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Meet Vanessa Von Bismarck, co-founder of PR and branding agency BPCM. Discover her New York party hotspots, her new interiors project and her lucky number!

As co-founder of BPCM you represent some of the world's leading luxury and fashion brands, what are your top brand building tips in business?

I think every brand needs to go through the exercise to really know who they are, who their real target market is, and have a strong focus on branding. When it comes to product, the quality has to be as good as it can be in its category. Brand building has changed and how to get your message out there has changed. Today you have to consider traditional media, but even more online media, ambassadors online and offline and partnering with brands that will put you on a fast track to build brand recognition.

You are a frequent flyer to some of the world's most exciting cities, what do you miss most when you are away from New York?

What I miss most usually are my kids (unless they tag along). I miss the pace and the energy that New York has to offer. I miss my house and just the familiarity of being at home really.

What advice would you give to someone starting out in the fast-paced world of PR in New York City?

PR is very competitive and often has a reputation of being a flakey, flighty industry. Be different, work hard, deliver what you promise and learn. Remember in PR it's not about how fabulous YOU are but how fabulous the client is.

Vanessa Von Bismarck captured in the BPCM offices in New York.

Vanessa stacks her engraved Linear Friendship bracelet with the new Linear Bead and a diamond Baja.

Your agency regularly plans spectacular parties and events. Where is the best place to throw a serious celebration in New York City?

It really depends on what kind of party you are organising. I love Indochine if you want to do a big fabulous dinner. I also love the hidden places in China Town for something that feels grittier. It's often less about the location, and more about the mix of people, the reason for the party, the music etc.

For more serious business, where do you go for the best working lunch in town?

I would recommend Casa Lever uptown, San Ambroes West Village, Americano in Chelsea and the Locanda Verde in Tribeca.

What are your go-to New York daily news publications?

I always read the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, WWD and BoF.

In addition to running your own business, editing an interiors book (Living in Style New York) and renovating your own home, you are a dedicated mom of two. What are the best ways to enjoy New York as a family?

I love taking the boys to the Natural History Museum as well as for dumplings in China Town. They love the intrepid but we also sometimes just take city bikes and go cycling along the West Side highway.

Can you share with us some decorating tips from your book or your recent home renovation?

I spent a lot of time on Pinterest looking at the styles I liked and then I picked fabrics that I loved at the D&D Building. Sometimes I had to find budget alternatives; one of the best discoveries I made was an amazing auction site, as well as Brimfield Antique Market in Springfield where we bought a lot of things. I had fabrics lying around for days before deciding what to do with them. I finally pulled the trigger when I found a good piece of furniture that fit the overall house aesthetic.

How do you style yourself for work, especially in the fashion industry? What is your key look and how do you accessorise?

I do have a uniform, either Stella Julia pants or current Elliott skinny black jeans a white shirt or top and a black jacket from Brock Collection, Joseph or Preen paired with either biker boots or heels.

If you could have one thing engraved on a Monica Vinader bracelet, what would it be?

I would engrave the number 43 (my lucky number).


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