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The Monica Vinader Piercing Studios


Appointment Fee

We charge a flat fee of £20 per appointment. Here, you can have up to three piercings spread across your lobe, helix, conch and tragus.

Piercing Jewellery

Our piercing jewellery is sold separately, and charged per single earring, not as a pair.

Titanium Piercing Jewellery

Our titanium styles range from £35 per earring.

Solid Gold Piercing Jewellery

14k solid gold styles range from £70 per earring. Choose from gemstone, diamond and plain styles.

Pick your Placement

Chat with our professionals for piercing placement advice, and get inspired with our labelled image.


Our professional piercers answer our most-asked questions.

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Our Full FAQs

You’ll pay a £20/$25 service charge in addition to the cost of your individual earrings. The service charge is for up to 3 piercings per person per appointment. Earrings are charged separately and in addition to the service charge. Each earring is charged individually.
With a wide range of solid gold and titanium piercings, there's plenty to catch your eye! Check out our discovery carousel below for a full selection of our favourite piercing labrets.
Get plenty of rest the night before, and ensure you've eaten within 4 hours of your appointment. Please, drink plenty of fluids. Don't consume alcohol or an excess of coffee, or take blood-thinning medication for at least 12 hours before getting pierced. Please also read our aftercare advice, so you know what to expect to help your piercings heal properly.
Yes! Our in-store teams offer a Piercing Gift Card (available in-store only), so you can gift your bestie an incredible experience. Find your local piercing studio, and pop in to get started.