipped in saline solution to clean the area. Avoid touching your ear lobes during this healing time.

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