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Havana City Colour

Following the introduction of five fresh new colours to Havana, we return to the inspiration behind this vibrant friendship bracelet collection.

The Cuban capital of Havana is a culturally rich, lively melting pot of awe-inspiring sights and styles. This unique city has an unmistakeably Caribbean feel in a setting steeped in history. Tropical climes mean palm trees and street dancing. Spanish baroque architecture and boldly painted buildings sit alongside pristine 1950s American cars.

Travel photographer Mark Luscombe-Whyte's images have graced the pages of Condé Nast Traveller, Vogue and Vanity Fair Travel. These images by Mark capture the colour and energy of Havana, setting the tone for our eclectic new friendship pieces.

  • Havana Old Town

    A vintage car in Habana Vieja is a splash of energy against a backdrop of faded colour. The streets of the old town are filled with stunning architecture and live music

  • José Marti memorial

    A candy pink Chevrolet speeds past the imposing José Marti memorial in Revolution Square. The fun flash of yellow in the background is a three-wheeled ‘Coco Taxi’, named for its resemblance to a coconut

  • Folklorico dancers

    Folklorico dancers perform their fusion of traditional and ballet dancing in a rippling rainbow of flamboyant colour

  • Playa del Este

    On the beach at essential day trip destination, Playa del Este, with the refreshing clear blue tones of ocean and sky

  • Hotel Riviera

    This diving board at the Hotel Riviera captures a moment in time, with its 1950s shape and colour blocking

  • Havana home stay

    A sitting room in one of Havana’s many home stays. The rich colour and ornate decoration create a sense of calm and luxury

  • Downtown Havana

    Viewed from the Malecón coastal road, downtown Havana’s architecture appears in soft pastel hues, with the neoclassical Hotel Nacional taking centre stage

  • Havana Friendship Bracelets

    New Havana designs in cornflower blue, poppy, fuchsia, mink and emerald green

Havana Hot Spots


The Hotel Amos Mundos is a 1920s gem famously frequented by Ernest Hemingway, who wrote For Whom The Bell Tolls in room 511. Head to the roof terrace for amazing views and live music.


Havana is full of small paladares, which are private restaurants, often inside people's homes. The menus are usually international and due to food shortages, the restaurants usually have their own market gardens.

Mark's favourite paladares are Le Chansonnier (Calle J No 257, between Calles 13 and 15, Vedado) and Atelier (Calle 5, between Paseo y Calle 2, Vedado). Both are located in charming buildings with interesting decoration, serve excellent food and are reasonably priced. Le Chansonnier also features some great art by Damian Aquiles, one of Cuba's most interesting young artists.


Mojitos are a must. Head to El Chanchullero, a laid-back local bar with delicious tapas and a sociable, Spanish atmosphere (Calle Teniente Rey 457)

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