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What is My Birthstone?

You may already be familiar with the idea of birthstones, but you may be unsure exactly what they mean. Find out which birthstone is yours, its properties, and how to style it as part of your everyday look.

What are Birthstones?

Unlike star signs, which align with the zodiac, your birthstone is determined simply by the month you were born in. Your birthstone is traditionally said to bring good luck and protection. Over the years, people have gravitated towards birthstone jewellery as the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries and weddings.

Birthstones by Month

Each birthstone is said to have its own sentimental characteristics. Find your birth month below to learn more about which birthstone is yours, as well as its own special properties.

January - Rose Quartz

The birthstone associated with the month of January is rose quartz. A semi-precious gemstone famed for its blushed hues, rose quartz is both popular and easy to wear. It's also the stone with perhaps the most known association, that being unconditional love. Rose quartz is a stunning feature of any jewellery collection, but the most special for those born in the first month of the year. It is thought that rose quartz allows the heart of its owner to give and receive love at the highest level.

February - Amethyst

Another extremely popular semi-precious gemstone is the birthstone for February, that being the beautiful amethyst. Its colour can range from a pretty lavender to a rich, deep purple. In terms of its special properties, amethyst is claimed to have healing characteristics and has been the subject of fascination for thousands of years. These include - but are not limited to - allegedly helping with anxiety, strengthening the immune system and reducing headaches.

March - Aquamarine

The birthstone of those born in March is the gorgeous aquamarine. As you may expect from the name, this stone is identified through its icy blue hues. It's a semi-precious birthstone that belongs to the beryl family of gemstones. Aquamarine is thought to provide the owner with fearlessness and protection, making it a perfect gem for those needing extra luck. Traditionally, aquamarine was strongly associated with mermaids and was thought to be their treasure, giving this stone a romantic, mythological association.

April - Diamond

Anyone lucky enough to be born in April has one of the world's most sought-after jewels as their birthstone. That's right - those with a birthday in the fourth calendar month have the precious diamond as their own! It is believed that wearing this beautiful stone will restore your inner strength and provide clarity, which is unsurprising when you consider the physical characteristics of the diamond. This birthstone is also associated with abundance, purity and innocence.

May - Green Onyx

Characterised by its rich, vibrant hue, green onyx is the birthstone for anyone born in May. If you're looking for a stone with properties of strength, discipline and willpower, this is it. Green onyx is a semi-precious gemstone and is also associated with the cleansing of the body. It's a variety of chalcedony along with agate, jasper and carnelian.

June - Pearl

The birthstone of June is the pearl, which not only translates timelessly into jewellery but has some special properties of its own. The pearl is believed to signify clarity, innocence and humility. They are semi-precious birthstones which differ from other gems in that they originate from the sea. Though we traditionally think of the creamy white stones so common in jewellery, pearls are also found in a wide range of colours.

July - Pink Quartz

Not to be confused with the January birthstone rose quartz, pink quartz is the birthstone of July. They do share similar properties linked to love and a romantic hue. However, pink quartz is often a much richer, brighter shade of pink compared with its more milky, pale counterpart. This semi-precious birthstone makes a striking addition to any jewellery collection but is especially perfect for those born in July.

August - Peridot

Peridot is easily recognisable with its distinctive green colour and is the birthstone for the month of August. It's a semi-precious gem belonging to the olivine family. What makes the peridot so special, beyond its beauty in a birthstone necklace or any other jewellery, is its remarkable properties. Peridot is thought to bring the wearer good all-round health and aid sleep.

September - Lapis

Lapis is the birthstone for September and its intense colour makes it absolutely perfect for wearing in jewellery. With a brilliant blue hue and its self-confidence boosting properties, this semi-precious birthstone is certainly a beautiful one. It's a metamorphic rock associated with peace, morality and self-awareness. Therefore, September babies wearing this birthstone can reap its alleged physical benefits, as well as its beautiful ones.

October - Labradorite

Those born in October have the captivating labradorite as their birthstone. Its name comes from the unique way in which it reflects different colours to create an iridescent effect. This birthstone is semi-precious and its appearance is not unlike the mystifying tones and flashes of the Northern Lights. Wearers of this birthstone are said to enjoy its hormone balancing effects.

November - Rock Crystal

Rock crystal, otherwise known as clear quartz, is the birthstone for November. It boasts lots of unique characteristics, being popular for its particularly high vibrations and alleged healing properties. As with the likes of amethyst and rose quartz, this is a semi-precious birthstone which is a member of the quartz family. As well as being a versatile gem to show off in pieces such as birthstone earrings, it is thought to help clear the mind, body and soul.

December - Turquoise

Last but certainly not least is the birthstone for December: the stunning turquoise. Its striking, instantly recognisable hue makes it a popular choice to wear for December babies and those born around the year alike. Turquoise is believed to help the owner better communicate and express themselves. It's also linked to wisdom, protection, and good fortune.

How to Style Your Birthstone

Don't wait till your birthday month to show off your birthstone! Our stunning birthstone jewellery can elevate any outfit all around the calendar.

Whether it's a gorgeous birthstone bracelet, necklace or pair of earrings, birthstone jewellery can be wearable for everyday use or a statement piece. You can even style them as a birthstone ring, styled alone or as part of a curated stack.

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