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Monica's Guide to Exploring Seville

Just back from an incredible tour of Seville, Monica shares with us all of her top tips for exploring this majestic city.

I love to escape to Seville because...

Its historical city centre mixes Spanish and Arabic culture and architecture, it has fabulous weather and incredibly fun people. Plus we have a lovely MV boutique there!

My favourite hidden gem in the city is…

It's a city full of gems! I want to live in Casa Pilatos with its amazing garden and courtyards decorated with tiles. Here are a few snapshots from my trip. Read on below for some other insights to this great city.

  • Casa de Pilatos

    Casa de Pilatos

  • Alcazar of Seville

    Alcazar of Seville

  • Monica Vinader Boutique Seville

    The Monica Vinader Boutique - Seville

  • Las Terezas

    Las Terezas

  • Vejer


  • James Turrell

    James Turrell Light Installation Exhibit

The best place to stay is...

Hotel Alma de Sevilla or Casas del Rey de Baeza. The Hotel Alfonso XIII is an excellent choice for experiencing some Sevillano old world charm.

My favourite place to find inspiration is...

Alcazar, the Moorish palace and fortress which transports you back in time. The craftsmanship and amazing proportions of its architecture are inspirational and I keep going back again and again. You can sit in those rooms and literally feel all the hands that toiled and carved the walls and ceilings.

The best place to eat is…

Dine at La Buya, run by a gang of young chefs who use amazing ingredients and are passionate about their food. Head over to Las Teresas for some drinks and tapas in the Santa Cruz quarter, the old Jewish quarter next to the Alcazar.

My signature dishes when in Seville are...

I have three that I never miss. Jamon de Jabugo - the most flavoursome of all the cured hams (beats Parma ham!), Salmorejo, a sort of Gazpacho, and Tortillitas de camaron (prawn fritters), a classic from Andalucia.

If you leave with only one thing, make sure to buy...

Some local 'Jamon', cured ham.

No visit is complete without seeing...

Seville from a horse-drawn carriage and a good Flamenco show. Go to Case de La Memoria - a bit touristy, I know, but well worth it.

Exploring the area around Seville…

Drive to Vejer, a little white village by the coast. Stay at Hotel V, eat at El Califa, and visit the incredible James Turrell light installation. Make sure to also check out the amazing beaches in Tarifa and the sea side Roman ruins near Bolonia.

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