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Meet Me

Meet Caroline Issa

Style icon, TANK magazine editor and a dream of a collaborator, Caroline Issa talks to us about the new limited edition collection, the joy of craft and a serious passion for colour!

What was the best thing about creating this collection?

I could happily spend hours brainstorming, playing and creating with Monica, her team and the raw gemstones, that process was really special. But also the final collection is more than my wildest dreams with how it came out and is produced.

Caroline Issa Jewellery
Natural gemstone jewellery

Tell us what you liked most about working with gemstones?

There is something very mesmerising, calming and energizing all at once when in contact with gemstones. Their colours, first of all, really do sing and vibrate. There's a purity to them that is quite primal and while it may sound hokey, I do feel an energy emanating from each. They are like a rainbow for me.

What inspires you?

People who create meaningful things to offer the rest of us to appreciate and enjoy on this planet inspire me.

We love your colourful style - what makes you love colour?

Colour heals. Colour is a mood changer. Colour is wonder. Colour gives joy. I use and wear colour in my life to uplift, to provide optimism and to inject some beauty in this world. I feel more connected when I wear colour and capable of more magic.

Pink Quartz jewellery
Caroline Issa Jewellery

What are your favourite pieces in the collection?

I can't choose. Don't make me choose!

Do you have any styling tips for this collection?

I think you can go as minimal as you want or as maximalist as you want with the pieces. Wear the small huggies and a pendant with a white tee and jeans or go full on with cocktail earrings and necklace and bracelet and your cocktail dress. In any case this jewellery is meant to be worn, not kept in a treasure box.

What are your golden rules for styling jewellery?

There are no rules anymore. Pearls are punk, wear clashing metals together and more is more. Just wear whatever makes you feel great.

Do you have any really sentimental jewellery pieces that hold special memories? What are they?

Absolutely anything from my mother and grandmother that I own is precious.

Why did you want to collaborate with Monica?

Where to start? Monica has long inspired me with her eye, her taste, her business acumen and just generally, her kindness. Her and her team have created a brand that brings so much joy to us, and make jewellery that we live with everyday. It was so exciting to get to work with Monica and an abundance of colourful gemstones in their (almost) raw and magical state - they play such an integral role to the way she makes her collections. We brought each of our perspectives and created a collection I know I will cherish forever.

What did you love about collaborating with Monica?

Our trip to Jaipur together to visit the craftspeople who handmade each and every piece of jewellery was so inspiring and colourful and incredible. Not only was seeing the craft and expertise that goes into making each piece so valuable but exploring Jaipur together was out of this world beautiful.

Monica Vinader and Caroline Issa

What does Friendship mean to you?

A true friend is someone who is there through thick and thin and would do anything for you. I am lucky to have many friends and hopefully I am a good friend to others in equal measure.

What did you love about the trip to India? What do you love about India in general?

India is one of my favourite countries in the world. The smells, the sights, the people, the chaos, and the history. So much to love about India. Jaipur in March is so beautiful as the weather is just warming up, the light is dusky and all your senses are woken up. There is still so much to explore.

Last but not least, what would you choose from the below (go with your first answer - no cheating!):

Diamonds or gemstones?


Classic or Quirky?


Nature or nurture?


City break or desert island?


Homebird or adventure seeker?


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