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Diamond Sizes: A Complete Guide

Diamond sizes can greatly affect the impact a diamond has. These precious gems can vary from charmingly petite to statement stones depending on their size. If you are choosing your next piece of diamond jewelry, the size is a key factor to consider. Different diamond sizes are appropriate for different occasions and can suit different styles. Our guide details how diamond sizes are measured, the differences between size and carat, and which size diamond to choose to perfectly compliment a look.

Table of Contents

  • How Are Diamond Sizes Measured?
  • The Difference Between Diamond Sizes & Diamond Carats
  • 3 Types of Diamond Sizes
  • The 4 Cs of Diamonds
  • Monica Vinader Ethical Diamonds

How Are Diamond Sizes Measured?

Diamond sizes are measured in millimeters and refer to the diameter of a diamond. This is how large the diamond will appear when looked at from above. Diamond sizes are sometimes also referred to as its spread.

The Difference Between Diamond Sizes & Diamond Carats

Diamond sizes and diamond carats often go hand in hand but they are distinct traits. The diamond carat refers to the weight of the gemstone. The diamond size refers to its length and width. This means that two diamonds can be the same carat but be different sizes. Likewise, two diamonds may look the same size whilst being different carats.

The diamond shape is a key factor in determining the size and carat of the stone. For example, a 1 carat square diamond cut such as a princess or cushion is usually around 5.5mm in size. However, a 1 carat round cut diamond may be closer to 6.5mm in size. When you are choosing your perfect piece of jewelry, 1mm can make all the difference.

3 Types of Diamond Sizes

Diamond jewelry is prized for its dazzling beauty. This makes it a wonderful choice if you are looking for an extra special item. Whether as a treat for yourself or as a thoughtful gift for a loved one, diamond size should be a key consideration in the buying process. Discover which diamond sizes suit different jewelry items the best and be inspired to find your perfect piece.

Petite Diamonds

Petite diamonds are the smallest in size. They usually measure less than 5mm across. These dainty gemstones offer an easy route to elegance and appear understated whilst also catching the eye. This quality makes them perfect for a more subtle and delicate look. Petite diamonds are fabulous for giving tennis bracelets that extra sparkle or elevating a classic bangle. Since diamonds are April's birthstone, a diamond stacking ring makes for a wonderful gift. What's more, the durability of diamonds means that this gift can be cherished for a lifetime. Petite diamonds are also well suited for creating a curated ear. Minimalist diamond stud earrings can add a gorgeous shimmer to the ear without stealing the show.

Mid-Size Diamonds

Mid-size diamonds are perhaps the most sought after variety. They usually range between 5mm and 7.4mm in size. These gorgeous jewels instantly transform any outfit by adding some signature sparkle. Being an in between size, mid-sized diamonds are magnificently versatile. They can compliment casual daytime looks as well as embellishing evening attire. Perfectly suited for diamond stud earrings, mid-size diamonds don't hang too heavily but still draw the eye. This diamond size also looks spectacular when worn as a diamond ring. They lend the wearer a simple and graceful charm. Choose mid-size diamonds for an effortlessly romantic look.

Large Diamonds

Large diamonds are incredibly valuable and rare. These striking gems are usually above 8mm in size and are extremely precious. Breathtakingly beautiful, large sized diamonds make a bold statement. It is common to reserve these stones for very special and sentimental jewelry such as engagement rings. To create a similar impact as a large diamond, multiple smaller diamonds can be combined in one piece. For example, the clusters of diamonds on our teardrop cocktail earrings create an equally impressive shine. Or try the teardrop cocktail ring for an excellent finishing touch to any outfit. The many diamonds glint and reflect off each other to stunning effect.

The 4 Cs of Diamonds

When choosing new jewelry, diamond size is not the only factor to consider. It is also valuable to remember the four Cs of diamonds. These characteristics are how diamonds are categorized and describe the unique beauty and value of each stone. The four Cs of diamonds are:

  • Clarity - the diamond clarity refers to whether or not the stone has inclusion or blemishes.
  • Color - diamonds come in a spectrum of colors, perfect for different styles and tastes. Diamond color can range from traditional near colorless diamonds, such as the H color diamond through to regal hues of blues or pinks.
  • Cut - the diamond cut refers to how the gem is polished and its facets.
  • Carat - diamond carat is the weight of the gemstone.

To choose the perfect diamond gifts you'll want to take into account each of these 4 C's as well as diamond size. This can help you ensure you find the right stone for your loved one.

Monica Vinader Ethical Diamonds

Alongside considering the perfect diamond size, it is also key to check you are choosing a conflict free and ethical diamond for your next dazzling jewelry piece. Conflict free diamonds refer to those that have not been mined in war zones and sold to finance war. Ethical diamonds are those which have been mined in safe working conditions by workers who are paid fairly. We are committed to ethics and sustainable jewelry which is why we abide by the Kimberley Process and only ever use ethical diamonds in our jewelry. We also have a stunning range of lab grown diamond jewellery just waiting to be styled by you.

Monica Vinader's Contemporary Jewelry

We are a modern jewelry brand who lovingly craft beautiful pieces from ethical gemstones and sustainable metals. Our collections of gorgeous birthstone jewelry, bracelets, and layered necklaces are the perfect addition to any jewelry box. With ranges in solid gold, gold vermeil, sterling silver and rose gold, we have a metal to suit every taste.

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