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In Norfolk with Carmen Borgonovo

Meet Carmen Borgonovo; editor, stylist & fashion curator. Carmen stars in our Spring/Summer 2017 campaign styled in new Siren gemstones pieces and the new Nura diamond collection. Discover her love for vintage jewellery, her travel influences and her clothing line: Borgo de Nor.

You are originally from El Salvador and have lived all over the world. How do you think travel has influenced your style?

I think living in different cities has certainly influenced my style. Every city has its own style code and I've picked up different things from each one. New York can be very street and glamorous all at the same time, and there I found my love for black and learned how to wear sandals in the Winter. Milan is an extremely elegant city and Italians have an effortless elegance I still aspire to achieve, whilst in London I'm constantly inspired by all the creative art and fashion energy in the city. I'm now incorporating more colour into my wardrobe and taking risks with edgier designers.

What's your go to jewellery piece; a necklace, rings or earrings?

I love wearing necklaces. My mother recently gave me some family charms which I had made into a long pendant necklace. I love wearing them with button down shirts which are a staple in my wardrobe.

How do you use jewellery to change an outfit?

When I buy something new, I always imagine what jewellery I will pair it with. For me, wearing jewellery is like changing your shirt every day. There are a couple of pieces I wear constantly but I'm probably changing my jewellery on a daily basis. A piece can transform an outfit instantly.

As a jewellery editor, what advice do you have for a woman who's building her jewellery wardrobe?

Buying jewellery is a very personal experience and I often think it has a spiritual value. It's important that the piece feels instantly good on your skin almost as if it has always belonged to you.

Carmen styled in new Siren pieces, launching May 2017 and the Nura collection launching March 2017.

Carmen captured with her co-star Kim Jones for Monica Vinader SS17.

What's one tip you'd give someone on how to create great personal style?

Feel good in what you are wearing and don't try wearing a trend because everyone else is wearing it. Great personal style is about keeping your style authentic and unique to your personality.

What's the best piece of advice you've been given about your career?

Always follow your gut. If you stay focused and centred, you always have the answers within yourself.

You collect amazing vintage jewels, how do you take care of your heirlooms?

I love jewellery boxes so I store my keepsakes in antique ones I have found in flea markets.

How do you style your vintage pieces with more contemporary jewellery?

I love mixing vintage with new pieces, I think this combination is what makes wearing jewellery look modern. It's about making your own personal mix of pieces that are important to you. Jewellery should look effortless on, so the important thing is to have fun with it and don't worry about mixing eras or metals. Currently I love mixing silver and gold metals together.

Other than jewellery (of course) what do you collect?

I collect turquoise Opaline Vases

A stack of Signature bangles styled with the new Nura Mini heart bracelet.

Carmen captured on set at the SS17 shoot.

What can transform a day for you, from one fraught with work/life dramas into a special moment?

A song. I love music so hearing a song I like can instantly brighten up my mood.

What is your favourite memory from the Monica Vinader campaign shoot in Norfolk?

There were two! The first is waking up in the morning and seeing the sunrise against an idyllic country setting, and the second was spending the day with a wonderful group of inspiring women!

You started your own dress line with Joana de Noronha, tell us about this collaboration came about? What can we expect to see in the line next season?

Joana and I first met through friends and quickly thereafter started working together. I started consulting with several resort wear brands Joana represents in her showroom Barefoot Chic. As we got to know each other and discussed our shared love for the perfect summer wardrobe we found there was a niche in the market for statement dresses with a holiday flair. We decided to join our complementary fashion backgrounds and Borgo de Nor was born. The collection is an edit of bold and colourful printed dresses perfect for city and holiday dressing.

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