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5 Reasons to Wear Recycled Silver

Recycled silver is a sustainable metal that is being crafted more and more in modern jewellery. With environmental concerns at the forefront of many of our minds, it's vital that we find alternatives to traditional processes, and recycled silver is just one of these.

Monica Vinader's Recycled Sterling Silver Jewellery

We are committed to protecting the environment whilst creating beautiful jewellery designs. This is the very reason we used recycled sterling silver in all our pieces. The quality and durability of this metal allows us to craft stunning necklaces and stacking bracelets perfect for everyday wear. When compared to silver plated jewellery, recycled sterling silver tends to wear for longer without tarnishing.

Recycled silver also makes up the base of our gold jewellery. Created using the traditional gold vermeil technique and recycled gold, you'll be able to style a bold look with our gold pieces. Our commitment to sustainability means that by the end of 2021 we will have avoided more than 1,000,000kg of CO2 being released into the atmosphere.

What is Recycled Sterling Silver?

Recycled sterling silver is silver that has been previously used. This could be in silver jewellery or even technology such as cameras or phones. The silver is then repurposed, usually melted back down and recast to create new products!

Despite its environmental benefits, only 18% of the world's silver is recycled! Traditionally silver was mined, and this process is still used to acquire new metal from the Earth. However, this process releases lots of carbon dioxide (CO2) and can be damaging to the planet. By utilising recycled silver, these CO2 emissions can be dramatically reduced.

Is Recycled Silver High Quality?

Sterling silver is often referred to as 925 silver, due to it being 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other alloys. Recycled silver does not lose any of its original quality, still being classed as sterling. When crafting silver earrings and silver rings, this cool toned metal is a fabulous option as the added alloy gives the metal a durable quality.

5 Benefits of Recycled Silver

There are many environmental benefits of recycled silver as well as advantages to using it in jewellery.

  • Durable - recycled sterling silver maintains its durability, making it a brilliant metal for your everyday jewellery, such as bracelets.
  • Reduce CO2 Emissions - without having to mine for new silver, CO2 emissions can be reduced a lot.
  • Protect Physical Environment - silver mining impacts the earth where it is sourced. This can lead to erosion, as well as the destruction of natural habitats which wildlife relies on. Recycling silver means this does not need to happen.
  • Reduce Waste - recycling silver from not only jewellery but electronics as well can help to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfill.
  • High Quality - even though reused, recycled silver retains its high quality. Giving that classic illustrious sparkle that characterises the metal.

Recycle Your Old Silver Jewellery with Us

We also believe it's important that we move towards a circular economy in an effort to practice responsible consumerism. Our jewellery recycling service accepts all pieces, regardless of brand, so we are producing our own recycled silver and gold. For your Monica Vinader pieces, you can use our lifetime repair service that allows you to wear your most loved studs, layered necklaces, and stacking rings for longer, and purchase less.

What Makes Monica Vinader Unique?

We create beautiful jewellery designs, combining vibrant gemstones and sustainable metals. Our collection of hoop earrings, pendants, and diamond jewellery has the pieces to transform your daily style!

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