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Infinity Rings vs Eternity Rings

Infinity rings and eternity rings both hold incredible sentimental value. It is the act of giving them that can be for numerous reasons. But that is not the only difference. The design styles between them are often the biggest way to distinguish the two. Infinity rings often resemble a figure of eight, whereas eternity rings do not. Discover all the differences between eternity and infinity rings to make sure you're giving the right one for the right occasion.

What is the Meaning Behind Infinity Rings?

Infinity rings can hold the same sentimental value as eternity rings. It is their designs which hold the biggest difference. You would be able to identify these types of rings as they may include the infinity sign. The infinity sign is a figure of eight which symbolises a never-ending love. In the rings, the sign could help form the main band or even be seen as the centerpiece design. Diamonds can help form these designs and are traditionally seen to feature on infinity rings as a sign of devotion. Pair your infinity rings with a selection of delicate earrings to make the gift extra special.

infinity rings can be unique in styles to show dedicated love
infinity rings can feature colourful gemstones

When Would You Expect to Receive an Infinity Ring?

Following tradition, you may expect to receive infinity rings in similar situations to eternity rings. Whether that be a birthday, Christmas, or an anniversary gift, the meaning behind it is what counts. Some people even go as far as including the person's birthstone as extra sentimental value. Birthstone rings can make beautiful infinity rings as they can be unique to the wearer. Whether your birthday is in March with an aquamarine gemstone, or you celebrate in June with pearls and moonstones, discover your own precious gemstone now.

What is the Meaning Behind Eternity Rings?

Eternity rings have a long and rich history which dates back to ancient Egypt. Traditionally, a partner would provide the rings to their significant other to prove their undying love. The meaning behind eternity rings is similar to infinity rings, it is to symbolise an everlasting love which is a bond shared between two people. Another common essence behind these rings is the circle of life. It is a powerful expression of the relationship two significant others share.

When Would You Expect to Receive an Eternity Ring?

Eternity type of rings were typically presented as a gift to signify a decade of marriage. Since, their purpose has been expanded to include celebrating the birth of a first born child. However special the occasion, eternity and infinity rings can be given to represent a significant milestone in any relationship.

Presenting eternity rings or infinity rings to a loved one is always exciting. You get to experience their face glowing with happiness as the rings will always be a symbol of prosperity and desire. When choosing the rings, pick a design they will love and have it formed out of their favourite metal. You can choose luxurious gold jewellery, stunning sterling silver, or a romantic rose gold. The meaning behind the eternity rings can represent the ongoing love you will share with your significant other.

infinity rings can have many design types including the figure of eight
eternity rings can be elegant next to other jewellery

Do You Have to be Married to Receive Eternity & Infinity Rings?

You do not have to be married to receive eternity or infinity rings. For younger generations, these rings may often be referred to as promise rings. Promise rings essentially provide the same message of love, but not always the long lasting commitment. In modern society, sharing a promise ring can be a sign of love between friends or loved ones, so the meanings can vary. Whether it be to treat yourself for a new job promotion or to give to a friend on their birthday. With a variety of options, there isn't just one right way to give a promise ring.

Traditionally, they are thought of as a 'pre-engagement ring' as they signify devotion or promise for a future engagement. Some wear them on their right ring fingers so as to not get confused with an engagement ring, but you can wear promise rings on whichever finger you choose.

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How to Wear Infinity Rings & Eternity Rings

Once you uncover the meaning behind the two rings, you may wish to know how to wear them. Keeping with heritage, infinity rings or eternity rings are usually stacked alongside the wedding and engagement rings. These stacking rings would be seen on the third finger of the left hand. This centuries old belief tells the tale of how the vein that runs through the third finger is directly connected to the heart. Its nickname is even the vein of love.

Having the trio of bands stacked upon the same finger can symbolise an everlasting love. Some may even have a preference as to which order they are stacked in. This isn't to say there aren't any other ways to wear the rings. As with all habits new ones can be formed, which is why you may see eternity rings placed upon any finger. The same applies to infinity rings, the wearer can choose any finger to wear the rings upon. You may find with infinity rings that they feature diamonds or coloured gemstones running across the band. This extra sparkle or colour is what can make a piece unique.

birthstones can feature in infinity rings to add more sentimental value
both infinity and eternity rings are easy rings to stack

When deciding how you should be wearing your rings, it is entirely down to personal preference. The beliefs between the giver and receiver should also be taken into consideration. Those who like to follow beliefs may wish to wear their rings how we have guided. Whereas those who may have received the gift from a friend and not a significant other, may wish to wear it on any finger. The choice is entirely up to you!

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