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10 Meaningful Types of Friendship Bracelet

There is a wealth of different types of friendship bracelets, meaning you'll be able to discover one that is perfect for that special friend. Friendship bracelets are a beautiful way to celebrate the powerful bond between you and your best friend. Monica Vinader's guide to the types of friendship bracelets will walk you through finding the ideal piece for your companion.

What is a Friendship Bracelet?

Despite the many types of friendship bracelets, the underlying meaning of this bracelet remains the same: a physical piece to encapsulate the connection two people share. Friendship bracelet types are so effortless to wear they make the perfect gift between friends. Your favourite person will be able to incorporate this meaningful piece into everything they wear, reminding them of you wherever they go.

How to Choose the Right Type of Friendship Bracelet

Selecting the right type of friendship bracelet for someone who means a lot to you is essential for ensuring this is a piece they cherish forever. With so many types of bracelets, we're here to make the process as simple as possible. Here are 3 tips on choosing the perfect type of friendship bracelet:

  • Match the bracelet to their current jewellery - For those who adore wearing quality metal pieces, opting for either a silver or gold friendship bracelets will ensure they adore this gift. As their new type of friendship bracelet pairs with their favourite gold jewellery or silver jewellery they'll be able to add it seamlessly to their current ensemble.

  • Check the size - Learning how to measure the wrist for bracelets will help you in selecting the bracelet size, allowing your friend to enjoy their piece straight away! Many types of friendship bracelets feature an adjustable chain making this step simple.

  • Choose a style that can stack - Whatever type of friendship bracelet you choose, your confidant will want to wear it everyday. By opting for a piece that can be worn as a stacking bracelet, you'll make their decision on what pieces to wear each day a breeze!

10 Types of Friendship Bracelet They'll Love

Discovering each individual type of friendship bracelet will make your decision effortless. From engraved jewellery that holds extra sentiment, to contemporary designs to achieve modern style, find a piece your friend will adore. We've curated our top 10 picks for a gift that they'll cherish for a lifetime.

Engravable Types of Friendship Bracelets

The most important part of a friendship bracelet is the thought and love behind the gift. It celebrates a bond between two people, and that's why engravable bracelets are the perfect type of friendship bracelet. With an engraved gift you can add an extra layer of meaning to this keepsake. From inside jokes, to the date of your first joint holiday, or motivational motto, your friend will adore whatever you choose to etch into this piece. To make this bracelet even more special, why not choose a matching pair and surprise each other with the engraving!

Diamonds for a Lasting Friendship

Diamonds are often thought of as a romantic gift, but that doesn't have to be the case. The dazzling precious gemstone holds the meaning of commitment and love, making it ideal for showing how strong the bond between the two of you is. Diamond types of friendship bracelets are a stunning choice for special occasions, such as a friendship anniversary, or a big birthday. Ensuring you choose a type of friendship bracelet that uses ethical diamonds will make this a gift they can cherish forever.

Traditional Cord Friendship Bracelets

Cord bracelets are the most traditional types of friendship bracelets. They are composed of a single or double cord, that is joined together with an adjustable fastener. The cord can feature a metal bar, or a small button housing a gemstone, and are often engravable. These gorgeous types of friendship bracelets are a fabulous choice if you want to be matching with your giftee as they look incredible adorning any wrist.

Colored Bracelets for Added Meaning

Many types of friendship bracelets come in an array of colours. Each friendship colour can symbolise a different hidden meaning, adding an extra layer of thought to your gift. From red bracelets bringing luck, to silver evoking success, tailoring your gift in this way will make this a unique gift for your friend.

Contemporary Cuffs for Modern Style

For a contemporary type of friendship bracelet, we adore cuff bracelets. These are a modern take on the classic bangle style and are ideal for those who like to experiment with their look. From rose gold pieces, to those wrapped with colourful cord, there are numerous ways you can make this style your own.

Charm Bracelets for a Lifetime

For those in search of a personalised type of friendship bracelet, charm bracelets are the ultimate option. Simply choose a chain bracelet that your comrade will love, and pick a selection of pendants to suit their taste. To create a truly one of a kind type of friendship bracelet, opt for a range of gemstone charms, from moonstone symbolising renewal, to green onyx evoking protection. This is a gift that can last a lifetime, adding new pendants for special occasions along the way.

Brilliant Bead Bracelets

Bead bracelets are another type of friendship bracelet that can be personalised. With individual circle beads each one can have it's own engraving, allowing you to tailor this piece to your best friend to a tee. If your loved one adores their beaded piece, a matching beaded anklet is the perfect accessory for the summer months.

Men's Friendship Bracelets

There is a type of friendship bracelet for everyone, including men! With a men's jewellery bracelet you can celebrate your masculine bond with classic style. Featuring a timeless black cord and silver detailing, this will become an everyday staple that reminds you of your friend.

Homemade Friendship Bracelets

Among teens, homemade friendship bracelets are very popular. Using string to create their own masterpiece, this type of friendship bracelet makes a thoughtful gift for a school buddy, that takes both time and love to make.

Alternative Friendship Jewellery

If your friend does not lean towards the types of friendship bracelets, you can choose a different type of jewellery to symbolise your bond. From friendship rings, to beautiful necklaces, any gift between companions holds a great deal of sentimental value and they'll appreciate the meaning behind whatever piece you choose.

What Makes Monica Vinader Unique?

We are a contemporary jewellery brand founded in 2008. Our modern designs and high quality metals and gemstones are popular around the world. From stacking rings, to stunning earrings, you're sure to find the perfect piece at Monica Vinader

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